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Daniell LaFleur

Daniell is a certified outdoor climbing guide with professional experience climbing throughout Colorado's Western Slope region. She is based out of Fort Collins, CO and enjoys trail running, desert climbing and overnight canoe trips.

Arches National Park in Moab, Utah: home to over 2,000 arches, hundreds of spires, fins, and balanced rocks. This desert landscape is certainly one of a kind. The park lies over 76,000 acres, and you easily feel how expansive it is as soon as you leave the gate. Rock climbing in Arches feels ancient and …

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When I moved to Fort Collins, all my friends only really talked about climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park, or up the Poudre Canyon. Most of my climbing experience has been in the Western Slope desert area of Southern Colorado and Utah… So, I really didn’t care to climb anything that wasn’t sandstone. All my …

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