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beginner 10k training plan 12 weeks

Free 12 Week Beginner 10k Training Plan

Looking for a beginner friendly 10k training plan? You are in the right place! Whether you’ve run a couple of 5Ks and you’re thinking about stepping it up a notch to a 10k or you’re just starting to toy with the idea of becoming a runner, keep reading. 10K (6.2 […]

do you sleep during a 100 mile run

Do You Sleep During a 100 Mile Run?

For those new to the extreme sport of ultramarathon running, the number of variables to consider may seem overwhelming. Some of the most commonly asked questions are in regards to rest and sleep during an ultramarathon. For most, it can take 24 hours or more to run 100 miles, so […]

are salomon trail running shoes good

Are Salomon Trail Running Shoes Good?

A commonly asked question amongst avid trail runners looking to switch out their old footwear and try something new is – “are Salomon trail running shoes good?” Many are rightfully wondering what these shoes have to offer and what sets them apart from the competitors. Salomon trail running shoes are […]

why do trail runners wear long socks

Why do Trail Runners Wear Long Socks?

When you show up to a trail race, it is not hard to miss the large number of runners wearing long socks. As a new runner, it easy to feel like you are missing out on the trend or a secret in the community. Even though many swear by the […]

how long do gps running watches last

How Long Do GPS Running Watches Last?

GPS running watches are a wonderful tool for runners at every skill level. They are great for tracking overall performance, mileage, and run time. The battery life of GPS running watches varies from watch to watch.  GPS running watches last between 5-35 hours, depending on the quality and price of […]

are gps watches accurate on a track

Are GPS Watches Accurate on a Track?

There are many reasons why one would want a GPS watch. They can really help you monitor your workouts and improve your fitness. However, it is important that you know they are giving you accurate measurements, which is why you might be concerned about whether they are accurate on a […]

do garmin gps watches lose accuracy

Do Garmin GPS Watches Lose Accuracy?

If you are really into running and other physical activities, you might want to get a device that can monitor your activities and progress. A Garmin GPS watch can do this. However, you want to make sure that it is accurate, which is why it is a good idea to […]

do gps watches work on treadmills

Do GPS Watches Work on Treadmills? 6 Tips and Tricks

Running outdoors is just not always feasible. Extreme heat or extreme cold can keep even the hardiest of runners indoors and looking for a treadmill to get their daily mileage in. If you use a GPS watch to track your runs, you have probably wondered – “Do GPS watches even […]