Author: Tess Gard

what is a good interval running workout

What is a Good Interval Running Workout?

A good interval running workout is any running workout where you are intermittent running and recovering. There is a multitude of variations when it comes to interval running. The focus can differ, sometimes it’s about speed, sometimes it’s all about hills. But the key is that it involves bouts of […]

how do you taper for a trail race

How do you Taper for a Trail Race?

Knowing that a well-constructed taper can improve my running performance by as much as 3%, I set about researching and putting together a plan. The most common taper plan for a trail marathon to an ultra-distance run starts two to three weeks before race day. The idea is to reduce […]

how long should you train for a 50k

How Long Should You Train for a 50k?

Five months ago, I got the running bug. I had always wanted to be a runner, but I couldn’t last more than ten or fifteen minutes before I felt completely depleted, and could barely feel my legs. I had trained in martial arts competitively throughout my teens and was convinced […]