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Best Teardrop Trailers with Bathrooms (10 Tiny Favorites)

Best Teardrop Trailers with Bathrooms (10 Tiny Favorites)

Teardrop trailers are generally smaller, lighter, easier to maneuver than full-size travel trailers and many of them even have bathrooms. While a bathroom isn’t always necessary for camping in established campgrounds, it can be nice to have for boon-docking or just to have your own private space. In this article, we’ll look at ten of the best teardrop trailers with bathrooms. Let’s dive in…

10 best teardrop trailers with bathrooms:

1. NuCamp TAB 400

The TAB 400 teardrop trailer features a sleeping area that doubles in size to a full bed, a dinette that converts to a second sleeping area, a kitchenette, and a wet bath with a fold-down sink. This trailer can sleep up to three people and has all the necessary amenities for comfortable camping.

A stargazer window provides spectacular views from the main sleeping area. There’s a solar option available as well as a boon-dock package to make the trailer more suitable for off-roading and wild camping.

More info: (featured image top of article)

2. Sunset Park Sunray 129

The Sunset Park Sunray 129 has a modern teardrop shape that’s almost in between the classic teardrop and a typical travel trailer. It features a dinette that converts into a queen bed, a cassette toilet under one side of the dinette bench, storage cabinets, and a large rear hatch that opens to reveal the kitchenette. Inside the hatch, a fridge, microwave, stove top, and sink make cooking a breeze. 

Since this trailer doesn’t have a shower and the toilet isn’t plumbed in, it may be best suited for shorter trips. However, the toilet is a convenience that many small trailers don’t have! 

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3. Little Guy Max Teardrop Camper

The Little Guy Max is actually quite large for a teardrop trailer, with an interior height of 6’7” and an overall length of 21 feet. It features a wet bath, where the toilet and shower share a space.

The front of the trailer is home to a dinette that converts to a single bed, a kitchenette is opposite the bathroom, and the back of the trailer holds a queen master bed. Overhead storage and closets throughout offer plenty of space to stow gear and personal items.

The fresh water tank holds about 20 gallons, so you wouldn’t be able to shower too much unless you are hooked up to water, but it’s plenty to be able to go off the grid for a few days at a time. The gray water tank holds 25-30 gallons and the black tank for the toilet holds 9 gallons.

Since this trailer is relatively large and has a fully plumbed bathroom, it is more practical for longer trips. It’s also convenient to have a completely separate space for the bathroom, rather than a cassette toilet that pulls out into the middle of the trailer.

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4. inTech RV Luna

The Luna is similar to the Sunray 129, with a sleeping and dining space in the main cabin and a kitchenette in a rear hatch. This trailer features an electric fireplace and an integrated cassette toilet inside, and a microwave, two-burner stove, 12 volt cooler, and large sink in the kitchenette.

This trailer is quite small, which means better fuel mileage for towing but also that you can’t stand up inside. It makes a great sleeping pod but wouldn’t necessarily be comfortable or practical for long-term travel.

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5. Winnebago Minnie Drop

The Winnebago Minnie Drop has a modern teardrop shape and five different floor plan options. Three of them are 21’ long while the other two are just over 25’ long. All models have a slide-out, a kitchenette, a dinette, and a dry bathroom where the shower and toilet are separate. There’s even a small bathroom sink in each of the models.

The differences in floor plans are largely based on sleeping capacity and the location of the bathroom within the trailer – some have the bathroom in the back while it’s more centrally located in others.

Some options also have an exterior pull-out cook top for easy outdoor cooking. Plus, there’s an outdoor shower to rinse off before you even enter the trailer, making it easier to keep the interior clean. The fresh water tank can hold more than 40 gallons, which is plenty for several days of boon-docking.

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6. KZ-RV Escape E14 Hatch

The Escape E14 Hatch is another modern teardrop trailer with a large hatch on the back. However, this hatch doesn’t reveal a kitchenette – rather, it allows for easy loading of outdoor gear and toys into the back of the trailer. When unloaded, that space turns into a dinette, which also turns into the bed. A dry bathroom and a kitchenette are situated in the front half of the trailer.

Outside, a 10’ awning provides a shaded outdoor living space. Although this trailer is fairly large, having to set up the bed and/or dinette every day could get old on a longer trip, plus it requires unloading whatever cargo you might have in the back. But, if you are just heading to one destination for a longer period of time and can leave the cargo outside, the trailer can be perfectly comfortable.

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7. iCamp Elite


The iCamp Elite features a dinette that converts into a bed, a small kitchenette, and a wet bath with a unique curved door. The 5’11” interior height means that most people can stand up inside, and plenty of storage space keeps the space uncluttered. The whole trailer is less than 11’ long and just over 6’ wide for easy towing.

While this trailer has all the amenities wrapped in a tiny package, it wouldn’t be comfortable for anyone over about 5’10” since they wouldn’t be able to stand up inside or fully stretch out on the bed. But, for shorter individuals, it’s a great option.

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8. Scamp 13-Foot

The 13’ Scamp trailer is available in two options – one with a wet bath in the front and one with bunk beds in front and no bathroom. On both options, the dinette in the rear of the trailer converts into a double bed.

The kitchenette features a two-burner stove, a sink, and a small fridge. The option that includes a bathroom comes standard with a shower and plumbed toilet, although both models can be equipped with a dry flush toilet as well. An air conditioner and furnace are also available options to stay comfortable in all weather.

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9. Homegrown Trailers Timberline

The Timberline has beautiful wood paneling on the outside, which, combined with the teardrop shape, gives it a gorgeous retro look. There are several different designs and layouts available that can sleep between 3 and 5 people, but all models include a wet bath, fridge/freezer, two-burner induction cook-top, a large kitchen sink, and plenty of storage. 

All trailers come with a main queen bed and either a dinette that converts to a single bed or bunk beds. The toilet is either a cartridge porta-potty or a composting toilet, so there’s no need for a black water tank. There are several add-on options like solar power, air conditioning, heat, an upgraded hot water system, and two off-grid packages.

This trailer offers an efficient layout and the best of both worlds with a non-plumbed toilet and a plumbed indoor shower.

More info: 

10. Happier Camper HC1

The HC1 is super versatile – all the internal elements are modular and can be rearranged and added or removed as necessary. Available modules include a dry-flush toilet and a road shower, so you can add a complete bathroom if you wish or add just the toilet or just the shower. 

These campers are awesome because they can be re-purposed for a variety of different trips. Need a giant sleeping space? Take out all other modules and make a huge nest. Going boon-docking? Add in a kitchenette, toilet, shower, and table top. Most trailers are designed for one type of travel only, while this camper can do it all.

More info:


Now let’s look at some frequently asked questions about teardrop trailers.

Are teardrop trailers worth it?

They certainly can be! It all comes down to your travel preferences. As you can see, teardrop trailers come in a variety of different sizes and with all sorts of different amenities, including bathrooms.

They are convenient in that you likely won’t need to purchase a super rugged tow vehicle, they are more comfortable than tent camping, and you can drop the trailer at your campsite and then take your car or truck out on adventures. Teardrop trailers are less expensive than motor homes and more aerodynamic than traditional boxy travel trailers.

Can a car pull a teardrop trailer?

It depends on which teardrop trailer you select, but many of the smaller ones can be towed by cars, including sedans and even vehicles like a Mini Cooper.

Of course, you should always check the manufacturer’s tow rating on your car and compare it with the dry and loaded weight of the teardrop trailer you have in mind. And, obviously, your car will need to have a tow hitch installed if you don’t already have one.

How fast can you drive with a teardrop trailer?

Well, this depends on how powerful your car is and how heavy the teardrop trailer is. If the weight of the trailer is approaching the maximum that your vehicle can handle, it’s always a good idea to take things slow and not risk damaging your engine. And, of course, you should always obey posted speed limits.

However, teardrop trailers are generally quite light and aerodynamic, so they shouldn’t slow you down too much.

My Closing Thoughts

If I was to select a teardrop trailer with a bathroom, I would likely pick the Timberline from Homegrown Trailers. I love the wood exterior and the super-efficient interior layout.

I don’t think I could hang with a trailer that’s too short to stand up in, so I appreciate the 7’ of headroom in this trailer. And I like that they have an option where there’s a separate bed and dinette – I don’t want to have to convert the furniture and make up or tear down the bed every time I go to sleep or get up.

I also love that they make a point to use sustainable, renewable, non-toxic materials in their build process. The last thing we need is more plastic and fiberglass waste.


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