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what is the best topo map app

What is the Best Topo Map App?

Topographical maps have gone digital and they’re an essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast. Of course, some will still prefer to go “old school” and head out into the wild with only a physical map and a compass; but for everybody else you can access a whole world of maps […]

what is the best splitboard

What is the Best Splitboard? (Top 7 Picks)

Splitboards offer the ultimate backcountry adventure. Gone are the days of cumbersome snowshoeing or expensive helicopter rides up-hill. With a good quality splitboard, you can have the best of both worlds: using your board like skis until you find that perfect powder and begin your downhill shred. Not all splitboards […]

which is better down or synthetic jacket

Which is Better – Down or Synthetic Jacket?

The down jacket has become a symbol of outdoor professionals and enthusiasts: from climbing to backpacking to skiing and more. Providing excellent insulation from the cold and the wind, it is considered an essential item for anyone venturing out into the elements. However, the emergence of synthetic insulating jackets leaves […]

best yosemite backpacking trips

The 7 Best Yosemite Backpacking Trips

Yosemite is is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts of all calibers. With its ancient sequoia trees, the iconic Bridalveil Falls and majestic granite cliffs of Half Dome and El Capitan, there are so many wonders to enjoy. With over 800 miles of trails in the National Park, it entices thousands […]

how to wash wool socks

How to Wash Wool Socks

Woolen socks are an essential item for many avid hikers and backpackers. They are breathable, sturdy and much more odor-resistant than your typical cotton socks. A decent pair can set you back a few dollars, so it is essential to wash and care for them properly if you want them […]

how long does it take to hike 100 miles

How Long Does it Take to Hike 100 miles?

Thru-hiking is an increasingly popular activity among outdoor enthusiasts, athletes and those who feel the call of the wild. 100 miles is often the first major target that multi-day hikers will set for themselves, and there are a good number of well-marked long distance trails all over the world which […]

how do you stay cool while hiking

How do You Stay Cool While Hiking? 17 Essential Tips

Some of the most tantalizing hikes are set in dry, sunny regions, and can offer exquisite views of alpine lakes, dramatic canyons and mountain peaks. However, intense heat can build up rapidly on these trails and it is essential to be properly prepared for sunny hikes. Many a fun day […]

Is Hiking in Patagonia Safe?

Patagonia is an exquisite natural paradise. Characterized by the Andes mountain range – it offers impressive, jagged peaks, vibrant rain forests, cascading glacial fjords and thousands of miles of untouched coastline. Its landscape and biodiversity are totally unique, leaving no doubt that it is a haven for hikers and outdoor […]