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12 Best Off-Road Truck Campers

12 Best Off-Road Truck Campers

An off-road truck camper is the ultimate accessory for venturing far and deep off the beaten path. With such an abundance of off road truck campers on the market today, it can be hard to find the ideal setup. You will want something that is both lightweight and strong with the added ability to go off grid for extended periods of time.

Combining all these features is no easy task. In this article we will give you our top 12 picks to help you get your research started.

12 best off-road truck campers:

1. Four Wheel Campers Flatbed

Price: $30,495
Weight: 1,325 lbs

Kicking off this list of the 12 best off road truck campers is Four Wheel Campers offering three models of flatbed; the Fleet Flatbed mid size with 6.5’ bed, Hawk Flatbed full size with 6.5’ bed and finally the Grandby Flatbed full size with 8.0’ bed.

Available for both midsize and full sized trucks, the semi permanent mounted campers are a great option for fully utilizing the entire surface space of the truck meaning space isn’t lost and instead is used in the best, most innovative way. Four Wheel Campers make flatbeds able to fit a vast range of trucks, meaning you can match the specifications of what you need in a camper to the off road truck desired.

The Hawk Flatbed model fits full size trucks with a short 6.5’ tray and offers a vast variety of both standard features along with an abundance of upgrade options. Standard features include a rear dinette with swivel table, stainless steel kitchen fitments, 2 burner propane stove, 3 way refrigerator and an impressive electrical system boasting 120v.

2. Alaskan Campers 6.5 Cabover

Price: $35,190.00
Weight: 1,390 lbs

The Alaskan 6.5 Cabover Truck Camper is renowned for its unquestionable high quality finish and premium design and workmanship. The patented pop top feature of an Alaskan Camper includes a ‘solid wall’ hydraulic mechanism with the ability to raise and lower the top of the camper by just pressing a switch.

With the 6’3” ceiling offering comfortable head room along with the patented ‘solid wall’ element included to enhance driver comfort and safety, this truck seems to tick many boxes. It can be difficult to choose between a hard sided camper or a pop up camper, yet the Alaskan 6.5 Cabover is somewhat of a hybrid offering an abundance of benefits.

Along with the aforementioned impressively high ceiling, this innovative design also results in minimized wind resistance, improved gas mileage and most importantly creates a far more off road capable truck camper set up.

The interior also does not fail to impress with ample counter top space, maple storage and cabinets, a leather dinette and options including a Thetford cassette toilet, advanced 160w solar system and even a 4 gallon water heater.

The full length door to enter and exit the truck camper is an element to be recognized for providing ultimate comfort, especially when the truck camper is stationary for a few days as there is no need to bend up and down to enter the camper.

3. BunduTec Topi

Price: $19,963
Weight: 1,330 lbs

The BunduTec Topi is a rugged, aluminium pop up off road truck camper containing an impressive list of standard specifications such as an 11 gallon fresh water tank, Truma VarioHeat furnace, Maxxair 12v roof vent, DC refrigerator, two burner stove and even a Laguna swivel table providing ample seating for up to three individuals.

There is also the option of powering the camper by an efficient solar system, by shore power or using a house battery. The BunduTec Topi is constructed with a solid wood frame paired with aluminium, giving the camper a sleek modern finish. As the Topi fits most midsize trucks and is very competitive in terms of both pricing and capability, it really seems as though this truck camper is nothing short of a bargain.

Along with the rest of the truck campers BunduTec have to offer, the BunduTec Topi has a wood construction, creating a long lasting, durable adventure ready truck camper.

4. Hallmark Milner Overland

Price: $49,995
Weight: 1,212 lbs

The Hallmark Milner Overland; a lightweight, pop up truck camper with impressive off road flexibility containing everything you need for your wildest and most challenging adventures.

The 6.5 foot Hallmark Milner camper boasts an impressive 60×80 cabover containing a toilet, Redarc manager 30 electrical set up, 215w solar system, Lithium batteries, Truma heating and acrylic windows with a further array of components to offer. All Hallmark truck campers are constructed of fiberglass, creating both an aesthetically pleasing and lightweight exterior.

The use of such a lightweight material can benefit greatly in terms of the wear on the camper along with heightened off road ability. The one piece composite roof has the ability to lift upwards of 500 pounds, allowing a generous amount of space for items such as canoes and kayaks to be carried with ease and without having to remove the kit to raise the roof.

The interior of the Hallmark Milner Overland truck camper offers ideal functionality with organised storage available throughout the truck camper. The luxury materials and high quality interior finish create an additional sense of comfort; perfect after a sunset hike or mountain bike trail.

5. Nimbl Evolution

Price: $249,000
Weight: 2,500 lbs

The team behind the impressive Nimbl Evolution wanted to create a truck camper that met the requirements of those individuals looking to undertake the wildest journeys of exploration, all while feeling safe, comfortable and able to thrive to any destination. The Nimbl Evolution is built to remain both durable and reliable on the roughest of terrains and the suspension set up is infallible.

The standard configuration includes ICON Vehicle Dynamic Coilovers matched to ICON remote reservoir shocks at every corner. Along with the custom forged rear axle leaf packs, it is clear this truck has the ability to flex and move smoothly even on exceptionally challenging terrain.

As the Nimbl Evolution can be successfully mounted to almost any 1 ton pickups (Ford F350, Chevy/RAM 3500), this truck camper represents the full package for the most avid adventurers. The lightweight monocoque composite structure is perfectly partnered with the attractive functional, yet stylish living space.

The interior includes a dual purpose dinette which has the ability to turn into a small bed for those travelling with children and with a memory foam queen size bed, it’s easy to have a relaxed nights rest in preparation for the adventures the next day will bring. As the Nimbl Evolution truck camper is highly customized, there is no specific base price.

The price above was found on an industry website, but specific prices may vary in terms of custom inclusions.

6. Travel Lite Super Lite

Price: $24,677
Weight: 1,398 lbs

Founded in 1998, Travel Lite RV are known for designing truck campers and travel trailers that are both lightweight, durable and innovative. Travel Lite have recognized the crucial needs for making a comfortable truck camper whilst also keeping the weight down, aiding greatly with off road adventuring and exploring.

Differing vastly from many of its competitors, the Travel Lite Super Lite truck camper has a solid wood construction, able to withstand all the wear and tear an overlanding, off road trip will inevitably entail. These truck campers were created and designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, complementing the truck below them.

Some of the standard features include an on demand tankless hot water heater, refrigerator, two burner stove, outside shower, 2000 lbs convertible jacks and a porta potty toilet system. The natural wood construction, aluminium exterior and fiberglass front cap all create a sleek and smart truck camper ready to tackle any adventure.

The 590SL is the lightest model available from Travel Lite’s Super Lite range, however, it still offers renowned durability and an array of features to keep you comfortable and functioning on or off the road.

7. Arctic Fox 865

Price: $32,825
Weight: 2,641 lbs

A standout feature of the Arctic Fox 865 is the impressive and unique interior design and layout. Truck Campers can often feel dark and closed in, however, the Arctic Fox 865 is built with 5 windows in the rear, creating a panoramic view resulting in a light and airy space.

Some of the interior components of the 865 include a rear electric awning, dual 30lb propane tanks, refrigerator, fan vent, dinette, wet room and an abundance of storage. Although a dually is recommended, there is also the option of single rear wheel compatibility.

The layout of the Arctic Fox 865 creates distinct separation of the living area allowing the camper to feel less like a tight, closed space and more like a comfortable living area with added privacy for those who may not be travelling alone. The skylight and multiple windows also aid in avoiding a dark and unwelcoming interior for the truck camper.

8. Outfitter MFG Apex 8

Price: $44,995
Weight: 2,130 lbs

Outfitter MFG’s Apex 8 is designed for short-bed trucks with an interior of less than 8 ft. This slide-in truck camper has a composite foam core body and roof. The Apex 8 also features an electric roof lift and an insulated Weblon softwall that keeps you nice and warm during winter camping trips.

Every Apex 8 short-bed off-road truck camper comes standard with a 3.0 cubic foot refrigerator, a three-burner cooktop, a 20k BTU furnace, a fully heated basement, and a queen-size cabover bed. The ample storage space and interior privacy shower stall and toilet bring a new meaning to camping in comfort.

9. OVRLND Campers

Price: $8,400
Weight: 275 lbs

OVRLND Campers custom builds each of their Camper Pop Top Camper Shells to their customer’s truck, ensuring that the camper fits snugly in the truck bed while maximizing the usable space. Each Camper Pop Top Camper Shell that OVRLND Campers build features a honeycomb composite material that is stronger and lighter than traditional camper shells.

This off-road truck camper was designed with DIYers in mind. Its customizability is nearly endless. Whether you are a novice camper or a seasoned veteran, OVRLND’s Camper Pop Top Camper shell is definitely worth your attention when choosing your next off-road truck camper.

10. EarthRoamer LTi

Price: $695,000
Weight: (unknown)

EarthRoamer’s LTi Lineup of off-road truck campers are vacuum-infused carbon fiber campers that are purpose-built to fit a Ford F-500 precisely. These campers feature a lithium-ion battery bank, bunk side windows, a large water storage unit, and a touchscreen interface.

EarthRoamer LTi is the culmination of knowledge gained from building over 300 overland vehicles since 1998. Their adventure vehicles have clocked hundreds of thousands of miles and have traversed some of the most challenging trails and roads on the planet. If you own an F-500, choosing EarthRoamer’s LTi off-road truck camper will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

11. Earthcruiser Terranova

Price: $289,000
Weight: 10,800 lbs

EarthCruiser’s Terranova off-road truck camper has been meticulously designed and engineered to function reliably and precisely regardless of the terrain. EarthCruiser scrutinizes every bolt, plate, and component to give adventurers a seamless experience.
The Terranova’s expanded living quarters with its overcab roof offer an alternative to the convertible dinette-bed combinations.

The Terranova off-road truck camper can comfortably support up to four guests simultaneously. The external hot and cold water shower and solar controller with 108 Watt Sunflare solar panels ensure you’ll never have to worry about cold early morning showers.

12. Rossmönster Lagom

Price: $14,000
Weight: 400 lbs

“Just the right amount” is what the Swedish word Lagom is all about. Rossmönster’s Lagom series of off-road truck campers were designed to be versatile and capable. This off-road truck camper maximizes your truck’s off-road capabilities without compromising on comfortable living.

Lagom’s shell’s hard-walled folding system ensures that the external camper maintains a slim profile when traveling and provides ample space when set up. The Lagom can fit a full-size 2-inch thick mattress, and the upholstered wall panels can be fitted with dimmable LED Dome lighting. The Lagom is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to traverse the city incognito.

Important Considerations When Shopping for an Off-Road Truck Camper

When choosing the right off-road truck camper to suit your needs, there are seven points to consider. Let’s discuss each of these points to help you make an informed decision.

Durable Construction Materials

When considering the various products on offer within the off-road truck camper market, be diligent in researching the materials from which the campers are constructed. High-quality, durable, lightweight materials are essential for your off-road truck camper’s longevity.

Compromising your camper’s build quality and materials will cost you money in the long run. It simply isn’t worth saving a few bucks in the short term. Instead, choose to spend a little more on quality. Doing so will give you more hours on the trail and keep you out of the repair shop.

Well Designed Layout

Consider your off-road camper’s layout. Partnering with companies that offer flexibility to the design of their campers will ensure that you receive a product that suits your individual needs. If, for example, you have a large family and need to house several people, pick an off-road truck camper that is large enough to sleep multiple people comfortably.

Going on extended trips with a poorly laid-out camper will only lead to frustration, inevitably spoiling your experience. When battling the elements, the last thing you need is to fight your camper and family.

Expandable Storage

Taking your camping off the beaten path will often necessitate hauling various goods and equipment. Expandable storage options will significantly reduce stress and allow you more flexibility when packing for your trip.

Having the capacity to add extra batteries, water, and gas for cooking will allow you to lengthen your trips and provide you the ease of mind that you need to enjoy your holiday when access to these things becomes difficult.

Energy Generation And Storage Capabilities

If you intend on spending time away from civilization, consider choosing an off-road truck camper that can generate and store its own electricity. Solar panels and deep-cycle batteries will ensure you have ample electricity to power all your crucial equipment.

Water Storage Options

People can often go weeks with little to no food. Humans can’t survive for more than a few days without water. When choosing an off-road truck camper, it is vital to ensure that it has enough space to store fresh drinking water. You can get away with not showering for a couple of days. You can’t go long without drinking water.

Style And Theme

Half the fun of off-road truck campers is their integration with your truck’s design. Having your off-road truck camper’s style and theme complement your truck’s design will not only make your truck look more appealing but it will also make it stand out from the crowd.

Total Weight

The last thing to consider when choosing your off-road truck camper is the dry and wet weight of your camper. Once you have calculated the total estimated weight of your camper, ensure that your truck can carry that weight.

Overloading your truck not only hurts your wallet every time you fill up at the gas station but also makes driving it to its intended destination more dangerous than it ought to be.

Closing Thoughts

When looking to purchase an off road truck camper, it is crucial to have the ideal truck to carry and haul it. As many trucks have varying payload ratings, it’s important to match this with the truck camper. Upgrades may also be needed on the truck to ensure it’s up to the task of off road camper life and the daily struggles it may face in terms of terrain.

The Four Wheel Campers Hawk Flatbed seems to tick the most, if not all boxes when looking for the ideal off road truck camper. The clean, sturdy exterior and high quality workmanship on the interior of the truck creates a spacious and roomy camper, even for those wanting to remain off grid for longer periods of time.

The durable lightweight aluminium frame and simple yet innovative design aids in reducing the driver and vehicle strain whilst also maximizing fuel efficiency. It really seems as though the Hawk Flatbed is an ideal candidate for a reasonably priced, great off road truck camper.


Can you Offroad with a truck camper?

Offroading with a truck camper is definitely possible, however, it is important to know your truck’s capabilities without the additional camper first. This allows you to better know how it will perform with the added weight and strain of a truck camper on the rear. Upgrades to aspects such as tyres will also be required, along with purchasing a truck camper that is weight relative to your truck and not too heavy.

Is it hard to drive a truck with a camper?

Driving with a truck camper is arguably far easier than driving a large rv or campervan, however, similar challenges still remain such as the height and weight of the overall truck with the camper on the back. Overall, the more frequent a truck camper is driven, the more confident the driver will become.

Do I need a dually for a truck camper?

A dually truck isn’t necessarily an essential to have when looking to purchase a truck camper, however, if you are planning on frequently using the truck camper and travelling far and wide, dually’s have an abundance of benefits. A huge benefit to having a dually is the truck will have increased stability along with a higher weight capacity resulting in less stress on the vehicle.

How do I keep my truck camper from shifting?

When issues such as the truck camper shifting arise, it may be useful to install some sort of thick rubber mat bedding. By using a rubber bed mat, not only will the vibration resistance increase, but it also creates an effective non-slip surface for the camper. Along with a rubber mat, a durable and effective tie down system could also be employed to avoid any shifting and sliding.


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