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10 Best Pop Up Campers with Bathrooms

10 Best Pop Up Campers with Bathrooms

There are a number of benefits to having a bathroom in a pop up camper. Not only does having a toilet and shower on board increase practicality, it also means you can remain off grid for much longer periods of time. Camping in its essence is a beautiful way to connect with nature and explore the outdoors, but for many, the idea of not having a toilet or shower can be off putting.

There are many pop up campers with bathrooms available to solve this issue and bring the convenience and comfort necessary when traveling solo, with a partner or the whole family.

10 best pop up campers with bathrooms:

1. TrailManor 3124KD (dry bath)

Price: $34,300
Weight: 3,200 lbs
Length: 24’

The TrailManor 3124KD is renowned for its innovative design and the inclusion of all the amenities necessary to create a true home on wheels for all your camping adventures. Along with an abundance of storage, a generous kitchen and king size bed, the TrailManor 3124KD offers an impressive hard wall dry bath.

In addition to a sink, shower and recirculating toilet, there is also a compact bathtub. This unique feature of the 3124KD is brilliant for providing both additional comfort and functionality. Beneath the sink is also a considerable amount of storage space, perfect for housing toiletries for all the family.

2. Forest River Rockwood HW296 (wet bath)

Price: $25,999
Weight: 3,721 lbs
Length: 21’ 6”

The Forest River Rockwood HW296 is a relatively compact trailer offering many of the same features as that of larger RVs. As the side walls are taller than traditional pop up campers with bathrooms, the added height allows for increased storage and living space within. This pop up camper also features an impressive hard sided wet bathroom cubicle that innovatively folds away when the camper is on the move or not in use.

The bathroom unit in the Forest River Rockwood HW296 is situated opposite the kitchen and contains a modern styled toilet alongside a shower. When the shower is in use, there is a curtain to minimize splashing and sprays from the water. To the side of the bathroom unit is a module that indicates how full your fresh, gray and black water tanks are.

This unique feature brings ease and reduces stress when it comes to knowing when to emptying waste material during camping trips.

3. Opus Camper OP15 (full bath)

Price: $59,000
Weight: 4,960 lbs
Length: 15’

The Opus Camper OP15 is an off-road hybrid design pop up camper offering solid bamboo storage, a dining lounge, interior heating and even a retractable awning. The versatility of the Opus OP15 is shown in its ability to comfortably sleep a family as a result of the slide out king size bed and convertible dinette.

Arguably one of the most impressive features of the Opus OP15 is the full indoor bathroom consisting of a shower, sink and flushable toilet. Each of these components is connected to 63 gallons of fresh water, thanks to the twin fresh water tanks in the camper. There is also a 17 gallon gray water tank and 10 gallon black water tank, meaning you can rely far less on camping sites and remain off grid for longer.

To provide hot water in the bathroom, there is a Trauma hot water system allowing for luxurious hot showers after a long day of hiking and exploring the wilderness.

4. Forest River Flagstaff T21DMHW (wet bath)

Price: $19,652
Weight: 2,700 lbs
Length: 21’ 2”

The Forest River Flagstaff T21DMHW is a lightweight pop up camper offering a stylish cherry interior and all the amenities required for extended camping trips. The dormer feature of the Flagstaff T21DMHW houses the kitchen area, consisting of a fridge, 2 burner stove and storage. The dormer area also includes the hard sided wet bathroom situated opposite the kitchen unit.

The wet bath styled cubicle contains a shower and toilet, with a curtain rail on the ceiling to minimize sprays from the shower. The dormer has 6’4” clearance for headroom and so provides ample space and comfort for anyone using the facilities within. The black tank of the toilet is able to be conveniently accessed from the exterior of the trailer and removed with ease when the toilet requires emptying.

Having exterior access in the Forest River Flagstaff T21DMHW for the toilet is a great practical option, as it avoids the inconvenience of trying to access the black water tank from within the trailer.

5. Forest River Rockwood Extreme 2280BHESP (wet bath)

Price: $23,892
Weight: 2,559 lbs
Length: 19’ 4”

The Forest River Rockwood Extreme 2280BHESP is the ideal pop up camper for the ultimate explorers. The Rockwood Extreme is designed to provide the ultimate off road camping trip, allowing you to truly make the most of your time outdoors.

With the ability to sleep up to 8 individuals and powered with a 190W solar system and 1000W inverter, this pop up camper with bathroom is perfect for long trips away with family or friends. The soft sided bathroom of the Forest River Rockwood lies opposite the kitchen and offers a cassette style toilet and shower. The rear wall of the bathroom is created by a hard sided fold up, revealing the toilet beneath.

For privacy, there is a shower curtain attached to the ceiling of the trailer which when pulled around, encloses the bathroom completely. For ultimate convenience, in the center of the shower curtain on the ceiling is a light, allowing for showering and using the bathroom at any time during the day.

6. Safari Condo Alto R1723 (wet bath)

Price: $30,469
Weight: 1,867 lbs
Length: 17’ 4”

The Safari Condo Alto R1723 is a lightweight trailer known for its innovative design and efficiency.The unique retractable roof of the Alto R1723, consists of seamless aluminum walls and ceiling that rise upwards, expanding the headroom of the trailer to a generous 6’10”.

The living space continues to impress with a convertible dinette, king size bed, plentiful kitchen utilities and a fixed hard sided toilet and shower combination bathroom. Within the bathroom is a flushable toilet which is connected to a 12 gallon black water tank, providing perfect holding capacity allowing for longer trips off the grid.

The 15.8 gallon freshwater tank feeds the shower and with a 15.8 gallon gray water tank, you are able to rely less frequently on camping sites for your waste water needs. There is also the luxury of on demand hot water in the Safari Condo Alto R1723, produced by a compact LPG or shore power water heater.

7. Coachmen RV Clipper 128LS (wet bath)

Price: $21,446
Weight: 2,204 lbs
Length: 17’ 9”

The Coachmen RV Clipper 128LS is a lightweight pop up trailer with an easy set up thanks to its innovative design and struts that automatically raise the ceiling into position. This is an excellent option for those getting started in their camping journey and has great towability due to being so lightweight and compact.

The metal exterior and fiberglass roof create a durable trailer, able to withstand tough conditions and questionable terrain. Included in the interior of the trailer are some comfort features such as a fan and 20,000 BTU furnace. Coachman offer a bathroom package for the Clipper 128LS in the form of a wet room.

The wet room consists of a screen and privacy flaps for ultimate functionality and a cassette toilet in the form of a Thetford Porta Potti. This is a great addition for campers not traveling alone, and those who do not want to rely on public restrooms and camping sites for bathroom facilities.

8. Aliner LXE (wet bath)

Price: $20,960
Weight: 1,795 lbs
Length: 15’

The Aliner LXE is a compact trailer with an easy setup and unique layout utilizing the floor space in the best way possible. The setup of the Aliner LXE takes a few minutes and is hassle free. With the peak of the LXE being 8’, the interior feels spacious and airy thanks to the generous height and several windows.

The windows in the trailer provide the perfect view of the outdoors from each side, allowing you to soak in the outdoors from within. On the far wall of the hard sided dormer is a large opening window located next to the bathroom. The innovative design of the wet bath allows for a raised panel to be lifted, revealing a Thetford cassette toilet with a 5 gallon waste tank and shower beneath.

The flawless design of the Aliner LXE is highlighted in the bathroom as the raised panel is strapped in place by a velcro system and the remaining 3 sides of the bathroom are created by a shower curtain that attaches on the rails to the ceiling.

9. TrailManor 2518KS (dry bath)

Price: $35,485
Weight: 2,580 lbs
Length: 18’

The TrailManor 2518KS is a popular pop up trailer with bathroom due to its unique features, easy set up and towing capability. This hardwalled trailer is specifically designed to provide the same great towability and luxury of traditional upright trailers. The TrailManor 2518KS can comfortably fit into a garage and also provides great towability.

The exterior of the trailer is modern and stylish, creating a sleek aesthetic which continues onwards to the interior. In addition to the large king size bed, two burner stove and spacious lounging area, there is a dry bath containing a toilet and shower. The dry bath is enclosed with hard wall sides, allowing for the highest level of privacy required, especially when traveling with more than one person.

10. Coachmen RV Viking 2308LS (wet bath)

Price: $21,446
Weight: 2,221 lbs
Length: 17’ 9”

The Coachmen RV Viking 2308LS is a sizable pop up trailer with an airy interior containing ample storage for all the belongings and adventure gear needed for a camping trip. With a 20,000 BTU furnace, exterior awning, two burner stove and ability to sleep up to 7 individuals, it is clear to see why this accommodating trailer is popular with many campers.

The interior of the Viking 2308LS is light and spacious, creating a comfortable area for multiple campers and with rear entry, access to the trailer is easy and convenient. The generous height of this pop up hybrid trailer allows for comfortable movement when using the interior living space.

For added functionality, Coachmen offer a bathroom package with the 2308LS, containing a Thetford Porta Potti and a screen room with privacy flaps.

How To Choose the Best Pop Up Camper with a Bathroom

When choosing the best pop up camper with a bathroom, it is important to consider the specific needs of you and your travel companions. With an abundance of both hard sided and soft sided campers available, it is crucial to consider the type of trailer and layout options that will work best for you.

It is also worth looking at the advantages and disadvantages of various styles of bathroom for your personal needs; from a dry or wet bath, fold up system, exterior or interior shower etc. For toilet systems, some campers may prefer to have a separate black water system, however, the ease and familiarity of a cassette toilet may be preferable to others. Consider all your options with the following:

  • Design Style – hardside vs soft sided
  • Floorplan – number of beds, toilet and kitchen location etc.
  • Bathroom amenities and style – dry bath, wet bath, just a toilet, fold up shower, exterior shower etc.
  • Number of travelers – solo, couple, family
  • Primary type of camping – off-grid vs campgrounds/full hookups
  • Type of tow vehicle – SUV, truck, sedan / towing vehicle weight capacity

Closing Thoughts

In terms of the best pop up camper with a bathroom, the Opus Camper OP15 ticks many, if not all, the boxes. When looking at various pop up campers with bathrooms, many designs do not prioritize a bathroom system and so the toilet and shower system can seem like an afterthought.

With the OP15 however, the bathroom has been integrated into the design flawlessly and effectively. The 63 gallon freshwater twin tanks alongside the 17 gallon gray water and 10 gallon black water tanks, ensure you can stay off the grid for long periods of time. This also results in less reliance on campsites, saving you time and money as you travel far and wide on the open road.


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