Author: Bryce Waldrop

smallest rv with shower and toilet

Smallest RV with Shower and Toilet? (11 Crowd Favorites)

There is nothing better than exploring a remote region, or well-known National Park, and hitting the trails. And while many of us enjoy tent life, an RV can provide comfortable, sturdy shelter from the elements, and perhaps most of all, a clean toilet and shower! When our family traveled across […]

best class c rv under 25 feet

Best Class-C RV Under 25 Feet? (5 Crowd Favorites)

In the winter of 2017, we attended a colossal RV show for the first time. We knew nothing about RVing except that we were heading out for a three-month trip later that spring. We proceeded to examine nearly every type of RV there is, from super-efficient tear-drop trailers to massive […]

what is the smallest 5th wheel

What is the Smallest 5th Wheel? (7 Crowd Favorites)

You may have seen them rumbling into the campground, that enormous trailer attached to a heavy-duty pick-up. It might even tower over your tow-behind like a highway rig, leaving you to ask: Could I ever drive one of those? Like all trailers and RVs, 5th wheels come in all shapes […]

are quilts better than sleeping bags

Are Quilts Better than Sleeping Bags? (Backpacking FAQs)

My first, rugged sleeping bag was the bulky, cotton bag issued by the Army. Like most military gear, it was nearly indestructible, until it got wet. I’ve since owned several bags, and especially like my current synthetic 20-degree bag. (Even the Army finally upgraded to a synthetic system.) But my […]

are freeze dried meals healthy

Are Freeze Dried Meals Healthy? (Backpacking FAQ)

My first trail meals were in the Army years ago, where we begrudgingly squeezed our dinner out of foil packs. The options were limited, and trading always ensued for the more coveted flavors. Fortunately, prepared trail meals have come a long way, with some meals mimicking those of a gourmet […]

how to plan a backpacking trip

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip: 10 Critical Steps

It’s an exhilarating experience. You have walked into the woods carrying everything you need to survive and are now going to eat, sleep, and live outdoors. The backcountry is now your home. But there is a lot to consider before you can safely savor a night in the woods. Whether […]

osprey atmos 65 ag backpack review

Osprey Atmos AG 65 Backpack Review

Let’s face it – we love our backpacks. We give them names, and they literally become part of us on the trail. Next to footwear, a pack is one of our most important choices of gear. And if you’ve chosen well, your pack will fit properly, provide ample storage capacity, […]

what is the easiest adirondack high peak to hike

What is the Easiest Adirondack High Peak to Hike?

Occupying a large portion of upper New York State, and less than 2-hours from the State Capitol, Albany, the Adirondacks offer a unique mountain experience. At 6-million acres, the Adirondack Park is larger than the States of Vermont or New Hampshire and is one of the oldest protected wildlands in […]