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Are Salomon Trail Running Shoes Good?

Are Salomon Trail Running Shoes Good?

A commonly asked question amongst avid trail runners looking to switch out their old footwear and try something new is – “are Salomon trail running shoes good?” Many are rightfully wondering what these shoes have to offer and what sets them apart from the competitors.

Salomon trail running shoes are good for trail running enthusiasts of all levels. They are very high quality, durable, and trusted by professional athletes around the world. Athletes like Kilian Jornet who is considered by many to be the greatest mountain ultra runner of all time.

In this article, we will be going over the Salomon trail running shoes and the Salomon brand as a whole and determining what exactly it is that makes them good. Next, we will assess their comfortableness and which trail running shoes stand out as the best among the Salomon collection. Finally, we will delve into Salomon trail running shoes’ versatility and the various potential uses for them.

An Overview of Salomon Trail Running Shoes

To determine if Salomon trail running shoes are truly good, it is necessary to assess them in relation to three different categories: quality and durability, visual appeal, and functionality.

Quality and Durability

When it comes to quality and durability, Salomon trail running shoes are second to none. Designed to withstand the most rugged terrains imaginable, Salomon trail running shoes are fabricated from high-quality materials such as heavy-duty synthetic textile and Gore-Tex to ensure that they stand up to the elements without breaking down.

Salomon trail running shoes are by-and-large the most durable shoes of their type. 

Visual Appeal

Although functional performance and life span are the most important factors for selecting a trail running shoe, aesthetic appeal and visual design also play a role.

Salomon trail running shoes come available in just about every color combination a person could ever want, including solid black, red, grey, white, blue, yellow, etc. This means that whether you are into flash and pizzazz or are the more basic low-profile type, there is a Salomon trail shoe designed just for you.


Besides being highly durable and of the utmost quality, as ascertained above, Salomon trail running shoes are also designed with specific features that make them highly performative when running trails.

The first of these performance features are the Salomon trail shoe’s lightweight quality. Salomon trail running shoes’ Gore-Tex crafting makes them very light and mobile without sacrificing any of the toughness. This prevents them from weighing you down and will surely increase your endurance and performance.

The next unique feature of Salomon trail running shoes is their incredible traction and grip ability. The Salomon trail running shoes’ signature Contagrip sole is highly aggressive and penetrates deep into the mud, snow, or grass, providing a grip that will not slip.

Beyond the traction and durability, Salomon trail running shoes also feature a unique quick lace system that allows them to be tightened to perfection or loosened off in an instant for maximal convenience and support. 

Is Salomon a Good Brand?

Now that we have examined Salomon’s trail running shoes specifically in great detail, it is necessary to broaden our scope and shed light on the Salomon brand as a whole. 

There is no doubt that the Salomon brand has a positive reputation and is held in high regard within the trail running community. Still, a closer look into two areas is required to determine if they are good or not, accurately. The two areas we will look into here are Salomon’s entire range of products and the overall cost efficiency.

Range of Products

The Salomon brand is known for all things pertaining to the outdoors and trails. Salomon is mostly regarded for its high-quality trail running shoes and boots. Still, they also feature an incredible line of clothing and accessories, including shirts, shorts, hats, jackets, backpacks, etc.


There is a specific reason why we have chosen not to rate the Salomon brand based on “price” but will instead assess their products based on their relative cost-effectiveness. The latter considers the raw price of their products and encompasses many factors to determine if said price is justifiable for the consumer.

While Salomon products are priced in the mid to upper range, we can confidently say that they are worth every dollar you will spend and that they will pay for themselves with the value they provide you on your travels.

Purchasing a cheap pair of trail running shoes or hiking boots can lead to blisters, overuse injuries, general discomfort, and above all else, they do not have near the longevity or life expectancy that a pair of Salomon’s do.

Keep in mind that you will be traveling many continuous miles, at a high intensity, and in unpredictable terrain, wearing the footwear you choose, so they are well worth the investment.

Are Salomon Trail Running Shoes Comfortable?

It can be argued that the ultimate determinant of a shoe’s worth is its comfortableness. When it comes to Salomon trail running shoes, they are nothing if not comfortable. What makes Salomon trail running shoes so comfortable is that they have struck a perfect balance between cushion and firmness.

The signature polypropylene insert in the midsole of the Salomon trail running shoes allows for a great degree of shock absorption while at the same time leaving intact the sensation of the ground under your feet and allowing for stability and control. 

Too much cushioning is undesirable for running shoes as it may negatively alter the felt feedback between the foot and the ground. Salomon trail running shoes are perfectly designed in this regard.

The materials used for the Salomon trail running shoes are also very breathable and lightweight, which significantly adds to the comfort you will experience. Some Salomon brand trail running shoes are more thickly padded and protective than others, but all are designed to provide superior comfort. 

What Are the Best Salomon Trail Running Shoes?

Currently, the best Salomon trail running shoes are, without a doubt, the Salomon Speedcross 4s. The Speedcross 4s offer all of the best features typical of the Salomon brand—such as lightweight durability and aggressive lug grip patterns—but at a very reasonable and affordable price, making them the best all-around shoe of its kind.


These shoes get right to the point, and for that reason, they are renowned as the best Salomon trail running shoes on the market.

Salomon Trail Running Shoes Are Good for Hiking As Well

Another common question that comes up a lot is: are Salomon trail running shoes good for hiking as well as running? The answer to this question is yes, Salomon trail running shoes are quite aptly suited for hiking as well as running. Many thru-runners and hiking enthusiasts alike wear Salomon trail running shoes as their go-to footwear.

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Many hikers may prefer Salomon trail running shoes over the brand’s designated hiking boots because the former allows for a little bit more ankle mobility and movement. This provides hikers who may also choose to run at times, the best of both worlds.

Best Salomon Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

The concern surrounding which Salomon waterproof trail running shoes are the best is one that is bound to come up. When hiking and thru-running, you never know what type of elements you will encounter, and the last thing you ever want is to have the inside of your shoes get wet.


When it comes to the Salomon brand, the best waterproof trail running shoes are the Speedcross 5 GTX. The Speedcross 5 GTX model was explicitly designed to keep water out and ensure your feet remain dry. 

The Gore-Tex material keeps the moisture out all day long, making the Speedcross 5 GTX the best bet for those who plan to run during the winter months or on rainy, muddy days.


In this article, we sought to determine whether or not Salomon trail running shoes are right or not. After thoroughly assessing the Salomon trail running shoes on many different factors—including durability and toughness, functional utility, and visual appeal—we determined that they are an unquestionably great product.

Salomon trail running shoes check all the boxes and offer many unique features that the competitors simply do not, making them the industry’s frontrunner.


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