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what clothes to sleep in when camping

What Clothes to Sleep in When Camping?

Many first time campers wonder what clothes to sleep in when camping. Camping doesn’t have to mean forgoing a good night’s sleep because with the right sleeping attire, you can sleep as soundly and comfortably as you do in your own home.  When camping, sleep in clean, warm, and comfy […]

how much does it cost to start camping

How Much Does It Cost to Start Camping?

If you have been thinking about getting started with camping, you may be curious about how much it costs. Many people consider camping an inexpensive hobby, but is this truly the case when you start from scratch? It could cost up to $500 to start camping. This is because you […]

are sorel boots good for hiking

Are Sorel Boots Good For Hiking?

If you’re looking to get outside during the colder months of the year, you’ll need a solid pair of winter hiking boots. However, not all snow boots are good for hiking, so it’s important that you get the right model for your needs. One of the most common boots we […]

is rv travel cheaper than hotels

Is RV Travel Cheaper Than Hotels?

Many people believe that RV travel is cheaper than staying in hotels. Indeed, RVing has become a popular way to go for weekend road trips. When you are vacationing as a family, it allows you to visit parks and campsites while enjoying incredible sights along the way. But is RV […]

what is the best heater for an rv

What Is The Best Heater for an RV?

There are many different ways to stay warm in an RV in the winter. The best heater for you will depend on where you plan to spend the winter, how much money you are willing to spend to stay warm, the availability of electricity and fuel, and your personal preference. […]

what food should i bring for 3 days camping

What Food Should I Bring for 3 Days Camping?

When many people think of camping over 3 days, what food to bring is what preys on their mind the most. Camping should be a fun activity, and you shouldn’t let your worries about what you’ll eat bog you down. All you need are foods that are filling, easy to […]

do i need a tarp under my tent

Do I Need a Tarp Under My Tent?

If you are an outdoorsy person who enjoys camping, you might have an idea why you need to have a tarp under your tent. Camping is not much fun if your gear gets wet and you are left to sleep in wet clothes. Thus, you always need to try as […]

how can i eat cheap while camping

How Can I Eat Cheap While Camping?

Are you wondering how to eat inexpensive but delicious and healthy food while camping? Camping is an excellent way to have an affordable vacation. Still, if you are not careful, your food budget could mess up the overall experience.  So, how can I eat cheap while camping? To eat cheap […]

best backpacking route in europe

Best Backpacking Route in Europe? (4 Week Itinerary)

No matter which backpacking route you end up taking through Europe, you are sure to find some hidden gems and undiscovered beauties. I have never met a single person who has come back disappointed from a European backpacking trip! That being said, it can be a little overwhelming deciding where […]

what is the cheapest class c motorhome

What is the Cheapest Class-C Motorhome? (8 Affordable Options)

Class-C motorhomes offer a beautiful compromise between the spaciousness of large Class-A RVs and the driveability of small Class-B RVs. They are generally built on an automotive van frame (such as a Ford, Chevy, or Mercedes chassis) and feature a cab-over design to maximize space. These midsize RVs are often […]