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How much does a Bambi Airstream cost?

How much does a Bambi Airstream cost?

If you’ve been looking into conveniently sized travel trailers, you’ve probably heard of the Bambi by Airstream. However, just how much does a Bambi Airstream cost?

The Bambi range of Airstream travel trailers cost between $59,300 and $69,200. There are multiple floor plans and length options to choose from in the Bambi family, but it is amongst the cheapest and most economical models that Airstream makes. They also hold their value, and even second-hand Bambi trailers rarely sell for less than $50,000.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Bambi family of Airstream travel trailers, including how much you can expect to pay for one, so that you can figure out whether this lightweight trailer is the right choice for you.

What Is the Price Range of Bambi Airstream Trailers?

Although they might all be part of the same family, there is quite a range of different Bambi travel trailers to choose from. The smallest option costs around $59,300 to purchase new, but that price can go up for the bigger models and more complicated floor plans.

If you go for the largest size of Bambi trailer (the 22 feet model) you can expect to pay around $69,200.

There are also some optional extras that can add a little more to the cost of your trailer too, as well as shipping, taxes, and dealer fees.

Without any additions, the standard costs for the various Bambi trailers start at:

  • 16’ – $59,300
  • 19’ – $62,600
  • 20’ – $65,900
  • 22’ – $69,200

How Do You Get A Price For a Bambi Airstream?

If you want to get an exact price for one of the trailer models in the Bambi family, it’s easiest to visit the website. You can use their “configurator” tool to choose the length, floor plan, and optional extras that you might like, and find out what it is likely to cost you.

If you do decide that a Bambi Airstream is the trailer for you, it’s easy to request a quote for your configuration through the form on the site, or find an Airstream dealer in your area by asking for a custom brochure.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Bambi Airstream delivered?

Whatever Bambi Airstream you might want, it will always cost a little extra to actually get the trailer into your hands. The standard shipping/freight cost is $2,500, but it will depend on the dealer that you purchase through.

There can also be additional handling charges, as well as tax, title, license, and retailer fees that you may need to pay when you sign for your trailer.

What Kinds of Bambi Airstream Trailer Can You Buy?

All of the Bambi Airstream trailers are relatively small, single-axle options for lightweight traveling, but there is considerable variation in what is available. There are four lengths to choose from, and each has a distinct standard floor plan.

Bambi 16RB

The 16-foot Bambi is the smallest of the lot – and it costs the least as well, at a base price of $59,300. It can sleep four people comfortably and, despite its size, it still has a built-in dinette and wet bathroom.

If you’re looking for something super lightweight and maneuverable, this is probably your best bet.

Bambi 19CB

Starting at $62,600, the 19-foot option gives you a little bit more room to move around in. It still sleeps four, but the layout allows for extra bathroom space and a more spacious interior.

Bambi 20FB

If you’re looking for more kitchen and dining space, the 20-foot Bambi is a great option. Starting at $65,900, this slightly longer model still sleeps four, but with a roomier kitchen, dining area, and bathroom than the 19-foot trailer.

Bambi 22FB

The largest Bambi trailer that you can buy is the 22-foot model. It is also the most expensive, and you can expect to pay at least $69,200 for one. It comes with a larger master bed than the other trailers – and a full bathroom.

Who Makes Bambi Airstream Trailers?

The Bambi series of trailers are made by Airstream, one of the most iconic travel trailer companies in the world. Airstream as a company began its life in 1929 when founder Wally Byam constructed a tent contraption to attach to a Model T chassis.

He found the tent difficult to put together, so he designed a teardrop-shaped permanent shelter instead, which would eventually evolve into the Airstream trailers we know today.

Byam opened the first Airstream factory in California in 1937 and soon established the futuristic metallic aesthetic that has made these trailers so iconic.

Today, most Airstream trailers are made at a relatively new 750,000 square-foot plant in Jackson Center, Ohio.

What Other Trailer Models Does Airstream Make?

There are many other options that you can buy from Airstream, including one that’s even smaller than the Bambi!

The travel trailers currently produced by Airstream include:

  • Basecamp: Sleeps up to 4, starts at $46,000
  • Bambi: Sleeps up to 4, starts at $59,300
  • Caravel: Sleeps up to 4, starts at $74,000
  • Flying Cloud: Sleeps up to 8, starts at $94,400
  • International: Sleeps up to 6, starts at $109,100
  • Globetrotter: Sleeps up to 6, starts at $126,900
  • Pottery Barn Special Edition: Sleeps up to 5, starts at $165,700
  • Classic: Sleeps up to 5, starts at $185,100

The Basecamp is actually the smallest trailer that Airstream makes, ranging from 16-20 feet long, and the Classic is the largest at a whopping 30-33 feet in length.

Can You Buy a Bambi Airstream Cheaper Second-hand?

Although you may find a small reduction in price by buying a pre-owned trailer, most Airstreams hold their value really well – so don’t expect a big discount.

Even for the smallest Bambi on the market, you would be lucky to find anything for less than $50,000, particularly if you want one that’s in relatively good condition.


Closing Thoughts

Bambi Airstream travel trailers range in price from about $59,300 to around $69,200. The actual cost of the trailer will depend on which length and floor plan you opt for. There are four main Bambi models, the 16’, 19’, 20’, and 22’.

You can also expect to pay a bit more for optional extras, as well as shipping, taxes, and any additional fees that come from your dealer.

Although they may not be the cheapest travel trailers around, Bambis are certainly stylish, and they are absolutely packed with modern conveniences.



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