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What’s the Cheapest Winnebago Camper Van you can Buy?

What’s the Cheapest Winnebago Camper Van you can Buy?

Although Winnebago is best known for the large, bus-like RVs which made them a household name, they also produce much smaller campers that are better suited to the economic adventurer. Winnebago’s Class B line of camper vans are relatively new options, and while they will still set you back a pretty penny or two, they are some of the most affordable models that Winnebago makes.

The cheapest Winnebago camper van of all is the recently released Solis Pocket, which is designed to be smaller and more compact than any of their other vehicles. You can expect to pay around $100,000 for one of these, so it is definitely not the cheapest option on the market, but it is undeniably a very reasonable price for a brand-new Winnebago.

If you are looking for a high-quality camper that is stuffed full of modern conveniences, Winnebago makes some of the best-equipped options out there. With the Solis Pocket, Winnebago is expanding into a rapidly growing part of the camper van market: compact DIY vans for adventuring without the fuss.

Van living and exploring with as much freedom as possible are becoming increasingly popular ways to travel, go on vacation, and even make a home on the road. More and more, people are turning away from giant RVs, that lug around everything from a king-size bed to the kitchen sink, towards neat vans that deliver what you need in a much more convenient and mobile package.

What is the Smallest Winnebago Camper Van?

The Solis Pocket is not only the most affordable model that Winnebago has put out to date – but it is also their smallest van yet. If you don’t want to be checking height restrictions on every bridge and making thirteen-point turns in the middle of every small town, a nippy little van like the Solis Pocket may be just what you need.

While maneuverability and affordability are definitely at the top of the list of benefits to the Solis Pocket, it doesn’t skimp on features to achieve this. There are definitely other camper vans of this size out there that don’t have such a large price tag, but there are few that offer the same luxuries in such a tiny package.

Winnebago was reportedly inspired to make the Solis Pocket by the trend of people converting their own vans themselves, where space has to be carefully planned out to suit the individual needs of the campers. There is a flexible interior to the Solis Pocket, and it can have a variety of different floor plans depending on what is best for you.

From the outside, you’d be surprised by how much is packed into this van. Despite its size, it can sleep three people, with a two-person Murphy bed in the rear and a table and chairs combo that can convert into both a couch and a small bed. There is even a kitchen unit, with a sink, refrigerator and two-burner stove, and a cassette toilet stored underneath the table area.

It carries two 20-gallon water tanks and a refillable 20-pound LP tank, and it has two Group 21 batteries and a solar panel on the roof that generates 170 watts.

How Much Does a Winnebago Camper Van Cost?

Winnebago camper vans and motorhomes are pretty costly, and even the Solis Pocket starts at around $100,000. If you’re willing to spend even more, there are even more expensive Winnebago options out there.

The Cheapest: Class B Camper Vans

The Solis Pocket may be the most economical of all of them, but there are other reasonably priced vans within Winnebago’s Class B range. The standard Solis, for example, is only a little more expensive at around $115,000, and you get extra headroom and even the option of pop-top sleeping above.

The mid-range Class B options, like the Travato and the Roam, are closer to $150,000 in price, but they do offer more choices for accessibility and interior features – like a built-in shower room.

At the top end of the Winnebago Class B spectrum, you have vans like the Revel – a 4X4 designed to get anywhere – and the much larger, and much pricier, Boldt. Both of these models will set you back more than $200,000.

The Middle: Class C Motorhomes

The next step up in terms of size, for Winnebago machines, is the Class C motorhome. These are generally more spacious inside, often with a lot more headroom, but they are also much longer, making them trickier to maneuver on the road.

The Class C options start at around $120,000 and go up to around $200,000. These models are generally much larger than the vans, and some can sleep up to 8 people, but otherwise, the features and interior comforts that they offer are relatively similar.

The Most Expensive: Class A Recreational Vehicles

Right at the top of the list when it comes to size, and price, are the Class A RVs that made Winnebago famous.

These are some seriously large pieces of kit, and even the cheapest of them will set you back nearly $200,000. If you really want to splash out for maximum luxury, the Journey starts at a whopping $430,000 to buy new.

What is the Cheapest Camper Van to Buy?

Ultimately, you can find a lot of camper vans on the market for a much cheaper price than a Winnebago. Campers like the Caravan Outfitters Free Bird use a standard van (a Nissan NV200 in this case) as the base, and then they allow you to install your own components as well. You can find a new Free Bird for as cheap as $37,000.

Most of the vans that are available for around $50,000 or less will be pre-made conversions, which can be fantastic options, but they may not offer the same level of style and comfort as a modern Winnebago.

Secondhand campers are also going to be much cheaper than buying new, and there are certainly a lot available. However, you want to make sure that your van is in reasonable condition. Repairs and maintenance costs can rack up quickly if a van hasn’t been properly cared for, so they can end up costing a lot more in the long run.

The cheapest option of all would be to do the work yourself, providing you are sensible with your budget. You can buy a van and get started very cheaply, with some people managing to convert their own camper van for as little as $20,000.

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