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How Much Do SYNC Vans Cost? (Sprinter 144″ and 170″)

How Much Do SYNC Vans Cost? (Sprinter 144″ and 170″)

If you’ve been thinking about getting into the #VanLife or are simply looking for a convenient way to get involved in some exploration and adventure, you’ve probably considered a custom camper van like SYNC Vans. Converting a van completely by yourself can be cost-effective, but not everyone has the time to put into a complete DIY conversion.

So, how much do SYNC Vans cost?

The semi-custom Sprinter camper van conversions from SYNC Vans cost around $32,000, which is pretty reasonable considering the amount of labor and equipment involved. The actual price will depend on your selected configuration as well as your customization choices, and if you’re including the cost of the van itself into your calculation.

Even with the cost of the base Sprinter included, a fully finished SYNC Van is going to cost you considerably less than buying a traditional camper straight from the manufacturer, and it is a whole lot easier than making the conversion yourself.

This article will go into detail about how SYNC Vans works, what it costs to get your conversion done and what you can expect for your money.

What is a SYNC Van?

The beauty of getting a semi-custom conversion from somewhere like SYNC Vans is that you can trust the building process to professionals. SYNC Vans in particular have a lot of customization options and configurations that will help you to maximize the space and enjoyment that you can get from your van.

All of the SYNC Vans builds use the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van as their base. Because they are so specialized, it means that there are fewer options available than you might get from other companies. They don’t offer conversions of other vehicle makes or models, but they definitely know what they’re doing with Sprinters.

You can buy your own Sprinter and bring it to SYNC Vans, but they are also a licensed Mercedes-Benz dealership so you can buy the base van directly from them as well. Then it’s a case of selecting your desired configuration and deciding on which customization options you would like to go for.

No matter where you are on your van journey, you start the process by getting in touch, and you won’t get a full quote until you know exactly what you’re looking for.


Are SYNC Vans Fully Customizable?

These specific conversions are not fully custom, so you can’t have any and every change that you can think of. They are, however, uniquely made for you. You can communicate what you want all the way through the process, and they will work with you to get it done.

When it comes to making your own choices, there are a lot of areas where your opinion will dictate how your van comes out. You can give your input on all kinds of things like fabrics, cabinet finishes, flooring material and powder-coated accents.

The more customized your conversion is, however, the more expensive it is likely to cost.

Limitations to a SYNC Vans Conversion

Besides the fact that they work exclusively with Sprinter vans, you will also be a bit limited by configuration options and the availability of features. To keep these conversions budget-friendly and to make sure they are completed in a timely manner, SYNC Vans offer a preferred list of configuration options for you to choose from, though adaptations to those are possible.

Due to space and functionality, indoor showers and wet baths are not available, but you can get your van plumbed out for an exterior shower if you want.

SYNC Vans Configuration Options

SYNC Vans have configurations for both the 144″ and 170″ Sprinter vans, with different needs in mind.

  • Atlas 144″ – The original configuration for adventuring.
  • Highland 144″ – Designed to maximize seating and sleeping options.
  • Sunstone 144″ – Aimed to increase floor space.
  • Upland 144″ – Combining adventuring with extra passenger van seating options.
  • Meridian 144″ – Gives the most passenger seating.
  • Atlas 170″ – The larger version of the standard adventuring configuration.
  • Upland 170″ – An extended version of the Upland 144″

How Much is a Custom Sprinter Van in General?

No matter where you go, getting a custom conversion done is going to cost you. Because SYNC Vans are specific about the vehicles that they use and are specialized in what they offer, the price is very reasonable compared to what else you might find.

Generally, you can find yourself spending anywhere from $30,000 to $200,000 for a van conversion, depending on the level of customization and the options that you go for. Usually, you would expect a conversion on the lower end of that spectrum to offer fewer choices and have a lower build quality.

SYNC Vans, however, a very well made, despite only costing an average of $32,000.

Is it Cheaper to Convert Your Own Van?

Doing all of the conversion work yourself can be a lot cheaper than getting a company to do it for you, but there is a whole lot to consider while deciding if it’s actually worth it. Some people have managed to convert their vans for $10,000 or less, however, that is rarely the case.

Keeping to a tight budget can be difficult, and simple mistakes along the way can end up being very expensive. If you want high-quality materials, you are going to need to spend a bit more, and the value of the build at the end is very much dependent on you.

Faulty wiring, dodgy plumbing, or wonky carpentry work can cause damage to your van or need constant repairs, all of which costs extra money. Add to that the cost and effort of your own labor, and paying someone else to do it for you starts to look like quite a reasonable deal.


The Verdict

The cost of a SYNC Vans semi-custom conversion is very reasonable, considering the build quality and the options that are available. If you already own a Sprinter van, or you can get hold of one second-hand for cheap, it’s almost less costly than doing the conversion yourself.

Having your own input on exactly how your van is going to suit your needs is very valuable, but perhaps the greatest value is the peace of mind you get from a professional conversion. Buying a new-build camper van can be extortionate and converting one yourself can be stressful and unpredictable.

When it comes to getting what you want at the price you want, SYNC Vans offers a pretty tempting option.


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