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Are Jaybird Run Worth It?

Are Jaybird Run Worth It?

One of the most annoying parts of using headphones while running, are those darn cords. They get tangled, snag on tree branches and are just plain annoying. Perhaps wireless earbuds like the Jaybird Run are the answer. Let’s dive in and find out…

At a price point over one hundred dollars, you may expect the perfect device for the perfect adventure.  Wireless earbuds are, excuse the pun, still a “budding” market and as a pioneer in how we listen to music, you can expect a few bumps or hiccups along the way to greatness.  All things considered, the Jaybird Run offer an incredible sense of comfort, style, and ingenuity.

Are the Jaybird Run worth it? Rain or shine, these wireless earbuds are sure to keep you smiling, and sweating, no matter your exercise. In my humble opinion, shell out the cash, you won’t be disappointed. Remember, Jaybird offers a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you decide to splurge for you’re next set of headphones, these might be the ones. 

They are not without their flaws though. While streamlined and by all accounts sexy, the Jaybird Run reportedly have a tendency to click on and off, particularly in the left ear.  In addition, the subjective sound quality may be a bit of a turn off for those looking to truly rock out.

If you’re not happy, return them and as they say, “no harm, no foul.”  You’ll have to decide for yourself if the Jaybird Run are really worth your time and cash, but in this humble author’s opinion, the juice is worth the squeeze.  So lace up your shoes, slap on some sunscreen, and get out the door, it’s time for these Jaybirds to fly.

Jaybird Run Vs Run XT

jaybird run vs run xt

Perhaps most notably, the Jaybird Run hit the market running, pun intended, in 2017 and quickly rose above the competition with high quality sound and the durability to be worn and weathered across all terrain and conditions.  Offering a combination of comfort, quality, and customization, Jaybird Run are the ideal earbuds for the all season athlete who’s not afraid to break a sweat, or get a bit muddy.

Custom memory foam inserts make it easy for folks of all shapes and sizes to enjoy Jaybird Run and with sweatproof and waterproof technology, you’re not likely to lose or damage these as you may with other wireless headphones.

In addition, each earbud is fitted with a tracking device which, when using the Jaybird App, makes it easy to find your misplaced headphones regardless of who borrowed them, or where your kid may have hid them.

That being said, Jaybird Run run about $180 a pair, a pretty penny for a simple set of earbuds.  In addition, runners have reported a variety of technical difficulties from improper fit in the factory charging case, poor bluetooth connection, intermittent sound  – particularly in the left ear bud – and poor battery life.  Buyers beware: don’t be confused between the Jaybird Run and Jaybird Run XT.

The main difference between the two – the Run XT  model is the newer and more waterproof version.

Can you swim with Jaybird Run earbuds?

These two products look, and sound, nearly identical with the XT pushing a higher level of water resistance.  While Jaybird Run and Jaybird Run XT boast waterproof features, these are not designed for swimming, showering, or aquatic activities.  If you’re looking for something you can take in the pool or ocean, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

All things considered, the Jaybird Run have a number of happy customers reporting extreme comfort, the confidence to suffer through a variety of exercises and environments, and the convenience required to stay organized and keep running.  Still not convinced?  Here’s a few other options to consider before shelling out $200 for the Jaybird Run wireless earbuds.

So, What to Choose?

Wireless earbuds are all the rage as technology works to remove chords from just about everything and anything. And it’s about time too! Imagine your alarm sounds just before sunrise. You’re quick to lace up your running shoes and reach through yesterday’s pockets for your earbuds before heading out the door and hitting the trail for your early morning run.

At first everything is fine, but as you start to break a sweat, you notice your earbuds sliding out of your ears, your chord gets tangled in the brambles of a passing bush, and you can’t quite seem to manage an ideal volume or connection. Sound familiar? Sounds like you’re in the market for a pair of wireless headphones.

  • When choosing the right pair of earbuds for running, hiking, traveling, or even work, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  You’ll find a wide array of choices which are likely to leave your head spinning.  With so many options on the market, you could find yourself endlessly scrolling for the best wireless headphones.
  • The right pair of earbuds is not only going to make your next trail run more enjoyable, but some studies suggest that listening to music while working out can actually increase your speed, endurance, and overall performance. So what to buy and are they really worth it?  Read on to discover some of the best wireless running headphones on the market today.
  • Jaybird is one of many wireless headphone brands that have made their mark among runners, hikers, and explorers alike.  Inspired by the sense of freedom we all feel when adventuring in the outdoors, Jaybird has created a wide variety of wireless models to choose from including the Jaybird Vista, Tarah Pro, and X4.

This company has come a long way from humble beginnings in 2006 and have since become one of the best wireless headphone manufacturers in the world. In the end though, it’s always nice to have choices and do you due diligence. Especially when spending this amount of your hard earned cash.

With that in mind, here’s a list of some of the alternatives you may want to consider…

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

jaybird run alternative 1

Running at $127.90 from Amazon, the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds are only slightly cheaper than the Jaybird Run yet receive significantly higher marks from customers.  Water-resistant, sweatproof, and dust proof, these wireless earbuds are sure to last regardless of when, where, or how you use them.

Customers report the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds are easy to set-up, customizable, and a long-term battery life.  While these may sound perfect, they do have a tendency to disconnect from the bluetooth pairing when running or hiking so you might want to stick to using these around the house.  You’ll also make a compromise on sound quality in comparison to the Jaybird Run.

Powerbeats Pro

jaybird run alternative 2

The reputation of Beats headphones far precedes the innovation of these wireless earbuds.  Built for high quality sound and durability, these earbuds may be some of the best on the market – if you’re willing to shell out $250.  Significantly more expensive than the Jaybird Run, you would expect these earbuds to receive high praise from all users – which they almost do.

The Powerbeats Pro are great for working out while listening to you’re favorite song, podcast, or auidobook, however, you shouldn’t expect a waterproof feature, or the best sound quality for phone calls.  More specifically, the mic on these earbuds is so sensitive that the other side of your call is likely to hear a wide array of background noises during your call.

If you’re looking for ideals in comfort, durability, and sound quality, you probably won’t find a better option than the Powerbeats Pro.

Soundcore Anker Liberty Air

jaybird run xt worth it

Considering you’re spending less than a third of the price of any other pair of wireless earbuds on this list, the Soundcore Anker Liberty Air is a great option for the shallow pocket-ed trail runner who just wants to pump some jams.  These earbuds receive high marks not only for affordability, but for sound quality and battery life as well.

Unlikely to un-pair from your bluetooth device, a common complaint among wireless earbud users, the Soundcore Anker Liberty Air is a great option for those interested in function over fashion, or practice over price.  That being said, don’t count of a waterproof guarantee, or luxury comfort.  You can typically expect these to last a good 4-6 hours before going caput and needing a bit of charge-time.

Easy to set up and use, these earbuds may be the right choice for the hiker or trail runner looking to crank out some tunes while keeping their target heart rate high.

Sennhieser Momentum TW

jaybird run competitor option

At $300, you better expect these headphones to sound like you’re in the front row listening to your favorite band.  The Sennhieser Momentum TW do not disappoint.  With potentially the best sound quality you’re likely to find in the wireless earbud market, these headphones are ideal for the bass loving audiophile in all of us.

Great for working out, making calls, hanging at home, or cranking away at the office, these earbuds offer an impeccable sound, and irresistible sense of luxury.  Unlike the Soundcore Anker Liberty Air, you’ll need some deep pockets to shell out for the Sennhieser Momentum TW, but you certainly won’t be dissapointed.

Bose Soundsport Free

bose earbuds vs jaybird run

A mid-priced option with a high quality sound, the Bose Soundsport Free are a great pair of wireless headphones for any context.  You’ll want to dive deep into the pools of bass that will rumble through your ear canal and, theoretically, rattle your brain.  A great option for anyone who loves to tune out the world around them and lose yourself if your music.

Customers report excellent sound quality, comfort, and durability.  The one turn off that some earbud aficionados like to spout off about is that they may be slightly less aesthetically appealing that some of the other options on this list.  Regardless, the Bose Soundsport Free are an easy choice for those looking to upgrade from the cheap seats, but aren’t quite ready for first class.


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