best backpacking route in europe

Best Backpacking Route in Europe? (4 Week Itinerary)

No matter which backpacking route you end up taking through Europe, you are sure to find some hidden gems and undiscovered beauties. I have never met a single person who has come back disappointed from a European backpacking trip! That being said, it can be a little overwhelming deciding where […]

is andorra good for skiing

Is Andorra Good for Skiing?

If Andorra is on your list of ski destinations to check out, don’t miss our round up of the best resorts below. You’ll discover which places have the best nightlife, most terrain and ease of access to make your trip a success. Before we get into the details though, I […]

is bulgaria good for skiing

Is Bulgaria Good For Skiing?

If you are looking for a ski destination in Europe that’s truly unique and outside of the biggest and most popular areas of the Alps, take a look at Bulgaria! So, is Bulgaria good for skiing? Bulgaria is a fantastic destination for skiing. It’s greatest attribute is it’s wonderfully sunny […]

best hiking trails in Europe

15 Best Hiking Trails In Europe | Single & Multi-Day Trips

Traveling to Europe is a fulfilling experience, especially if you take advantage of the gifts each place has to offer including the great food, lively music, cultural conversations, and expeditions through the stunning landscapes. Many of the most iconic and dramatic hikes in Europe are multi-day or thru-hiking backpacking trips. […]