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How Much Does a Tepui Tent Weigh?

How Much Does a Tepui Tent Weigh?

Before you buy a roof top tent, you’ll want to figure out its weight. You’ll also want to find out the weight capacity of your vehicle’s roof top. Then you can add the tent and roof rack weight together to see if you are making a good decision.

So, if you are in the market for a Tepui brand tent – How much does a Tepui tent weigh?

A Tepui tent weighs between 100 and 220 pounds. The exact answer will depend on which specific model you purchase with the lightest weight option being the Tepui Low-Pro 2.

Regardless, Tepui tents are an invaluable piece of equipment when camping on the road. They’re convenient and easy to assemble while keeping you safe and dry. But, knowing their weight will not only determine your ability to handle assembly/dismantling solo, it will tell you how much weight it can hold when inside of it.

What Is a Tepui Tent?

A Tepui tent is the forerunner of the type of tents we now know to be rooftop tents. In 2010 a man named Evan Currid took a road trip through Venezuela. He noticed how many campers would sleep on top of their cars due to the monster-size critters and human-eating creatures that were on the ground, especially at night.

He decided to import this idea to North America and named it “Tepui” after the Venezuelan word for “Tabletop Mountain.” It prevents ground water from seeping into your tent and protects you from a host of ground dangers while you sleep.

Downsides to a Tepui Tent

But, one of the downsides to using a Tepui tent is how it can damage the top of your vehicle. Plus, it’s not unheard of for Tepui tents to grow legs (aka getting stolen). Of course, this will depend on where you decide to camp and what kind of people are in close proximity. This is of particular concern since Tepui tents tend to be expensive.

So, it’s important to understand how much they weigh and what kind of weight limit they have. This way you can make an informed decision on whether it will be appropriate to your needs or not. Also, if you have concerns about potential theft, then you will want a heavier tent than a lighter one.

What Determines How Much a Tepui Tent Weighs?

While it’s a good idea to understand that the average weight of a Tepui tent ranges between 100 and 220 pounds, the best way to fully grasp a tent’s potential weight is by looking at specific models. But there are other generalities to note such as ones with a formed or solid base will weigh more than tents with fabric.

Metals & Other Materials

This also incorporates the metals used in the frames. For instance, most tents will usually comprise aluminum or an aluminum alloy. In addition, although the materials will influence the weight of Tepui tent, the size, thickness and shape of those materials will be a poignant factor.

Examining Specific Models

Consider the table below that includes the brand, size and materials in relationship to how these comprise a Tepui tent’s weight. The order goes by max person capacity (from lowest to highest) and by descending weight (from heaviest to lightest).





Trustmade Hard Shell 2-person 205 lbs Polyester, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Canvas
Voyager Raptor 2-person 159 lbs Polyester, Aluminum Alloy
Smittybilt Overlander Gen ½ Standard 2-person 132 lbs Polyurethane Polyester, Aluminum
Roofnest Sparrow Eye 2-person 130 lbs Reinforced Fiberglass, Aluminum, Canvas, Mesh, Polyurethane Polyester
Thule Tepui Foothill 2-person 108 lbs Polyester, Aluminum Alloy
Thule Tepui Low-Pro 2 2-person 105 lbs Thermoplastic Polyester, Mesh, Wrapped Aluminum
Yakima Skyrise Small 2-person 102 lbs Polyester, Polyurethane Polyester, Mesh, Canvas, Aluminum
iKamper Skycamp 3-person 155 lbs Poly-Cotton Canvas, Polyurethane Polyester, Polyfoam, Reinforced Plastic, Aluminum
Thule Tepui Autana 3-person 152 lbs Polyurethane Polyester, Poly-Cotton Fabric, Aluminum
Thule Tepui Low-Pro 3 3-person 120 lbs Thermoplastic Polyester, Mesh, Wrapped Aluminum
Yakima Skyrise Medium 3-person 115 lbs Polyester, Polyurethane Polyester, Mesh, Canvas, Aluminum
Smittybilt Overlander Gen ½ XL Up to four peopole 148 lbs Polyurethane Polyester, Aluminum

Do Tepui Tents Have a Weight Limit?

Tepui tents do have a weight limit but what that is will vary. Each manufacturer should indicate their weight limit with the assembly instructions. However, it’s safe to estimate that the average 200 pound camper can withstand up to 400 pounds of weight.

Even if the manufacturer doesn’t mention anything about a weight limit in the instructions, there are some common sense factors to consider. First, they more than likely design the tent in such a way as to be able to handle strong winds and rough handling. After all, their purpose is for use in the great outdoors.

Aluminum Components

However, this doesn’t take into account the telescoping ladder that usually comes with a Tepui tent. As you can see from the table above, most of them will comprise aluminum or some alloy thereof. While aluminum is a strong and durable metal, it’s not appropriate for up to 400 pounds.

This will also be true for the frame of the tent. Some comprise plastic while others have aluminum and yet some have stainless steel. None of these materials can handle up to 400 pounds. So, even if a manufacturer advertises their tent for two people, it will depend on how much those people weight in total.

Configuring Weight Limit Estimations

The average adult weighs somewhere in the ballpark of 130 and 180 pounds. With two people that doubles to 260 and 360 pounds respectively. So, as long as everyone is within that limit or less, there should be no reason for concern.

Likewise, if small children will stay in a two-person tent, you may be able to fit up to four of them. But at the very least, three little tikes should fit perfectly.


Closing Thoughts

As you can see, the weight of a Tepui tent will range greatly depending on its size, design, materials and overall engineering. While you can expect it to weigh somewhere in the range of 100 to 220 pounds, each will be individual depending on the manufacturer. Regardless, these are fabulous way to camp in nature.


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