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Travel Trailers with a King Size Bed (10 Popular Models)

Travel Trailers with a King Size Bed (10 Popular Models)

It might seem unthinkable to fit a king size bed into a travel trailer but there are manufacturers out there doing just that to create a sleeping space that’s not only comfortable but also practical with storage solutions and mods to make your camper a real home away from home.

After a long day on the road, the last thing you want is an uncomfortable night’s sleep. A spacious bed is a luxury when you’re traveling , especially if you’re sharing and once you upgrade to a trailer with the extra space, you’ll never want to go back.

In this article, you’ll find a list of today’s most popular travel trailers that include a king size bed allowing you to hitch up, stretch out and get well and truly rested before a day out exploring, fishing, biking or hitting the road again.

Top 10 travel trailers with a king size bed:

1. KZ Sportsmen LE Toy Hauler 291THLE

It’s fair to say that the Sportsmen Toy Hauler series from KZ Recreational Vehicles are really aimed at people who are into extreme sports that require a lot of, or larger pieces of equipment – think kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, surfing and big game hunting and fishing.

The 291THLE has all of the space you need to chase adventures around the country as well as a king size bed to wind down in at the end of an active day.

What really makes this trailer stand out from the competition is the huge water tanks. There’s a 38 gallon freshwater tank and a 32 gallon black water tank so you can stay out in the wild for up to a week at a time. Combine this with the generous floor space and you’ve got a trailer that’s tailor made for off-grid trips and backroad access.

2. Heartland North Trail

A huge amount of attention to detail has gone into the Heartland North Trail and the result is a finely tuned, lightweight yet spacious camper that offers comfort for the whole family. The stand out feature is of course the king size, gel-infused 70” x 80” mattress that guarantees a good night’s sleep.

Other highlights include an outdoor kitchen, open living space, hidden storage areas, an air fryer and hardwood cabinetry. The Heartland North Trail is also prepped for WiFi, has dual ducted A/C, LED lighting and an outdoor shower so you’ll really be able to travel in style.

3. Keystone Cougar Half-Ton

You’re bound to have seen a few Cougars out on the freeway in the last few years as its popularity has increased. Keystone has developed the Cougar to be a comfortable and functional option for smaller families and couples who want peace of mind while on the road or camping ground thanks to the extra safety features included such as a carbon monoxide sensor, smoke detector and fire extinguisher.

The king bed is situated at the front of the trailer and offers a night stand on each side for handy storage and extra comfort can be found in the theater seating and dinette. The Cougar Half-Ton also contains a fully equipped kitchen with large storage drawers for all of your cooking equipment as well as a fridge of eight cubic feet so you’ll always be prepared for meal times.

4. Jayco White Hawk 30FLS


The 2021 White Hawk from Jayco is so much more than your standard utilitarian travel trailer. It combines convenience and luxury in a stylish and neat fashion and will comfortably sleep up to 6 people.

The king size bed, situated at the rear of the camper, measures 72” x 80” and sits opposite a fairly spacious wardrobe/TV cabinet combination. This sleeping area also contains excellent overhead storage solutions and a bench seat. Other interior features include a tri-fold sofa, entertainment center, fireplace, fully functional kitchen and a U-dinette.

Overall, this is a quality travel trailer that utilizes space in an inventive way that really makes the most of the floorplan.

5. Palomino Puma 31FKRK

The Palomino Puma 31FKRK is a solid choice for a travel trailer with a king size bed with a variety of excellent standard features as well as a set of upgrade options. However, what really sets it apart from other models in this class is its range of exterior features that allow the trailer to extend its living space into the outdoors.

Once parked up at your camping location, the Power Awning (complete with LED strip lighting) and Araucoply Tongue and Groove Plywood Floor Decking and two quality outdoor speakers will transform your outdoor space into a cozy alfresco living quarter.

What’s more, there’s a spacious pass-through storage area for transporting all of your outdoor activity equipment for fun and games on the road. Inside, you’ll find two superb recliner armchairs which are ideal for when the temperature drops and the outside area becomes redundant.

6. Cruiser RV Embrace EL250

For a more compact, shorter trailer the Cruiser RV Embrace EL250 really packs a lot in without compromising on quality. This model may not be overflowing with tech but it’s very utilitarian and hardwearing so it will do exactly what it promises and provide a great base for all of your road trips and outdoor adventures.

One potential issue, due to its smaller length, is the reduced bedroom space. However, this is easily fixed thanks to the sliding bed that moves in order to create extra space for changing and general bedroom activities. It’s not a huge hindrance and the sliding mechanism is actually very practical and user-friendly so if you can look past this, you’ll be treated to an excellent camper with ample storage and a superb kitchen with a huge pantry.

7. Venture RV SportTrek Touring STT272VRK

Like the Embrace EL250, this is another relatively compact camper that manages to utilize a limited space and provide a range of excellent features. Similarly, it’s also one of the more sturdy models on the list that will stand up to the elements and cover some serious miles. Thanks to its excellent weatherproofing, it’s a great choice for colder climes.

The Venture RV SportTrek Touring series are incredibly well built. They are manufactured with forced air heated & enclosed underbelly, enclosed gate valves, 360 degree residential fiberglass insulation, 360 degree radiant foil insulation, radiant foil-wrapped tanks & reflective PVC roof membrane with a lifetime warrant as well as the Azdel Onboard composite panels.

These features are guaranteed to make the trailer last for years, so if you’re after a travel trailer with a king size bed that’s going to stand the test of time, look no further.

8. Prime Time RV LaCrosse Series

The LaCrosse Series from Prime Time ticks a lot of boxes, most notably safety, durability and comfort. It’s a sensible option for smaller families with younger children.

The trailer is made with Laminated Aluminum Framed side and rear walls, floors and roof that will stand up strong against wind and rain on those more inclement and unpredictable weather days. Safety features include a CO detector, LP detector, smoke alarm, dual hitch safety chains and E-Load tires for driving and sleeping without worry.

The king size bed provides unrivaled comfort and most models include night stands and dual wardrobes. As previously mentioned, it’s a great choice for smaller families or families with younger children thanks to the quilted “Teddy Bear” bunk mats that allow your little ones to get a sound night’s sleep.

9. Dutchmen Kodiak Ultimate 3321BHSL

For sheer size, there’s not a lot out there on the market that compares to the Dutchmen Kodiak Ultimate travel trailer. Everything in this bunkhouse, including the bed, feels king size and it will sleep up to eight people making it the choice camper for bigger families and group trips.

For those who are passionate about cooking on the road, there’s a fully equipped kitchen with a large fridge for storing all of your ingredients. There’s also an outdoor kitchen setup for preparing food outside on those summer days and the outdoor speakers will allow you to enjoy music or your favorite podcast series while doing so.

The bathroom also has dual entry so you’ll never have the problem of cramming in or having to adopt a ‘one in, one out’ policy on your trips again.

10. Gulf Stream Kingsport Lodge 40DEN

Looking at the Kingsport Lodge 40DEN for the first time, your initial thoughts are of space and you’d be right to react that way. It’s massive and lends itself perfectly to longer trips away thanks to the floor space. It’s one of the bigger travel trailers with a king size bed on this list and feels more like a small static home than a towable trailer.

The Lodge contains three slide out sections that create extra space and allow you to stretch out at your destination. The master suite is larger than most and you’ll be surprised at how roomy it is. With plenty of features as well as optional add-ons such as a ceiling fan, BTU A/C and reclining sofa chairs, you’ll really be able to create a comfortable, spacious home away from home.


Does Grand Design have a travel trailer with a king size bed?

Most Grand Design models include a Queen Size bed in their standard floor plans. However, if you were to buy a Transcend 31RLK, there is the option to upgrade the bed to king size.

Is an RV king mattress the same as a residential king mattress?

A standard RV King Mattress measures 72” x 80” making it four inches shorter than a residential king size mattress. This is in order to make sure the beds in travel trailers and other RVs fit into the reduced space.

Will regular sheets fit an RV king mattress?

Yes, a regular sheet will fit your RV king mattress. The sheet needs to be able to cover a 72” x 80” mattress so anything within those dimensions will work. If your sheet is slightly larger than those dimensions, you can tuck it in at the corners for a snug fit.

What size trailer do I need for a king mattress?

On the whole, king size beds aren’t especially common in RVs due to their size. However, campers that do accommodate a larger bed tend to have a longer wheelbase and a wider floor plan.

Closing Thoughts

Having a king size bed in your camper isn’t necessarily essential, but it can be really useful especially if you have trouble sleeping or require more space for other reasons. Depending on what kind of travel trailer you’re looking for, hopefully you’ll find something suitable within our list.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the most popular travel trailers with a king size bed out on the market, it’s time to choose our favorite model.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the Sportsmen Toy Hauler series from KZ Recreational Vehicles. Traditionally, we’re used to seeing adventurers in smaller motorhomes or self-converted campers with all of their equipment mounted on the roof or on a smaller trailer. However, the 291THLE is a dream for any adventurer.

It allows you to get out into the wild and really chase your adventure without having to worry about getting back to civilization to top up your water, charge your phone or go to the supermarket. If you’re the kind of person who wants to get off grid and explore whilst keeping the comfort that a king size bed has to offer, this is the only choice.


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