Author: David Parnell

what Is the smallest class b rv

What Is the Smallest Class B RV?

Class B RVs often sit on a Ford, Mercedes, or Chevy chassis, but there are many other brands as well. Perhaps the most convenient part of these small motorhomes is that they’re compact and easy to drive, making the smallest ones much more sought after. But how are you supposed […]

what Is the smallest class a rv

What Is the Smallest Class A RV?

Class A motorhomes are more preferred due to their relatively larger and more accommodating structure compared to their counterparts, but even among these, there are many variances in terms of shape and size. Most Class A motorhomes mimic a bus-like look and are built on a heavy-duty chassis. While these […]

best watches for land navigation

9 Best Watches for Land Navigation

Even when you have a gps enabled watch made for land navigation, being in the backcountry can be an intimidating experience. The fear of getting lost keeps a lot of people from the joys of being in wild and remote places. With this article, we hope to guide you in […]

are gps watches accurate on a track

Are GPS Watches Accurate on a Track?

There are many reasons why one would want a GPS watch. They can really help you monitor your workouts and improve your fitness. However, it is important that you know they are giving you accurate measurements, which is why you might be concerned about whether they are accurate on a […]

do garmin gps watches lose accuracy

Do Garmin GPS Watches Lose Accuracy?

If you are really into running and other physical activities, you might want to get a device that can monitor your activities and progress. A Garmin GPS watch can do this. However, you want to make sure that it is accurate, which is why it is a good idea to […]

do gps watches work on treadmills

Do GPS Watches Work on Treadmills? 6 Tips and Tricks

Running outdoors is just not always feasible. Extreme heat or extreme cold can keep even the hardiest of runners indoors and looking for a treadmill to get their daily mileage in. If you use a GPS watch to track your runs, you have probably wondered – “Do GPS watches even […]

do gps watches need internet

Do GPS Watches Need Internet?

Whether you are into running, hiking, swimming, or cycling, you should be wearing a GPS activity watch to track your progress. A GPS watch is the best fitness accessory for anyone who covers distance while exercising. However, does it need internet? GPS watches don’t need the internet because they use […]

best bay area hikes

The 10 Best Bay Area Hikes

If you’re looking for some amazing hikes that showcase the beauty of Mother Nature, the Bay Area offers some of the best hiking views and conditions you’ll find. Instead of spending your time trying to do the research and narrow down all of your hiking options, we’ve compiled the 10 […]

how do i choose the right rv

How Do I Choose the Right RV?

There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to buying a recreational vehicle. So much so that it can become completely overwhelming. You’ve probably asked yourself more than once in frustration… “how do I choose the right RV?” and here’s what we recommend: The best way to start the […]

what is aiguille du midi

What is Aiguille du Midi?

Our family recently traveled to Chamonix France and the absolute highlight of the trip was visiting the Aiguille Du Midi. It was easily the most amazing mountain top experience I have ever had without having to utilize my ice-axe and crampons. Even though it was summer time, many of the […]