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Can You Put Skirting Around A Travel Trailer?

Can You Put Skirting Around A Travel Trailer?

One of the great aspects of owning a travel trailer is that you can customize it to your preferences. Some trailer owners will add skirting to the bottom of their trailer so that the plumbing stays intact when it gets cold. But can you put skirting around a travel trailer?

Yes, you can put skirting around a travel trailer. There are several types of skirt material and sizes readily available for the travel trailer market. Skirting is the perfect addition to your winter travel kit.

Putting skirting around a travel trailer is a common choice for travel trailers for many reasons. However, it’s important to ensure skirting is added appropriately, and you purchase appropriate skirting that can be maintained on a trailer that may be mobile at points.

No matter what your plans are for your travel trailer in the winter, you can find trailer skirting that will protect the integrity of your trailer without causing you any inconvenience.

Putting Skirting Around A Travel Trailer

You can put skirting around a travel trailer, and most importantly, you should. Having a skirting solution for your trailer is ideal. When cold wind flows through the bottom of the RV, the pipes that are part of your plumbing system could end up freezing. Whether you store your trailer in the winter or like to use it for winter camping, having a skirt is a really good idea.

Keeping your plumbing protected will make sure that you have running water when you need it. It also acts as a sort of insulation to prevent the cold air from making it difficult to heat your trailer. A skirt needs to close around the entire bottom of the trailer in order to be efficient.

How To Install Skirting Around A Travel Trailer

Skirting can be tricky to maneuver, install, and uninstall depending on what kind you purchase. There are a lot of options which can be overwhelming at first. Since you are going to be using skirting on a travel trailer, you’ll want one that’s easy to remove and reinstall when you’re on the road.

There are skirting options that you can install yourself, or you can have one customized to your particular trailer. If you have one professionally installed or customized, be sure the installer shows you how to remove it properly, as well as how to store it when winter ends.

Installing skirting isn’t very complicated depending on how comfortable you are with tools. Standard types of skirts can be installed by attaching a snap to the trailer – usually with a drill – and then you’ll snap the skirt into place. In order to take it off when you need to drive, you’ll just have to simply unlock the snaps and pull the skirt out.

Is Trailer Skirting Expensive?

Trailer skirting varies in price. You can find cheaper options, but when it comes to skirts for trailers, cheaping out isn’t recommended. Cheap skirting can be difficult to work with and may not serve its intended purpose.

If you go the customization route, you’re looking at a few thousand dollars to get it done. Even if you purchase one and put it together on your own, it will likely cost you at least a couple thousand dollars for one made of good quality material that will keep the undercarriage of your trailer warm in the winter.

What Is Trailer Skirting Made Of?

You have a few options for what type of skirting you can have around a trailer. Some of the most popular and effective options are made from insulated vinyl, canvas, or even a combination of materials such as vinyl with a backing or even tarp. Having skirting made with insulated fabric is ideal to ensure the warmth stays enclosed and the cold stays out.

Some handy people will make their own skirting out of foam boards, wood, or tarp. Wood can be hard to work into a skirting solution, and only makes sense for a trailer that stays in a permanent spot throughout the year. Foam board can be a budget-friendly option, but you need to find a way to keep the foam attached.

Another popular option is EZ Snap skirting. When you order this skirting, you get assistance through their online calculator to figure out how much skirting you need. The cost will be associated with the size of your trailer. It’s easy to install and uninstall when needed, and you don’t have to drill anything into your trailer.


Another unique option are the air inflated style of skirting like the product from

How Else Can I Protect My Travel Trailer In Winter?

You should have a reliable heating system in your travel trailer, especially if you’re going to be using it during the winter. It’s worth having some kind of backup system, or making sure that everything is working appropriately before winter comes so you can have your heating system repaired in time for winter.

You can also help to prevent your pipes from freezing by treating them. Some people will pour antifreeze through their pipes, but this method is not recommended for all trailer types. Your best option is to simply blow compressed air through the pipes, or have a professional do it for you if you’re concerned about causing any damage.

If you’re not using your trailer in the winter, keep cabinets and appliances open to avoid mold buildup, add some mothballs into storage compartments, and pop some steel wool into any crevices that critters can try and climb into. You should give your trailer a thorough inspection and clean as well before storing it in the winter.


Closing Thoughts

If you live somewhere where it gets very cold in the winter, having a skirt on your trailer is highly recommended. The same is true if you’re traveling to a cold destination in freezing temperatures. But can you put skirting around a travel trailer? You can, very easily, and you should.

There are options for skirting that will work well with a mobile trailer, as they can be installed and uninstalled within a short amount of time. That effort and investment into trailer skirting is worth it in the long run to make sure harsh winters don’t cause damage to your trailer, which will be more costly and timely to repair.


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