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Do 5th Wheels have Bunk Beds?

Do 5th Wheels have Bunk Beds?

One of the most significant advantages of travelling in a 5th wheel is the number of people that these luxury travel vehicles can sleep. Designed with large families in mind, most 5th wheels can comfortably sleep 4-7 people, depending on their size. This leaves many people wondering whether 5th wheels contain bunk beds so they can fit an even larger group if needed.

So, do 5th wheels have bunk beds?

Most fifth wheels include a bunk bed configuration and floor plan option within each models series. 5th wheel buyers will be happy to know that these beds are designed to be large enough for children to continue to use even as they grow into their teenage years.

Continue reading to learn more about 5th wheels and bunks beds, including whether 5th wheels do have bunk beds, what the best 5th wheel model with bunk beds is, and more.

Bunk Bed Floor plans In Most 5th Wheel Designs

A bunk bed layout is built into most fifth wheels. Considering these bed types provide more space, they, thus, increase the number of people you can bring on your travels with you.

Fifth-wheel bunk beds are not only designed to be sturdy and safe but, depending on the RV model you choose, can also be quite comfortable.

Most travelers will also be relieved to learn that these beds are often built to be large enough for children to continue sleeping in as they grow and develop.

Take note, however, that not all 5th wheel designs will come with a bunk bed setup. So, if this extra sleeping space is a requirement for you, make sure you do your research and only look at models that already have a bunkhouse built into the configuration.

Benefits of Purchasing a 5th Wheel With Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds Provide Travelers With More Sleeping Space

Fifth wheels with bunkhouses can be excellent for a range of individuals due to the extra sleeping and storage space. 

For example, if your family is expanding or you have several children, the 5th wheel with a bunk bed option (some even have full lofts) gives your children plenty of room to develop.

With bunk beds, everyone will also have access to their own private area whenever they need some peace and quiet. 

Bunk beds also work great for blended families or extended families that enjoy travelling together. Additionally, it’s ideal if you have teenagers who want to bring pals on family camping excursions with them.

The Top Bunk Can Also Work As An Extra Storage Area

A fifth wheel with bunk beds offers several advantages. For example, if you have fewer people than beds, you can also the top bunk as a larger storage area instead of extra sleeping space. This makes it simple to pack everything you’ll need for a perfect camping experience.

With a few DIY tricks, shades or curtains can even be added to these areas to hide your things.

These curtains can also serve a dual use if you chose to use the top bunk as a sleeping place on occasion, since they can completely darken out the bunk, making it a more comfortable, dark resting environment.

Downsides to Having Bunks Beds in A 5th Wheel

With a multitude of benefits, it can be hard to see the downsides to having bunk beds in your 5th wheel.

In truth, there aren’t many drawbacks to having bunk beds in your 5th wheel, but take note, that these beds can and will increase the tow weight of your 5th wheel.

Consider Your maximum Tow Capacity

While this may not seem like a big deal, the tow weight of your 5th wheel will determine what kind of vehicle you need to move it.

This can, unfortunately, cost you more during your travels since most 5th wheels with bunk bed designs will require a heavy-duty truck like a Ford F-250/350 Super-Duty.

Not only are these trucks more expensive to own, but they are also considered to be “gas guzzlers,” which means you should expect to spend a lot of money on fuel when travelling with your fifth wheel.

The Best 5th Wheel Model With Bunk Beds?

The Grand Design Reflection

The Grand Design Reflection, which measures 36’2″ long, can accommodate up to six people in its bedroom and bunkhouse. This 5th wheel model also has a distinctive interior with many amenities that are included even when the standard model is purchased.

Equipped with wide panoramic sliding room windows that let in a lot of natural light and let campers see the beautiful vista from within the RV, this RV also has one-touch auto leveling, LED lighting with motion sensors in important locations, and ductless flooring to keep dirt and dust out of the ducts.

The bunk beds built into this 5th wheel are comfortable, and comparable to the size of a single bed. The bunkhouse is also built into a slide-out panel, creating a spacious space for individuals of all ages when set up at your final destination.


Closing Thoughts

Most fifth wheels come with a bunk sleeping arrangement. As a result of these bunk bed designs, the number of people you can take with you on your journey automatically increases since various bed kinds offer greater room.

In addition to being strong and secure, fifth-wheel bunk beds are also known to be fairly comfortable, depending on the RV model you pick. The majority of travelers will also be glad to know that these beds are frequently made to be spacious enough for kids to continue sleeping in year after year.

Take note, that there is really only one downside to having bunk beds in an RV, and that these beds increase tow weight. Nonetheless, the best 5th wheel model with bunk beds available on the market today is the Grand Design Reflection.

This fifth wheel’s bunk beds are comfy and equivalent to the size of a single bed. When set up at your ultimate destination, the bunkhouse is also constructed into a slide-out panel, offering a roomy place for people of all ages.

This 5th wheel model also has a distinctive interior with several luxuries included even when the standard model is purchased.


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