how do you cook rice for backpacking

How do you Cook Rice for Backpacking?

Let’s face it: unless you’re already a culinary mastermind at home, the thought of cooking a gourmet meal for yourself when you’re in the backcountry for days or weeks on end can seem a bit daunting. Indeed, even the most kitchen-savvy among us often opt for freeze-dried meals and nutrition […]

are quilts better than sleeping bags

Are Quilts Better than Sleeping Bags? (Backpacking FAQs)

My first, rugged sleeping bag was the bulky, cotton bag issued by the Army. Like most military gear, it was nearly indestructible, until it got wet. I’ve since owned several bags, and especially like my current synthetic 20-degree bag. (Even the Army finally upgraded to a synthetic system.) But my […]

are freeze dried meals healthy

Are Freeze Dried Meals Healthy? (Backpacking FAQ)

My first trail meals were in the Army years ago, where we begrudgingly squeezed our dinner out of foil packs. The options were limited, and trading always ensued for the more coveted flavors. Fortunately, prepared trail meals have come a long way, with some meals mimicking those of a gourmet […]

how dangerous is hiking the appalachian trail

How Dangerous is Hiking the Appalachian Trail?

The Appalachian Trail twists and turns for 2,190 miles through 14 states from Georgia to Maine. And it has become so popular that 3 million people a year step foot on it, in some form or another. But just how dangerous is hiking the Appalachian Trail, and what are those […]

should i carry one trekking pole or two

Should I Carry One Trekking Pole or Two?

To carry trekking poles or not is an interesting gear decision to have to make. For most situations, they are far from being an item of necessity on the trail. It really does just come down to personal preference combined with a great deal of trial and error. At the […]

how do i distribute my backpack weight

How do I Distribute my Backpack Weight?

We’ve all been there. You buy your first backpack and all of the gear you can think of, load it up and head out onto the trail. About ten minutes in you sit down for a break, wondering how on earth people do this on a regular basis. The problem? […]

what is the best topo map app

What is the Best Topo Map App?

Topographical maps have gone digital and they’re an essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast. Of course, some will still prefer to go “old school” and head out into the wild with only a physical map and a compass; but for everybody else you can access a whole world of maps […]

cheap backpacking food

Cheap Backpacking Food: 15 Ways To Save Money

Getting out into the wilderness for everything from a weekend trip to a full week of backpacking can be incredibly refreshing. But when it comes to planing and packing meals for a trip, completely dehydrated meals meant for the outdoors can get expensive quickly. Here is a short guide to […]

backpacking repair kit checklist

Backpacking Repair Kit: 15 Essential Items

I was recently on a multi-day hiking trip in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Six hours into the first day I snapped my sternum strap while attempting to fasten it. My backpack was heavy, and it felt much heavier now that the sternum strap was not dispersing the weight evenly. Eventually […]

which is better down or synthetic jacket

Which is Better – Down or Synthetic Jacket?

The down jacket has become a symbol of outdoor professionals and enthusiasts: from climbing to backpacking to skiing and more. Providing excellent insulation from the cold and the wind, it is considered an essential item for anyone venturing out into the elements. However, the emergence of synthetic insulating jackets leaves […]