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What Does ‘Solar Ready’ Mean On A Travel Trailer?

What Does ‘Solar Ready’ Mean On A Travel Trailer?

Travel trailers are excellent for long journeys, camping, boondocking, cross-country road trips, and even permanent homes on the road, but every travel trailer is different and has its features. If a travel trailer is marked as ‘solar ready,’ what does this mean? What is special about solar-ready travel trailers?

Solar ready on a travel trailer means that the trailer is equipped with internal wiring to receive a solar power system. Solar-ready does not mean the trailer has solar power. It means that the trailer can be easily equipped with a solar power system, as the trailer has integrated wiring for it. 

Being solar-ready is a requirement for many modern travel trailers, as this feature is more in demand now than ever before. Let’s explore what this term means for travel trailers, what solar-ready equips a travel trailer to do, and why this feature is so important for modern trailers. 

Definition of ‘Solar Ready’ On A Travel Trailer

The term ‘solar ready’ in travel trailers seems somewhat ambiguous, and there is no clear definition for this term across all travel trailer manufacturers. This leads many travel trailer buyers and enthusiasts to wonder what this term means. 

Solar ready does not usually mean that the travel trailer is equipped with solar power facilities but rather that the trailer is wired for solar equipment to be installed. 

The extent of this wiring is different depending on the manufacturer of the trailer, and the usefulness of this term is, therefore, somewhat tarnished by misleading information.

Some travel trailer manufacturers wire their trailers fully for solar power use. This means that all electrical outlets, sockets, lights, appliances, pumps, and any other electrical components and equipment are fully wired and ready to receive solar power. 

These trailers are also equipped with electrical access points for externally mounted solar panels and internal electrical access points to distribute the power correctly. 

However, other manufacturers simply run an electrical wire from a solar panel access point externally on the trailer to an internal electrical access point and label the trailer as ‘solar ready.’

With that said, no travel trailer that is labeled ‘solar ready’ is equipped with solar power equipment. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that manufacturers have agreements with solar power equipment manufacturers and install proprietary wiring and sockets to the trailers forcing the owners to use certain solar power components. 

Another reason for this is that travel trailer manufacturers want their clients to be able to build out their solar power rigs based on their own requirements and preferences rather than building solar power systems into the trailer and not providing any choice for the end user regarding the solar power setup. 

Solar ready does not mean that the travel trailer has solar power, but it means that it is equipped to receive a solar power system. 

How To Make A Solar-Ready Trailer Fully Solar Equipped

A solar-ready travel trailer is not fully solar-equipped, but it is ready to receive a solar system to provide solar power to the trailer. Making a solar-ready travel trailer fully solar-equipped requires some solar hardware and gear.

To make a solar-ready travel trailer fully solar-equipped, the following items are required:

  • Solar panels that are compatible with the trailer wiring and hardware and are large enough capacity for the user requirements and preferences. 
  • Solar panel mounting brackets.
  • Solar panel connectors.
  • A solar charge controller that regulates how the battery banks are powered and charged to avoid damage, overcharging, power surges, and other harmful events. 
  • A solar power inverter to convert the energy from the solar panels to the correct wattage, voltage, and amperage to properly power electrical components, electronic devices and charge a solar battery bank safely. 
  • A solar battery bank with sufficient energy storage and distribution for the requirements and preferences of the user. 
  • The correct wiring and connectors to connect the system safely. 

With all of these components, a basic solar power system can be built into a travel trailer. This takes the trailer from being solar-ready to being fully solar-equipped, with a functional solar system that can provide enough power for the user. 

Without hardware such as this, no travel trailer is fully solar-equipped. This should clearly highly the differences between a trailer that is solar-ready and a trailer that is outfitted with a full solar system for providing power to the trailer. 

With the right equipment and the correct system, you can power almost anything from a solar system. A powerful system can easily supply enough electricity to use appliances such as refrigerators and microphones, power pumps, keep lights running, charge mobile devices, run electronic devices such as televisions, and can even power water heaters. 

Take the time to build out the right system for your requirements and preferences, and you should have no problem providing enough power for all of your electrical needs. 

Are All Modern Travel Trailers Solar Ready?

Modern travel trailers are equipped with many features that make them comfortable and versatile, but are all modern travel trailers solar-ready?

Not all modern travel trailers are solar-ready. This is a specific feature that is added to a travel trailer for specific use with solar systems.

Most travel trailers draw electricity from external electrical sockets or from the battery of the vehicle that they are towed by. Some have no power systems at all, and the users simply use battery arrays that are externally charged for powering electronics and mobile devices. 

Not all travel trailer users require solar power. In fact, many travel trailer owners prefer buying trailers without solar readiness, as this allows them to install a solar system by using their own preferred components, brands, and equipment rather than being locked into solar wiring and access points that are pre-built into the trailer. 

Why Is Solar Ready So Important For Travel Trailers?

Solar power has become very important for modern travel trailers. Solar power is the best and most reliable way to sustainably power travel trailers wherever they are used. 

Travel trailers are often used in remote areas where there is no access to electricity, which makes solar power systems essential for modern travel trailers. 

Without solar power, there is no way to work from the road, remain in contact with friends and family, have easy access to lights, heat, and running water, or simply enjoy online entertainment. 


A solar-ready travel trailer is equipped with internal wiring compatible with solar power systems. These trailers are not pre-equipped with solar power, but the infrastructure for connecting and installing solar power systems is integrated into the trailer. 

Solar-ready travel trailers are a good option for anyone who wants to equip their trailer with solar power, but the reality is that not all solar readiness is equal. Manufacturers apply different standards to this term depending on the RV.

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