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best van life vlogs on youtube

33 Best Van Life Vlogs

As any van lifer knows, life on the road is a wonderful incorporation of challenges and joys, views of snow capped mountain ranges met with views of mechanic shop parking lots. Venturing into life out of a vehicle can seem daunting. Thankfully, because of the influx of individuals deciding to […]

grand canyon rim to river to rim

Tackling The Grand Canyon Rim-To-River-To-Rim in One Day

The true story of one woman’s first high-endurance self-supported adventure through one of the greatest wonders of America. The first time I ever saw the magnificent Grand Canyon I was already 4 miles down into it. Moments before sunrise, in that twilight between sleep and awake, I found myself at […]

How Do You Wash Your Backcountry Dishes

How Do You Wash Your Backcountry Dishes?

When you roll into camp after hiking all day with a 50-pound pack on your back, you look forward eating a hot meal and going to straight to bed. You don’t look forward to having to clean the dishes after finishing your meal. Washing dishes in the backcountry may seem […]

best ultralight backpacks guide and list

12 Best Ultralight Backpacking Packs of 2020

Every serious hiker, I am sure, can think of that time when they went on a multi-day hiking adventure and just took too much stuff. It happens to the best of us. So, you could be here because you want to buy the best ultralight backpack in the world, or […]

kearsarge fire tire overnight trip

My Kearsarge Fire Tower Winter Overnight Trip

As one of the last remaining fire towers in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the beautiful structure resting on the summit of Kearsarge North near North Conway, New Hampshire is certainly a hot spot for visitors and locals alike. What was once a forester’s base for fire detection has […]

rock climbing garden of the gods

Rock Climbing in Garden of the Gods

I came here for the first time at the age of 15 when my family first moved to Colorado Springs. We walked around the paved trails that guide tourists around the main formations of the park. What impressed me more than the formations themselves was the few people I saw […]

best hikes near leadville colorado

The 9 Best Hikes near Leadville, Colorado

Having lived in Leadville, I know the secrets of this place. It is much more than a drive-through town, and if you decide to stop you will discover that there are many hiking adventures to be had. Here are a few of my favorites: These first three are BIG, EPIC […]

How much do you get paid as a ski instructor?

How Much Do You Get Paid As a Ski Instructor?

Waking up in the morning, looking out the window to 8 inches of fresh powder, stepping into your boots, gliding to work and then getting paid to ski all day, everyday. Sounds like every snow bums dream. Right? Being a ski instructor may sound like the most glamorous job in […]

best day hikes in the world

Top 20 Best Day Hikes in the World

Best day hikes in the world? I cannot really think of anything harder than narrowing this list down to just twenty. In fact, I probably deserve some kind of a medal. For your reading pleasure I have combed every single continent on Earth, all of which are represented below with […]