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Cheapest Class-B RV? (10 Affordable Favorites)

Cheapest Class-B RV? (10 Affordable Favorites)

There are plenty of options out there for an affordable Class-B RV from a variety of trusted brands. Of course, the cheapest way to set yourself up with a decent little camper would be to customize and renovate your own minivan. This can be pretty time consuming and that’s where prefabricated Class-B RVs become so useful.

So what are the cheapest Class B RVs out there? We’ve taken the time to do the research and find you the most affordable fun sized campers available. 

The 10 cheapest Class-B RVs:

1. Pleasure Way Tofino

  • Starting Price: $85,150

The Tofino is a super sporty looking RV that incorporates a lot of tech into its design for a streamlined and practical finish.

The design includes two 100AH lithium coach batteries, a 2000 watt inverter, multiplex wiring, a touch screen control panel, USB charging ports and a real time amperage meter so you’ll always manage to remain connected and entertained whilst on the road.

As for space, the Tofino fits a lot in. There’s a quality kitchen unit with an induction stove, sink and refrigerator as well as ample storage. The snug overhead bunk is an ideal sleeping solution for an extra person or even two kids. Starting at $85,150, the Tofino really packs a lot in for your money.

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2. Thor Gemini 23TE

  • Starting Price: $137,850

This is one of the slightly larger class B RVs you’ll find for a reasonable price. It measures just under 24 feet in length and 11 feet in height so there’s plenty of space for two people to live and sleep comfortably on the road.

What’s really impressive in the Gemini is the storage solutions. There’s over 22 cubic feet of exterior storage for all of your vacation equipment and camping extras. The Gemini is built on a Ford Transit chassis with a turbo gas engine (310HP) so it’s definitely got the power to easily handle all of your additional kit.

The interior of the Gemini features a leatherette sofa with a Murphy bed, wireless charging system, a 39” TV, premium window roller shades and a premium kitchen setup with a two burner stove and convection microwave oven. Prices start at $137,850.

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3. BT Cruiser 5210

  • Starting Price: $122,795

The 5210 is a nifty and affordable motorhome with a unique floorplan that you’re not likely to see too often in similar sized RVs. It has two jack-knife sofas that sit opposite each other which could provide a comfortable working space and social area.

There’s also a fair amount of overhead storage as well as a rear wardrobe so you’ll find enough space to fit everything you need inside the van. There’s also a decent kitchen with a sink, stove and oven and a bathroom.

One potential drawback to the 5210 is the lack of a dedicated sleeping space – you’ll have to make do with the sofas which may not be that comfortable, but they do provide a good solution for anyone looking to work on the road and make their RV a mobile office. With an MSRP of below $125,000 (before any add ons), this is a Class B that should be considered.

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4. Winnebago Solis Pocket

  • Starting Price: $114,945

The Solis Pocket is Winnebago’s most affordable camper. It’s compact yet versatile enough to provide comfort and flexibility on the road.

For camping year round, it’s an ideal model thanks to the Truma VarioHeat system and premium insulation. The Pocket also features a safely stored, refillable 20 pound propane cylinder which is super convenient for fast changes.

The Pocket also features a Murphy+ bed which raises to provide extra storage as well as containing an extendable countertop surface for all manner of uses including food prep. With prices starting at $114,945, the Pocket is a superb choice for anyone who wants to hit the road with minimal fuss.

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5. Thor Rize 18T

  • Starting Price: $83,700

Built on a RAM Promaster chassis, the Thor Rize is a quality Class B design that offers a lot of premium features for a relatively affordable price. With cruise control, aluminum wheels and a 7” touch screen dash console, you’ll find the Rize a pleasure to drive as well as camp in.

The interior is bright thanks to the large opening side windows and, when it gets dark, the LED lighting keeps everything illuminated and feeling warm. The kitchen and bathroom are finished to a very high standard and the pull-out sleeping area is comfortable and space saving.

The Rize is HD & DDS satellite ready and has space for a TV and an articulating tablet holder so you’ll be able to stay entertained on cold and wet days. It starts at just $83,700 which, given the quality, is a decent price.

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6. Leisure Vans Wonder

  • Starting Price: $173,560

The Wonder is a slightly more expensive Class B model but it packs in a lot of quality as well as customizable features. When you choose to build your own Wonder, you have the freedom to organize every detail from the floor plan right down to the cabinetry and upholstery.

Other additional premium features include the Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus, a system which delivers instant hot water, a 4G Wifi extender, a 4.0 KW Onan Gas generator, solar panels, exterior ladder, front dinette inflatable mattress kit for extra sleeping solutions and intelligent all-wheel drive.

All in all, this is a high-tech class B that’s definitely worth looking at and going all out on the upgrades if your budget allows you too. The Wonder starts at $173,560.

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7. Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles


  • Starting Price: $5,000 (build out only)

The guys at Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles offer a superb service for anyone who already owns a class B van and would like to convert it into a fully functional RV with a high spec. This is an option that allows you to fully customize your vehicle and come away with a totally unique and bespoke design.

They’ll kit out your class B with everything you could ever dream of from insulation right down to the tiniest accessory and off-grid power solutions so you can really let your imagination run wild and build the RV of your dreams.

Prices range from $5000 up to $45,000. Of course you need to have a van already to work on, but you can add as much or as little as you choose to create the ultimate camper.

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8. Coachmen Nova 20RB

  • Starting Price: $134,856

This is a beautiful class B with a longer wheelbase for extra storage, comfort and living space. The interior is clean, modern and stylish with plenty of quality features included as standard.

The bathroom area is impressive thanks to the fiberglass shower as opposed to the ABS shower you often see in class Bs and the Truma Combi Eco Plus furnace/water heating system that powers it.

The kitchen includes a quality Nova Kool refrigerator and a 2-burner LP top and the sofas and twin beds are super comfortable thanks to their Q-foam mattresses. The Nova starts at $134,856 before any add-ons, so it can end up as a less affordable option than some other RVs in the list.

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9. Roadtrek Play

  • Starting Price: $132,860

The Play from Roadtrek is a superb option for first-time RV buyers. It allows you to get out on the road easily and experience RVing with simplicity and essentially keep things fun as the name suggests.

Built on a 3500 RAM Promaster chassis, the Play is a powerful vehicle that will have very few problems with access whilst the interior will give you all of the luxury you need to enjoy offroad living. One key feature that makes the Play stand out from the crowd is the abundance of storage space, making it a great option for anyone planning on traveling with a lot of sports equipment.

It also features an awning and outdoor shower so you can easily transition from nature to the inside and enjoy summer BBQs in the shade. Prices for the Play start at $132,860 before additional customizations.

More info at:

10. Winnebago Solis 59P

  • Starting Price: $128,311

Our second model from Winnebago to make the shortlist has a lot of features to make it one of the most desirable class B RVs out there. It provides a superb driving experience on top of a luxurious living space.

The 59P combines quality craftsmanship with practicality and modernity. For peace of mind driving, Winnebago have included a back-up dash cam to make maneuvers easy in a van that has unrivaled handling. Combine this with the short wheel base and you’ve got yourself a van that drives exceptionally well.

As standard, the Solis is great, but with additional features like the pop-top and inflatable cab bed, you can easily sleep an extra two people. The 59P starts at $128,311 and should definitely be taken seriously by anyone looking for a more compact and versatile camper for hitting the great outdoors.

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What’s the difference between a Class B and a Class C RV?

Essentially, it’s the size of the chassis that the motorhome is built on. A Class B is built on a van chassis whereas a class C will be built on a larger truck chassis. Therefore Class B RVs tend to be shorter, less high and more compact.

How long will a Class B RV last?

This will really depend on how well it’s cared for, but generally a Class B can do 200,000 miles before mechanical faults begin to appear. A well looked after Class B RV can last years and years and new models feature so many advancements, you should get a lot of enjoyment and a long lifespan for your money.

What is the smallest Class B RV?

The smallest Class B RV available is the Winnebago Revel. It measures just 19.5 feet in length and is 7.1 feet wide making it a super compact camper. Of course, smaller self-built campers out there may challenge for the title.


Closing Thoughts

You may not be alone in thinking that you’re seeing more and more camper vans are turning out on our streets. Everywhere you look, there seem to be new models with serious upgrades and modern design features. Class B RV ownership figures are on the up and it’s really no surprise given how versatile they are.

If you like the idea of owning a Class B, you should seriously consider it. Essentially, when you choose to buy a Class B, you’re choosing practicality, maneuverability, and efficiency and it can be really impressive to see just how far your investment will go.

Some people might think it’s unwise to opt for a Class B when you can go for a larger rig or even a towable trailer but more compact camper vans have a long list of benefits that don’t always apply to longer RVs.

For one thing, they are much more economical on fuel and will consume way less gas than Class A RVs which are generally heavier and loaded with more bulky appliances, so you’ll get more mileage for your dollar.

Class B RVs also allow you better access and increase the number of places you can park up and spend the night. They’re practically minivans and will drive and maneuver in the same way so you’ll be free to explore beyond the usual limits.

Maintenance for Class B RVs also tends to fall on the cheaper side than larger motorhomes and towables. Spare parts are easier to come by and on the whole, any minor mechanical fixes shouldn’t break the bank.


Our Favorite “Cheap” Class-B RV

Looking through this list of affordable class B RVs, it’s really tricky to choose a favorite or a stand out model.

Class B RVs aren’t always great for larger families but for individuals, couples or people with smaller kids they can offer a lot of access and great adventures. They’re also a great option for people working remotely or extreme sports enthusiasts who want to easily access the surf or the slopes.

For this reason, we’d choose the RoadTrek Play as one of the best choices. It’s a really versatile class B RV that lends itself to professional life just as well as it does to leisure and, with the superb array of additional features, it can be as advanced or as basic as you want it to be so it will suit your lifestyle perfectly.


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