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Best Pop-Up Shower Tents? (top 5 picks)

Best Pop-Up Shower Tents? (top 5 picks)

For many campers, washing in the lake or bathing out in the open is not an option. Is there a way to take a shower and preserve your privacy simultaneously? The answer is yes–when you use a pop-up shower tent. 

If you are on the fence about purchasing a pop-up shower tent, these five tents will change your mind. I’ve scoured through all of the most popular pop-up shower tents and found the best of the best. Let’s compare them and find the ideal tent for you. 

The 5 best pop-up shower tents:

1. Sportneer Pop-Up Privacy Camping Tent (best overall)

The Sportneer shower tent has a flexible steel frame with zippered ventilation openings at the top for air circulation. 

It also has other conveniences: 

  • There is a removable floor mat.
  • The tent is composed of sturdy material that withstands the elements well.
  • It is excellent for use with an RV because the window lets you access the external shower controls on the side of the RV.
  • The Sportneer is private and not see-through.
  • Many people use it for changing clothes for outdoor photographs.

2. King Camp Shower Tent (best for families)

Every review says this shower tent is huge, so it’s ideal if you want plenty of room or are having difficulty finding a tent that can accommodate you.

The King Camp shower tent has two separate sides, which you can use for different purposes such as showering and using the bathroom. The pros of the King Camp tent are: 

  • This tent is a spacious 83.8× 41.7× 82.6 inches (2.13×1.06× 2.1 meters) with steel and fiberglass poles for extra stability.
  • It is perfect for families with young children who need help with showering.
  • One side can be used as a toilet while the other can be a shower.
  • There are side hooks to anchor the showerhead and multiple hooks and storage pockets for other items.
  • The shower tent has a built-in floor to keep the mud.
  • The tent has mesh sides for simple drainage.

3. Gigatent Pop-Up Pod (best budget friendly)

The Gigatent shower tent is the least expensive of the five tents. It is roomy enough for one person to shower and change, but it isn’t spacious. However, its size makes it easier to store and set up, so if you are all about efficiency, this one’s the way to go. 

This tent has the following to recommend it: 

  • It is easy to set up and fold away.
  • You can use it for camping, park days, and the beach.
  • This tent is best-suited to use as a portapotty or an outdoor changing room, although it’s also ideal for quick showers.

4. Alvantor Shower Tent (best privacy)

The Alvantor shower tent has a patented Teflon coating that is tear-proof, waterproof, and dirt-proof. So, if you often find yourself in rough terrain, this might be the best bet for you.

This shower tent is roomy enough for one person and boasts the following advantages: 

  • It has a vinyl coating that shields you from UV rays.
  • There are pockets for holding items and a hanging shower rope for letting clothes dry.
  • It has a quick pop-up and fold-up design.
  • The fiberglass ribs let the tent pop right up without fussing with rods.
  • You can watch pop-up and folding instructions on a YouTube video to practice before actual camping.
  • This shower tent is lightweight enough for one person to set up alone.

5.  Green Elephant Utilitent (best bang for your buck)

The Green Elephant Utilitent is a popular choice for several reasons, although its luxurious features are enough to make this the perfect shower tent. People love this tent because: 

  • It has secure anchors that ensure the tent does not fall over when showering or dressing.
  • It accommodates tall people comfortably.
  • It is portable and folds down quickly for carrying.
  • It offers a toilet paper holder, towel hooks, flashlight hanger, clothes hooks, and a storage pouch for personal items.
  • Green Elephant offers a tent folding video for instructions on how to collapse the tent.

Cons of Pop Up Shower Tents

In general, most of the shower tents had similar drawbacks in the cons list. The following seems to be the consensus of choosing and using shower tents: 

  • Many shower tents have flimsy poles that don’t hold the shower tent up well in typical weather but especially in bad weather.
  • Replacing the tent into the bag is difficult, if not impossible, even after you have watched the instructional video.
  • Many shower tents are too complicated for one person to set up.
  • Most shower tents are small, making it difficult for some people to fit comfortably in the shower.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Pop-Up Shower

So, when you are shopping for a shower tent, it’s crucial to consider: 


Keep in mind that the type of camping you do will influence the material of your shower tent. When you take quick jaunts, very heavy-duty materials are not necessary. However, if you camp for several weeks, you want a shower tent material that stands up to demanding wear, hot days, and cold nights. 

Storage and Hooks

Most storage for pop-up shower tents is located outside the tent, so your items do not get wet when you wash up. Ensure your pop-up shower tent has hooks on the outside for towels, shelves to hold soap and shampoo, and spots to stick razors or any other shower necessities.


The size matters whether you are just camping alone or have an entire family of campers. A larger tent can store more water and allow you to get the little ones clean since it can hold more than one person. 

In addition, if you are a larger person, finding a tent with plenty of room inside can make your showers much more comfortable. No one wants to stick up out of the top of the tent or keep getting stuck to the walls!

Water Heating Method

You want warm water to clean up at shower time, so you have several options for heating the water. The three most common water heating methods are: 

  • Propane: The benefits of heating the water with propane are that you have warm water all the time, and it is a safe way to heat the water. The drawback is that you have to carry the propane with you.
  • Solar: Solar-powered water heating is excellent for cold areas or camping for a long time. The drawback is that the water does not heat on cloudy days, so you could be left with no hot water depending on the amount of sunlight.
  • Battery-powered: A battery-powered shower tent is an excellent option since you rely neither on the sun nor on carrying the propane. These batteries are robust and last a long time, giving you reliable warm water. 

When choosing which heating method you desire, your tent also comes into play. You will need to ensure that the water doesn’t get to your power source, so pitching the tent far from your outlet, flame, or battery is crucial. 



When your tent is unstable, raising it far from your home base can cause the tent to topple, leaving you tangled up in the material. 

So, try to get something secure! All the choices on this list are substantial enough to stay up and come with ways to secure them into the ground, so hopefully, this won’t be an issue for you.


Having adequate drainage in the shower tent is a must. You don’t want a shower tent that holds water while you shower. However, too much water, and you’ll end up taking a bath! So, choosing something with plenty of drainage and a waterproof floor that allows you to keep your feet clean is a must.

In addition, having a removable floor is a plus since this makes cleaning your pop-up shower tent easier. 

Closing Thoughts

Having a pop-up shower tent allows you to get clean and ready for the next day without having to share a shower with other people. In a good tent, you get hot water and privacy. 

However, in a bad tent, you might end up revealing yourself to other people, or you could end up getting stuck to the tent material if the setup is too small or so unstable that a gentle breeze blows it down. 

The best pop-up shower tent for most people is the Sportneer Pop-up Privacy Camping Tent. It offers enough space for large or tall people, and you can use it as a shower, changing room, and toilet. The Sportneer provides a more accessible pop-up and fold-away method than the other shower tents. 

While the Sportneer has excellent reviews, it would not be ideal for some specific circumstances: 

  • For families, choose the King Camp Shower Tent.
  • For a limited budget, the Gigatent Pop-up Pod is the most economical.
  • For ultimate privacy, the Alvantor Shower Tent is the best choice.
  • For the best value with the most features, pick the Green Elephant Utilitent. 

When choosing the best pop-up shower tent, personal preferences certainly factor into the decision. However, some criteria apply to every shower tent. First, look for simplicity in the design.

The simpler the tent, the less there is to go wrong. Second, ensure the tent is not see-through, so look for fabric that withstands the elements and offers privacy. Last, find a pop-up shower tent that is waterproof. While showering, you don’t want chilly rain seeping through to dilute the warm water.


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