Author: Elisha Donkin

can you hike in the snow

Can You Hike in the Snow? (What You Need To Know)

I remember the first time I hiked in the snow. I was apprehensive, cautious and slow. I didn’t know exactly how deep the snow was and I didn’t even have much winter hiking gear with me. It was a rookie mistake, but sometimes you have to learn by doing. If […]

what is the thru hiking triple crown

What is the Thru-hiking Triple Crown?

Many of us enjoy hiking in the great outdoors, sometimes for days at a time. But could you imagine doing it for weeks and even months at a time, perhaps, for example, to walk the length of an entire country – almost three times? That is, if you can believe, […]

is merino wool better than synthetic

Is Merino Wool Better than Synthetic? Backpacking FAQ

Choosing the right type of clothing is vital when preparing for any time in the great outdoors, particularly when it involves activities like hiking and backpacking. Having the wrong gear can make or break your experience – being cold or wet in the outdoors is far from enjoyable. Your base […]