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running with flat feet

Running with Flat Feet (FAQs / Fixes and Relief)

According to the Institute of Preventative Foot Health, there are over 18 million Americans with flat feet and another 8 million with fallen arches. So first, know you are not alone in this! It’s very common to have flat feet and they should not prohibit you from running. That said, […]

how can i strengthen my feet for hiking

How can I Strengthen my Feet for Hiking?

Your feet are so unbelievably important. You use them to walk, skip, jump, hike and to run away from danger. They are especially important during a long hike where they take a pounding mile after mile. So, if you have asked yourself recently: How can I strengthen my feet for […]

how to train for high altitude hiking at sea level

How to Train for High Altitude Hiking at Sea Level

Despite our love of the mountains, many of us live in coastal cities. Whether it’s a job, family, or the lifestyle that keeps us entrenched in the hustle and bustle of city life, living in a major city can make it difficult to get out and explore wild places. Although […]

what exercises are good for rock climbing

What Exercises are Good for Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing is a great way to stay active and get outside. The sport is booming right now, and climbing gyms are opening up everywhere, making it accessible and fun to train. I’m sure the first time you went climbing, you noticed how muscles you didn’t even know you used […]

how do i increase my stamina for hiking

How Do I Increase My Stamina For Hiking?

Hiking is an amazing way to get a workout in, get out in nature, and experience beautiful places that are otherwise inaccessible. While hiking essentially boils down to prolonged walking, it can be quite demanding when you are carrying a backpack, hiking uphill, or scrambling over uneven ground. Fortunately, there […]

how can i get faster at uphill hiking

How Can I Get Faster At Uphill Hiking?

Below, I will detail a few different ways that you can get faster at hiking uphill. I will warn you, getting faster at hiking takes dedication to training. You wont be faster a hiking overnight, however if you get out on plenty of hikes in the meantime, and do other […]

What Strength Training Should Runners Do

What Strength Training Should Runners Do?

If you’ve been doing some research on how to become a faster runner, chances are you’ve come across a few articles that suggest strength training. While strength training is an essential element in any runners routine, it’s far too easy to get it wrong and risk injury. Perfecting your form, […]

How Do You Get in Shape for Snowshoeing

How Do You Get in Shape for Snowshoeing?

Are you excited for winter and hitting those snowy trails with your snowshoes? It’s important that you start conditioning your body now for the unique demands of snowshoeing movement. Remember, snowshoeing will be quite different from hiking. You’ll have full snow gear on and it’s added weight. Along with the […]