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Top 8 Best Conversion Van Companies

Top 8 Best Conversion Van Companies

If you are looking for a company to convert your van into a Class B RV, also known as a camper van, you might become overwhelmed at the number of companies, old and new, that have entered the conversion van space.

Over the last decade the popularity of a Class B RV, or camper van, has exploded. This is caused by several factors such as the covid 19 pandemic forcing people outdoors and the rise of ‘van lifers’ or social media influences that travel full time in their camper van.

Continue reading on to learn more about the top 8 companies in the conversion space if you are looking to transform your cargo, panel, or Sprinter van into the camper of your dreams.

Top 8 best conversion van companies:

1. Bodhi Vans

Bodhi Vans is a tiny company out of Nashville, Tennessee. The Bodhi Vans crew has a combined 16 years of experience in woodworking, welding, and engineering, so you can rest easy knowing that your van conversion project is in good hands!

Bodhi Vans excels in bamboo cabinetry, and Baltic is frequently used for walls and ceilings. You will receive made-to-order countertops and also extremely high-end hardware. Solar panels, inverters, water heaters, entire kitchen sets, and everything else you can think of are also choices for your van conversion.



YETIBUS, situated in Idaho, is named after the founder’s skoolie conversion. Having said that, YETIBUS takes pride in being able to transform almost any van into a functioning and efficient house on wheels.

YETIBUS is also a very environmentally friendly company, giving it a higher rank than its competition. Since 2019, the business has participated in an emissions reduction program and now is completely carbon neutral.

Each YETIBUS conversion is one-of-a-kind and suited to the customer’s specific requirements. Only high-quality materials, such as lightweight, marine-grade plywood and sophisticated adhesives and fasteners, are used by the company.

3. Zenvanz

Zenvanz, based in Oregon, is known for delivering environmentally friendly, creatively designed camper van modifications made from the best quality materials available. Their cabinets are made of tough, aluminum alloy and eco-friendly bamboo, and they frequently include sleek curves that are not only beautiful but also functional!

Zenvanz’s skilled staff would gladly collaborate with you to design the van of your dreams, using 3D modeling to guarantee the layout is exactly what you desire. The company also sells a cool do-it-yourself kit.

The DIY kit is fully modular and has been designed to fit simply into your van’s factory holes, with all components easily removable. This way, you may update your conversion or convert your van into an equipment carrier without having to rethink your entire life!


4. Freedom Vans

The great and talented people at Freedom Vans produce many of the most gorgeous vans on the market. If you really want one of these conversions, you will have to wait a while – spaces are normally reserved for at least a year.

Freedom Vans will construct a dream conversion personalized to your exact needs, in addition to providing plenty of plan inspiration. Showers, toilets, and stunning kitchens, as well as opulent cabinets and upholstery, will be fitted specifically to your model van and completely customizable.

If you want a simple, straightforward build without the wait, the firm offers their “Phase 1” project for a Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit. This is their most economical kit, and it includes insulation, paneling, a solar system, a bed platform, and LED lights.

5. Vanworks

This Colorado-based company, the oldest on the list, has been in business since 1978 and has converted thousands of vans. We are confident that these people know what they are doing!

Vanworks, in addition to providing a vast selection of excellent van accessories, specializes in constructing personalized conversions for Sprinter, ProMaster, and Ford Transit owners. There are two options: the Base Camp and the Trail Ridge. Vanworks can even include a fresh new van, making the procedure even simpler.

The Base Camp package features storage bags, a raised platform bed, and a lovely bamboo-topped kitchenette with a hand water pump. The Trail Ridge package is supposed to be ultra-luxurious, including solar panels, two ventilation fans, a refrigerator, and much more.


6. Adventure Wagon

Adventure Wagon, based in Portland, Oregon, provides unique modular conversion kits that may be self-installed in as little as four days, making it the fastest conversion turnaround time on our list and the only company with a DIY option for those who are more inclined to build their camper van themselves.

The Adventure Wagon interior System is usually installed in either Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit vans and can serve as a sturdy basis for your DIY project. Electrical, insulation, interior paneling, and wall-to-wall fastening points are all part of the completely integrated system. After you have installed it, you can easily finish the remainder of your build-out.


7. Rossmonster Vans

Are you a fan of wood? Then you will need to employ Rossmönster Vans for your construction. Our only European conversion company on our list, their crew consists of carpenters, woodworkers, and engineers. The Rossmönster van conversion company uses high-quality wood in its constructions, and it shows.

Rossmönster Vans specializes in highly customized bespoke designs with rustic-modern interiors. Whatever your requirements are, they can layout that will fit your lifestyle. They can even install a toilet and a shower in your vehicle.


8. Sync Vans

Sync Vans offers both basic and custom van conversions. Their models have a very contemporary design to them, and they maximize storage without sacrificing comfort. Floor layouts for Sync Vans often include a console or sofa bed, a galley, and loads of storage. You can select a design and customize it with additional equipment and your own color scheme.

Most of the van conversions built by this company are based on one of three basic designs: the Atlas, Sunstone, or Upland. You can even go entirely custom. Unfortunately, Sync Vans do not include interior showers or wet tubs in their conversions, but you can opt for an external shower out the back.



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