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Best Diesel Heater For A Camper (7 Toasty Favorites)

Best Diesel Heater For A Camper (7 Toasty Favorites)

Are you on the hunt for the best diesel heater for a camper that will provide you with a warm and comfortable sleeping space during your camping trips? Do you want to enjoy your camping adventure without worrying about the temperature outside?

Well, look no further! I know the importance of having a reliable heating system in your camper. I still remember the time when I spent a freezing night in my camper at 9,000 feet in the rocky mountains, unable to sleep due to the cold.

So, worry not, I have done the research for you. In this blog post, I’m excited to share with you 7 of the best diesel heater options that will keep you warm and comfortable in your camper no matter what the weather.

With that in mind, here are 7 of the best diesel heaters for campers available:

1. Webasto Air Top Evo 40

Webasto Air Top Evo 40 product photo on white background

The Webasto Evo 40 diesel heater is specifically designed for RVs, campers, and vans and is among the most effective diesel heaters available.

Webasto is among the two major diesel heater manufacturers worldwide and has several years of experience making exceptional products. The Evo 40 is made to the high standards of this company, comes with an excellent warranty, and is sure to be among the safest diesel heaters available.

This heater produces up to 3.5 kW of heat power, uses less than 0.5l of diesel per hour at its highest setting, has a very strong airflow, and has an altitude sensor that adjusts the air-fuel mixture for optimal performance up to 5,500 meters.

This heater can also run on a 12V power supply and consumes up to 55W of power at its highest setting. The highest setting of this heater is a boosted setting that increases the heat output for six hours.

The Evo 40 can be controlled with a multi-control panel that is easy to use, or it can be fitted with a system that enables connectivity and control via a mobile app available for Android and iOS.

The Webasto Evo 40 can be mounted under the floor of a camper or outside the camper and has an exceptionally quiet running volume that leads the industry.

2. Espar Airtronic D2

The Espar Airtronic D2 is the ideal diesel heater for those who prefer DIY installations. This heater comes in a kit that provides everything you need to install it into a camper, including all mountings and ducting.

The Airtronic D2 produces 2.2kW of heat energy, is exceptionally quiet, and produces less noise than most other heaters on the market. It is easy to install, uses a maximum of 1.28l of diesel per hour on high, and has four customizable heat profile settings.

This heater is reliable, can be run on an electrical hookup, and has an altitude sensor that keeps the engine up to 3000m.

Espar diesel heaters can be equipped with Bluetooth or web connectivity to enable pairing to smartphones for remote control.

3. Webasto Airtop 2000 STC

product photo of webasto brand diesel heater on clear background

If you care about how quiet your diesel heater is, then the Webasto Airtop 2000 STC is the heater for you. This is the quietest diesel heater on the market within its performance class, is very efficient and effective, and can be purchased with kits tailored for specific vehicles. You can have the 2000 STC ideally customized to your vehicle.

The Airtop 2000 STC has mufflers and silencers built into every component, including the dosing pumps, the intakes and exhausts, and mounting brackets.

This heater produces 2kW of heat power, which makes it ideal for smaller campers, uses only 0.24 liters of fuel per hour on its highest setting, and has altitude compensation of up to 2,200 meters.

The Airtop 2000 STC is also far lighter than most other units and only weighs 2.6kg.

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4. Espar Airtronic S2 DL

product photo on clear background of espar airtronic s2 diesel heater

The Espar Airtronic S2 DL is the ideal heater for smaller campers and has several unique features that make it great for this purpose.

This heater can be used to circulate air without heating the camper. It is available in DIY installation kits with customizable features and can be installed very easily on the interior or exterior of a van.

This small heater is very quiet, produces 2,2kW of heat power on its highest setting, and can idle down to 0.85kW, making it perfect for campers that are not used in freezing weather but still need some heat for cold nights.

The Airtronic S2 DL produces very clean heat, is very quiet, and has altitude adjustment up to 3000m

5. Vevor 8kW

product photo of vevor 8kw diesel heater on clear background

The Vevor 8kW is a lesser-known diesel heater, but this heater is excellent for the price. This is among the least expensive heaters on the market but also among the most powerful. This input from Vevor is called the 8kW because it generates 8kW of heat power.

This heater is an all-in-one unit, which means it has an onboard fuel tank and is designed to be easy to move. It does not need to be permanently mounted, making it easy to move between vehicles and tents.

The Vevor unit is louder than other heaters, but the portability of the unit is a key feature. This unit has no altitude adjustment, but it has a convenient remote control for easy operation. It only uses 0.24l of fuel per hour on its highest setting and produces much more heat than most other heaters in its class.

6. Autoterm Air 4D

product photo of autoterm air 4d diesel heater on clear background

The Autoterm Air 4D is designed for larger vehicles and campers. This heater produces an enormous amount of airflow and maintains a very constant high heat very consistently.

The Autoterm 4D produces 4kW of heat power but pumps hot at a rate of 163 cubic meters per hour. This heater uses 0.51l of fuel per hour, and it is not the most silent heater, but it is made for heating large vehicles and is designed to be mounted externally.

This heater is easily controlled with a smartphone app; it is extremely reliable, affordable for its power class, and it is among the most popular diesel heaters for larger vehicles.

7. Heatport Combi

product photo of heatport brand diesel heater on clear background

The Heatport Combi is the best diesel heater on the market that is also a water heater. This combo unit heats air and water within the same unit, providing excellent heating potential and instant hot water.

The Combi has an integrated pressurized water tank and is intended to be permanently installed into campers. This unit is relatively quiet but is usually installed with good insulation to significantly dampen its operation noise.

The Combi is extremely efficient, using as little as 0.1l of fuel per hour; it produces 5.6kW of heating power, has altitude adjustment up to 1500m, and can be run on mains electricity. It is highly versatile and controllable and is excellent for all sized vehicles.

The only reason this unit is last on the list is that it is expensive, and not everyone needs a water and air combination heater.


Do Diesel Heaters Work Well?

Diesel heaters work very well. It is important to find the right heater for your size camper, but the right unit will heat a camper very effectively for long periods of time. These heaters are very efficient and very effective in the coldest temperatures.

Are Diesel Heaters Safe?

Diesel heaters are safe and must comply with international safety regulations. The more expensive models are the safest, but they all have built-in safety shutoffs and protocols to prevent fires and to overheat.

These heaters also have very effective exhaust systems that exhaust all fumes outside the vehicle, making them safe to use.

Are Diesel Heaters Better Than Propane Heaters?

Diesel heaters are less expensive to run than propane heaters. They are safer, more effective, efficient, and much easier to maintain.

Propane heaters are cheaper to buy initially, but they are much more expensive to run and maintain long-term.

Are Diesel Heaters Noisy?

Diesel heaters can be noisy, but modern models are made to be as quiet as possible. They run very

small motors that do not produce a lot of noise, and they are very well insulated, which blocks most of the noise they produce

These heaters can be installed externally to further reduce the impact of the noise they generate.

Are Chinese Diesel Heaters Worthwhile?

Chinese diesel heaters are flooding the market, and they are significantly less expensive than the major brands, but these heaters are only worthwhile if you are prepared to buy a heater with no after-sale support and no warranty.

These heaters can work well and are effective, but they do not last as long, are more difficult to install, and are more likely to fail than heaters from larger, reliable brands.

Final Thoughts

Diesel heaters for campers work exceptionally well. These sophisticated and safe units have many features that make them ideal for modern campers and are very convenient to use.

It is critical that you buy the right heater for your vehicle, as a heater that is too small or too underpowered will not work well, and a heater that is too large or overpowered will be wasted on a small camper space.

If you use your camper in cold winters or even at high elevation during the summer, then a diesel heater is a critical purchase that will make your experience far more enjoyable. Definitely worth the few hundred dollars to purchase and install.

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