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Who Manufactures Imagine Travel Trailers?

Who Manufactures Imagine Travel Trailers?

One of the most luxurious lines of travel trailers is the Imagine Travel Trailers. These travel trailers have a touch of luxury and will make you feel like you are practically in a hotel on wheels. All the while, they are light and functional too. Who manufacturers Imagine Travel Trailers, though?

Imagine Travel Trailers are designed by Grand Design recreational vehicles. Grand Design has only been open since 2012, but they have quickly raised the bar in terms of quality, performance, and warranty in the recreational vehicle industry. Even though Grand Design is a subsidiary of Winnebago, it still functions as an independent manufacturer.

Keep reading to learn more about Imagine Travel Trailers, as well as the trailer’s manufacturer Grand Design Recreational Vehicles. This article also provides a quick look at the quality and reliability of the company and its trailers.

Imagine Travel Trailers and Grand Design RV Manufacturing

Imagine Travel Trailers are one of the most recent additions to Grand Design Recreational Vehicle’s lineup. Grand Design is the manufacturer of the Imagine Travel Trailers as a result. Grand Design makes a number of other travel trailers, as well as fifth wheels and toy haulers.

About Grand Design

Grand Design is a connection-driven RV company. They specialize in travel trailers and fifth wheels specifically, and they are now the largest travel trailer and fifth wheel manufacturer worldwide. Despite its large size, Grand Design has striven to retain a personal connection with dealers and customers.

Even though it is the largest travel trailer and fifth wheel manufacturer, Grand Design has not been around for a long time. The company first opened in 2012. The goal was to create an RV company that strove to create long-term and personal connections with employees, customers, and dealers.

Through this unique approach, Grand Design strove to create long-term value through a customer focus, true connection, and experienced workforce. Furthermore, Grand Design brags class-leading warranties and superior service that have risen the bar of quality in the RV sector.

Who Owns Grand Design?

In 2016, Winnebago purchased Grand Design. Today, Grand Design remains a major subsidiary of Winnebago. Even though Grand Design is owned by Winnebago, it still operates as an independent manufacturer, meaning Grand Design is still responsible for manufacturing the Imagine Travel Trailers.

Is Grand Design a Good Company?

Of course, what a company says and what they do are often two different things. Fortunately, this is not the case for Grand Design. Grand Design is the largest manufacturer of travel trailers and fifth wheels for a reason. This company is known for offering exceptional service and high-quality products every time.

If you talk to most Grand Design customers, you will find that they absolutely love the quality of their recreational vehicles. Regular customers report great reviews, great inspections, and fantastic after-sales service and help. Because of all of these fantastic reviews, Grand Design has an A+ rating from the BBB, Better Business Bureau.

Although there are a lot of great things to say about Grand Design, there are some drawbacks. Most notably, there are no motorhomes in their line-up as of 2022. Instead, Grand Design specifically focuses on towable trailers. Additionally, Grand Design RVs are not as affordable as other competitors.

All that being said, Grand Design is a fantastic company. Because of the quality you get from their products, the price is worth it. Plus, we would rather have a company that excels at a few products than one that shoddily makes a lot of products. So, we aren’t upset about the fact they don’t make motorhomes either.

Overall, Grand Design is a great company to purchase your RV from. You can trust that their RV products are high quality and long-lasting.

Are Grand Design’s Imagine Travel Trailers Good?

Just because Grand Design is a great manufacturer does not necessarily mean that the Imagine Travel Trailers are great RVs. Just like their manufacturer, though, Imagine Travel Trailers have fantastic reviews and are loved by many individuals.

Over the last few years, Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailers have been getting fantastic reviews. On most review sites, Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailers get between a 4.0 and 5.0 star rating, proving just how great these travel trailers are.

Although the Imagine Travel Trailers are a bit expensive, they have a lot of space due to their fantastic floor plan. They also have luxurious amenities that individuals love on the road. The RVs even include additions that are designed around pets.

In addition to having many amenities and room, the Imagine Travel Trailers are still super lightweight and functional. In other words, you get to feel like you are living in luxury, but you don’t have to deal with the excessive weight and bulk of a motorhome.

Other Travel Trailers Manufactured by Grand Design

Imagine Travel Trailers are not the only trailers manufactured by Grand Design. Grand Design produces other travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers to check out.

Within the travel trailer category, Grand Design has four main trailer designs, including Transcend Xplor. Imagine, Imagine XLS, and Reflection. For fifth wheels, they offer Reflection, Reflection 150 series, and Solitude. They offer Momentum, Momentum G Class Fifth Wheels, and Momentum G Class Travel Trailer for Fifth Wheels.


Closing Thoughts

Once again, Imagine Travel Trailers are manufactured by Grand Design. Although Grand Design is a subsidiary of Winnebago, Grand Design functions as an independent manufacturer, allowing it to control the manufacturing of these travel trailers.

Grand Design today has a great reputation as being one of the best RV brands. Although the company does not sell any motorhomes, it still produces high-quality travel trailers and towable trailers, including the Imagine Travel Trailers.

As far as the towable travel trailers go, the Imagine Travel Trailers are loved by many RVers. Although these travel trailers are a bit pricey, they offer fantastic space and amenities, all while being lightweight and functional. You can check out Grand Design’s other options as well if you aren’t completely sold on the Imagine Travel Trailers specifically.



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