best hikes near bend oregon

The 9 Best Hikes Near Bend, Oregon

There’s nothing better than an outdoor adventure, especially in a place as amazing as Bend, Oregon. But, when you only have a limited amount of availability to enjoy the great outdoors, you don’t want to waste your precious time researching trails when you could be out hiking. With so many […]

best waterfall hikes near portland oregon

10 Best Waterfall Hikes near Portland, Oregon

Whether you are looking for the best hikes with a waterfall or just any hiking trail that is simply worth exploring, look no further than Portland to satisfy your thirst for adventure. Known for its amiable summers and cool, rainy winters, Portland is a great place for anyone who wants […]

how long is the hike up south sister mountain

How Long Is The Hike Up South Sister Mountain?

My very first hike up South Sister was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Since that first climb several years ago I have gone on to climb this mountain literally dozens of times. So, how long is the hike up South Sister mountain? The hike up South Sister […]