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9 Best Micro Campers for Sale

9 Best Micro Campers for Sale

Outdoor pursuits have exploded in the last two years and micro camper camping is one of them. Depending on the climate you live in, tenting may be more of a rugged experience than you would like. Wind snapping tent poles, constant rainfall, hard ground, and many other factors may have you looking for a little more comfort while camping. 

While mega travel trailer campers look enticing, the thought of hauling a 5,200 pound trailer isn’t very appealing. Not to mention they require a large truck or SUV to pull. This is why we’ve seen an explosion of micro campers for sale.

Micro campers are the perfect go between for campers. They are lightweight, easy to pull with a car, don’t take up a lot of storage space, and they provide that extra bit of comfort while camping. It’s no wonder so many people are enjoying time outdoors in these little wonders. When looking to purchase a micro camper for sale online, you want to be sure you get the best. 

The 9 best micro campers for sale:

1. TAXA Cricket

Price: $32,439

Weight: 1,800 lbs

Length: 15’

The Cricket by Taxa (featured image top of article) is a pop-up micro camper that is very lightweight, so much so it can be towed by a many four-cylinder cars. The pop-up roof offers more room and extra ventilation. It sleeps two adults and for an additional fee, you can add two children’s berth beds suspended from the ceiling. 

The Cricket doesn’t have a dedicated bathroom space but you can order a portable toilet to store in one corner. You can also purchase an air conditioner for the unit. 

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2. Happier Camper HC1 Micro Camper

Price: $34,450

Weight: 1,100 lbs

Length: 13’

Starting in the mid $30,000 price range, these retro looking trailers offer modern conveniences including their Adaptiv™ interior, a flexible modular system that allow you to change your trailer layout at any time. The modular components can be easily rearranged, stacked, and/or used outdoors.

These trailers come standard along with features like a large rear hatch as well as a side entry door, honeycomb fiberglass floor, and large windows. In terms of size, it can sleep up to a family of five depending on what features are in the unit. 

In terms of bathroom/water, it comes with a 5-gallon freshwater and gray-water tank. The 4-gallon road shower option allows for outdoor showers. Campers can use the dry flush toilet option, which uses waste bags instead of water and plumbing. 

At 1,100 lbs, the HC1 can be towed with most standard cars and can fit into a standard parking space. 

3. Winnebago Micro Minnie 1708FB

Price: $38,386 

Weight: 5,000 lbs

Length: 19’ 5″

If you want luxury in a micro camper, The Micro Minnie 1708FB by Winnebago is the way to go. It sleeps up to 3 people but offers all the amenities of a larger camper including a corner bathroom, furnace and air conditioner, refrigerator, and all three water tanks (fresh, grey, black).

The interior is a modern design and includes extras like tiled backsplash, leather seating, and modern grey floors, power awning, and patio speakers.

The corner bathroom is a full bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower. All Winnebago micro campers come with a three-year structural warranty which covers any work to the structural portions of your RV including, but not limited to; framing, flooring, roof, and more. 

4. Scamp ’13 Standard

Price: $19,921

Weight: 1,200+ lbs

Length: 13’

Another mini camper with a retro design, the Scamp is a 13’ mini that offers two layout options. Layout 1 offers additional sleeping and Layout 2 offers a complete bathroom. Depending on the layout, the Scamp sleeps 1-4 people. 

Standard features include; propane stove, kitchen sink, 45 Amp power converter, water heater, fridge, city and grey water tanks, 12-volt water pump, and more.

Layout one has the option to add a dry toilet and Layout 2 comes with a shower and toilet with the option to add a sink. The Scamp can be towed by any size car, truck or SUV.  

5. Airstream Bambi

Price: $56,500

Weight: 3,500 lbs

Length: 16’ 22″

The Bambi Micro by Airstream is the traditional Airstream we love shrunk down to a more manageable size. The retro exterior is where the retro feel ends because the interior is very modern with a lot of camper amenities including; stainless steel kitchen appliances, retractable awning, stereo and Bluetooth, air conditioning and heating, and a solar pre-wire kit. 

There are four models of the Bambi, three of them include a full bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower. All four models offer an outdoor shower with hot and cold water and sleep up to four people. Most Bambi models are light enough to tow with an SUV or truck, but a car would not be recommended. 

6. NuCamp TAG

Price: $17,950

Weight: 1,369 lbs

Length: 13’ 7″

The TAG is a tear drop trailer, by nüCamp that is lightweight and easy to tow.  The queen size bed sleeps two and additional features include AC and heating, stargazing window and solar equipped electric. 

Like most teardrops, there is an outdoor kitchen galley and outdoor shower accessible in the rear and no bathroom options are available. Weighing less than 1,500 lbs, this light weight micro camper can be towed by a car.

7. Forest River No Boundaries 10.6

Price: $28,188

Weight: 1,973 lbs

Length: 13’ 10″

The No Boundaries 10 series by Forest River is a micro camper for the camper who has lots of toys. This camper has a rear ramp door to allow you to store and load your extras. Unique to most micro-campers, this one includes a rooftop tent for additional sleeping room 

The 10 series includes a kitchenette with cook top, and sink. Optional features include a variety of Rhino Rack Roof equipment, all terrain tires, bike carrier, air conditioning, and more. There is no bathroom option for this camper. 

8. Hiker Trailer’s Extreme Off-Road Deluxe

Price: $13,595

Weight: 1,350 lbs

Length: 14’ 25″

The Extreme Off-Road Deluxe is the higher end of four models of off-road micro campers offered by Hiker Trailer’s. This trailer is made to go anywhere your tow vehicle can go.

These simple campers sleep two with the main cabin consisting of a double bed and some storage. They outdoor kitchen galley is accessible from the rear of the trailer. Don’t be fooled by the size, there is a lot of storage. 

There are no bathroom options for this trailer. It’s weight and size make it easily towable by almost all cars, trucks and SUVS.

9. Little Guy MyPod

Price: $10,022

Weight: 840 lbs

Length: 11’ 6″

The smallest of the micro campers listed, MyPod by Little Guy Trailers, is just big enough to have everything you need. It has a full-size sleeping area with entertainment center and AC.

If you need extra room, add a screen room tent designed to attach to Little Guy trailers.  Roof racks are available for extra storage. There are no bathroom options for this trailer. At just over 800 lbs, this is the lightest micro camper we’ve seen and towable by a car. 

How To Choose the Best Micro Camper for YOU

You’ll find that micro campers for sale will vary widely with prices ranging from $10,000- $56,500 depending on the features. When making this decision it’s best to look at what your vehicle is capable of towing, what you can afford, and what will serve your specific camping needs best. 

Are you a back-country lover? The Extreme Off-Road Deluxe would like suit your needs. 

Are you a cozy and comfy camper? The Airstream Bambi would offer all the comforts of home in a neat small space. 

Want a roof over your head and something that requires little storage and maintenance? The Little Guy MyPod is calling. It looks like the MyPod takes the prize as the smallest micro camper as well.

My Favorite Micro Camper

If I were to choose a camper, I would go with The Happier Camper HC 1, solely for the flexibility of the Adaptiv™ interior. The ability to change the layout based on each camping trips need is very appealing. You could empty it out and use it to pack gear and bikes, or re-arrange it to meet a number of scenarios including; sleeping the whole family, or for solo camping.


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