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van life hacks

My Top 17 Van Life Hacks

Living in a van can be challenging at times. Finding a safe place to park, making sure you have enough water and power, and navigating life in a confined space are all part of the daily routine.  It gets easier as time goes along, especially when you start working out […]

how much does a nissan nv high roof conversion cost

How Much Does a Nissan NV High Roof Conversion Cost?

Nissan NV high roof vans are, on the whole, some of the least commonly converted cargo vans, especially when compared to Ford Transits, RAM ProMasters, and Mercedes Sprinters. The rather strange appearance with a smaller cargo space, less-than-vertical walls, and large engine compartment turn some people off from converting these […]

what Is the smallest class b rv

What Is the Smallest Class B RV?

Class B RVs often sit on a Ford, Mercedes, or Chevy chassis, but there are many other brands as well. Perhaps the most convenient part of these small motorhomes is that they’re compact and easy to drive, making the smallest ones much more sought after. But how are you supposed […]

gps watch vs bike computer differences

GPS Watch vs Bike Computer: What’s the Difference?

As a cycling enthusiast, having a good GPS watch or bike computer to record your ride statistics can improve your ride experience. GPS watches and bike computers are two of the most popular options people rely on to measure and improve their riding statistics. But how exactly does a GPS […]

best watches for orienteering

The 9 Best Watches for Orienteering

The best watches for orienteering have a specific set of requirements. The most necessary element is effective GPS tracking for your orienteering needs. It should be durable, water-resistant, have a good battery life, and include features like an altimeter, a compass, and a heart rate tracker. Every outdoor enthusiast needs […]

how long do gps running watches last

How Long Do GPS Running Watches Last?

GPS running watches are a wonderful tool for runners at every skill level. They are great for tracking overall performance, mileage, and run time. The battery life of GPS running watches varies from watch to watch.  GPS running watches last between 5-35 hours, depending on the quality and price of […]

do gps watches have maps

Do GPS Watches Have Maps?

Due to advances in technology, watches have become a lot more than accessories. For instance, GPS watches come packed with several features that make it easy to track performance in activities such as running, swimming, walking, hiking, and even biking. But besides their undoubted versatility, do GPS watches have maps? […]

best gps watches with a speedometer

The 6 Best GPS Watches With a Speedometer

While activity trackers are meant to monitor every move, GPS watches are made to find you wherever you are in the world. These watches are designed to locate you as you walk, run, cycle, hike, or go through a workout. Serious athletes can rely on this watch to accurately track […]