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How much does a Volkswagen Camper Van Cost?

How much does a Volkswagen Camper Van Cost?

Volkswagen is one of the most popular vehicle brands worldwide, and they actually produce some of the most functional and practical camper vans in Europe. Volkswagen’s California camper vans are compact, functional, and can be affordable.

Depending on which model you select, Volkswagen’s camper vans can cost anywhere from $33,180 to $84,243 just for the base models. The camper vans can be more expensive if you opt for custom builds and additions.

To learn more about how much a Volkswagen camper van costs, keep reading. This article fully breaks down the cost of these camper vans based on the model.

Volkswagen Camper Van Cost (Break Down by Model)

Volkswagen has one main camper van range: the California camper van. Although there is only one range, there are four different models to choose between. Each model comes with its own price and features.

Let’s take a look at how much each Volkswagen camper van costs based on the model.

California 6.1

Volkswagen’s base camper van is the California 6.1. It is designed for leisurely travel so you can make your home anywhere.

It can sleep two adults and two children and comes with 2-wheel drive and four motion, ensuring easy and reliable travel.

To ensure you have everything you could want, this model comes with a fully fitted kitchen, constant online connectivity, front assist when city breaking, and more.

All of these features ensure the camper van is easy to drive and safe for you and your family.

The price for the California 6.1 starts at €60,05, which is equivalent to $62,714.42 USD as of June 2022.

Because this is just the starting price, your California 6.1 can be more expensive if you opt for more additions and features not included in the base.

California 6.1 Beach

Another model to check out is the California 6.1 Beach. This model is fantastic if you want a compact camper van that still provides agile performance and a lot of room for your family.

This model comes with 4 seats, but you have the option to increase seats to 5.

This model also comes with a mini foldout kitchen that includes a gas hob. It features a pull-out awning, sliding doors, and a manual pop-up hydraulic roof as well.

All of these features ensure that you have a comfortable and convenient experience while on your adventures.

The California 6.1 Beach is the same price as the California 6.1 at €60,050 or $62,714.42 USD. So, you will want to select between the California 6.1 and the California 6.1 Beach based on features, not price.

Once again, you can add additions to the California 6.1 Beach, but this will increase the price.

Grand California

Grand California is perfect if you need a commercial-grade van for serious adventures. This model is extra comfy and spacious, providing enough room for two adults and two children. It also provides a number of other features to ensure maximum space.

For example, Grand California comes with a separate wet ramp, fully furnished designs, and optional accessories that make the van feel like home. These features ensure that Grand California provides maximum comfort while on the road.

Grand California is the most expensive Volkswagen camper van. Prices start at €80,666, which is equivalent to $84,243.54 USD. To make the model even more expensive, opt for additional features.

New Caddy California

The last camper van in Volkswagen’s lineup is actually the newest model. It is called the Caddy California due to its compact size. This model is perfect for individuals who are only traveling with one or two people and want the most compact model as a result.

The Caddy California includes a versatile pull-out kitchen so that you can cook on the road without taking up too much space. It also has top digital features, driver assist systems, and digital displays to ensure the entire family is safe on the road.

Because this model is so much more compact than the others, it is the most affordable as well. The starting price costs €31,771, equivalent to $33,180.68 USD.

Because of how affordable the starting model is, you might want to opt for some of the additions to ensure you have the most comfortable van possible.

Are Volkswagen Camper Vans Expensive?

Volkswagen camper vans can be expensive, but they are affordable too. In other words, it ultimately depends on the model you select.

If you opt for Grand California, you will be spending quite a lot of money since this model is one of the more expensive models on the market.

On the other hand, Caddy California is one of the most affordable fully furnished models. In fact, this model is about the same price as the chassis of most models, not even including additions that make the van feel like home.

The California 6.1 and 6.1 Beach are about the standard price of any fully furnished camper van, though slightly more expensive. Therefore, this price is not overly expensive or super affordable. It is pretty much the standard price.


Are Volkswagen Camper Vans Available in the US?

After learning about the specs of these fantastic camper vans, you might be itching to buy one yourself. Unfortunately, Volkswagen does not sell camper vans in the USA.

Instead, Volkswagen only sells to the European market, and there are no discussions of them selling their products in America either.

My Closing Thoughts

Once again, Volkswagen sells four different camper van models, all belonging to the California range. How much you spend on your camper van will depend on the model you select and the additions you add.

The standard California 6.1 and 6.1 Beach are around $62,714. You can upgrade to Grand California for $84,243 or downgrade to Caddy California for just $33,180.

No matter which model you are looking at, Volkswagen does not sell their camper vans in America, unfortunately. So, you will have to look for a different brand, even if the Volkswagen camper vans are perfect for your budget and style.


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