what kind of pants do you wear snowshoeing

What Kind of Pants Do You Wear Snowshoeing?

The kind of pants you wear while snowshoeing is crucial to your hike. Any time you do any kind of winter activity, it’s important to have the right gear. Your ideal winter gear is going to keep you warm while also protecting you from the elements, so what kind of […]

what kind of boots to wear for snowshoeing

What Kind of Boots to Wear for Snowshoeing?

If, like me, you have walked a few too many overcrowded summer trails, then it might be time to consider pulling on a pair of snowshoes. Just imagine pristine, untouched environments with barely another soul around. Imagine being the first to slice almost effortlessly through freshly fallen snow, away from […]

How Do You Get in Shape for Snowshoeing

How Do You Get in Shape for Snowshoeing?

Are you excited for winter and hitting those snowy trails with your snowshoes? It’s important that you start conditioning your body now for the unique demands of snowshoeing movement. Remember, snowshoeing will be quite different from hiking. You’ll have full snow gear on and it’s added weight. Along with the […]

where to snowshoe in northern colorado

Where Can You Snowshoe In Northern Colorado?

With Fall just around the corner, you might be cramming in all your favorite hikes before Winter weather comes. Snowshoeing is a great way to continue enjoying your favorite (and new) trails around you through the dead of Winter.     Northern Colorado has adapted a love for snowshoeing. And it’s […]