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Can You Swim At Yosemite?

Yosemite National Park is known for its stunning waterfalls, fed by snow melt from the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. You may have seen the water crashing down from heights of over 2,000 feet at Yosemite Falls, or maybe you’ve done the iconic Mist Trail to Vernal […]

best vail colorado winter family activities

Vail’s 10 Best Winter Activities For Families

Bringing your family to Vail in the winter is a one-of-a-kind Rocky Mountain experience. From its world-class skiing to its events and activities, you’ll surely have a vacation packed full of good mountain fun. There’s always something going on in Vail. Vail prides itself on being a family resort, so […]

bigfoot 200 training and racing

Bigfoot 200 Training and Racing – 16 Lessons Learned

This is a report on my own Bigfoot 200 training and racing experience. The important lessons learned and how I plan to tackle this beast of a race again in the future. The Bigfoot 200 is a point-to-point trail running race through the cascade mountains of southern Washington. I trained […]

backpacker standing in airport

Are Packing Cubes Good For Backpacking?

Have you ever been backpacking? If yes, you would agree that it is a life-altering experience that can be a lot of fun. If you are one of those people who love the outdoors and enjoys exploring, backpacking is for you. However, beware, backpacking is not always easy and one […]

how long is the hike up south sister mountain

How Long Is The Hike Up South Sister Mountain?

My very first hike up South Sister was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Since that first climb several years ago I have gone on to climb this mountain literally dozens of times. So, how long is the hike up South Sister mountain? The hike up South Sister […]

Is Ultralight Backpacking Worth It?

Nobody wants to carry more gear than is necessary on their backpacking trip. I’ve worked really hard to reduce my own backpack weight down to ‘ultralight’ status. It’s been a fun journey of trial and error but I have it very close to perfect – for me. So, is ultralight […]

Does A Bivy Sack Add Warmth?

To save weight on your next backpacking trip you may be considering a bivy sack over a traditional tent. I love the idea of possibly cutting my sleep system weight down but let’s answer some important questions before making the decision. A big one has to do with the elements […]