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How Much Does a Boho Camper Van Cost?

How Much Does a Boho Camper Van Cost?

Boho is one of the best camper van designers. They upgrade a Ram Promaster 2500 so that it feels like home and has a luxurious finish. Of course, Boho’s magic work comes with a cost. In addition to the Ram Promaster which is typically priced at around $40,000, you will also have to pay for Boho’s work. So, how much does a Boho camper van cost?

The two base designs cost $45,900 and $48,900, but the price will go up with any additions. So, you will pay around $100,000 for the van and the Boho upgrades combined.

To fully understand how much a Boho camper van costs, keep reading. This article takes a look at the price and features of their base models and how you can customize your own van.

How Much Does a Boho Camper Van Cost? Answered

It is difficult to say exactly how much a Boho camper van costs. Which model you select or which additions you choose will impact the price.

Boho has two base plans, including “Old fashioned” and “Bright Angel.” Old Fashioned costs $45,900, whereas Bright Angel costs $48,900.

Both of the layouts include an electrical system, water system, insulation, sleeping space, living space, windows, and custom finishes.

You could add a chef’s package, temperature control package, outdoorsman package, or easy access package. These plans can cost more if you add more additions

In contrast, you can decrease the price by designing your camper van a-la-carte style. That way, you have complete control over which features are added to your camper van. Just choose fewer options to save money on the upgrade.

So, how much you pay for a Boho camper van ultimately depends on which model or additions you select for your unique van.

Van Is Not Included

It’s important to note that Boho does not sell Boho-branded vans. Instead, Boho sells Ram vans that have been finished to make the van feel like home. You will have to purchase a van separately in addition to paying the price for the Boho finish.

All Boho conversions require the purchase of a Ram Promaster 2500 high roof 159-inch chassis. A new model will cost around $40,000, but the exact price will depend on several factors.

You can get the van cheaper if it is used. However, it will cost more if you are looking for unique features to go in the van.

Boho allows you to get in touch with a purchasing partner, James Duet from Scottsdale AZ. When shopping for a van through Duet, the van will be delivered to Boho without any extra work on your part.

You can buy a van through a different seller, but you will be responsible for the delivery process.

Overall Cost

So, you will have to purchase a separate van and pay for Boho’s work whenever you purchase a van through Boho. How much exactly will this cost in total? More than likely, you will spend around $100,000 for both the van and Boho renovation.

The price may be less if you select a used van or stick to the base upgrade models, but it may be more if you want Boho to add all of the additions.

Other Options

If the cost is too expensive, you can always buy used Boho camper vans for sale. These models are already complete, and they’re sold at a slightly discounted price. The sale price for many of these used vehicles is around $80,000.

Boho also allows you to rent vans. Whenever you rent one of their vans, you aren’t paying for it outright. Instead, you rent it for your trip, which is a more affordable option. Note that you must be 25 years or older in order to rent one of their vans.

Boho sometimes even offers discounts on their rental vans. For example, they often provide summer discounts worth 10% off. Be sure to look up their offerings and discounts beforehand to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Is It Cheaper to Build Your Own Camper van?

Because Boho vans are expensive, you might be looking for cheaper alternatives. One option some individuals select is building their own camper van.

For some individuals, building the camper van themselves will be more affordable, but this isn’t always the case.

Building your own camper van requires a lot of skills and resources. If you don’t have the proper skills or resources available, you could end up spending a lot more than if you had just ordered a Boho camper in the first place.

That being said, building your own camper van can be cheaper if you know what you’re doing and already have all the resources you need to get the job done.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you can build your own camper van, it may be best to just go with Boho. Although the price is expensive, they deliver the best results. The prices aren’t too outrageous for what they are doing either.

Whenever you select Boho, you know you will get a beautiful finish that lasts a long time, making it well worth the price for many.

Final Thoughts

Boho camper vans are expensive. Boho is responsible for fixing up the van so it feels like a home. They charge between $40,000 and $50,000 for this job, but the exact price will depend on the features you want for your van.

Some can be more expensive than this range, but others can be more affordable.

One thing to note about the Boho van is that you have to purchase the van separately. The $40,000 to $50,000 range does not include the actual van. You will end up paying an additional $40,000 for the Ram van.

When you pay for both the van and the Boho fix-up, you will end up spending around $100,000.

There are ways that you can get a Boho van at a more affordable price. You can purchase a used Boho van or rent one. You have the option to fix up the van yourself as well.

This can be more affordable if you have the right skills, but those without the proper skills should purchase a Boho van to be safe.


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