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Taxa Cricket Camper (FAQs, Pros/Cons of Ownership)

Taxa Cricket Camper (FAQs, Pros/Cons of Ownership)

Have you been on an endless search for the ideal camper to fit your individualized needs? This desire for optimal mobility can lead you down many paths and there are many aspects to consider, but one of the best designed campers on the market today is the Taxa Cricket Camper. The design is unique and this seemingly small space is styled in a way that it truly fits virtually all needs you will have on your travels.

What is a Taxa Cricket?

Essentially, a Taxa Cricket Camper is a well equipped, small, pop-up camper. The design is unconventional compared to other pop-ups as it can be effectively utilized in the popped up position and in its standard form. Dimensions for the Cricket Camper are 15’L X 6.7’W with a height of up to 83”. The habitat remains portable and ideal for various camping styles with the ability to upgrade features as you see fit.

Features seen throughout the Taxa Cricket Camper are from Taxa Outdoors. This company specializes in making campers that use their space in the most intelligent way to emphasize the outdoor lifestyle. Whether you are taking your camper out for a weekend away, or choosing an extended stay, Taxa Outdoors has various models to accommodate.

The Taxa Cricket Camper is designed for an exciting outdoor experience with powerful features that include full solar compatibility, room for 2 adults and 2 children, and a versatile toy hauler design in a slimmed down, easy to tow format.

How Much Do Cricket Campers Cost?

The cost of your chosen camper should be carefully weighed according to your desires and what you want the camper to do for you. Certainly, budget friendly models can cost a few thousand dollars, but you always get what you pay for. You might get a few seasons out of a budget camper, but beyond that, they are more costly to maintain.

The Taxa Cricket Camper by Taxa Outdoors is designed for the long haul. Special features such as a 12 gallon fresh water tank and 13 gallon grey water tank along with solar abilities allow you to take the Taxa Cricket Camper completely off grid making it possible to use the camper virtually anywhere without compromising on your personal comfort.

A new Taxa Cricket Camper retails for around $32,000 with various upgrades available that will add to the cost, but also to your individual comfort.

What Do Cricket Campers Weigh?

Overall weight of a camper is a significantly important aspect. Taxa Outdoors has designed the Cricket Camper to not only be unique and comfortable, but lightweight as well. Total weight for the device is 1500 lbs. dry and 2500 lbs. GDWR. A standard vehicle of any size can easily tow the Cricket Camper. Sedans, SUVs, and trucks can tow the vehicle.

Essentially, the Taxa Cricket Camper can be towed by most 4-cylinder engine vehicles, so it’s efficient to tow and will not eat up too much fuel on your trips. Customers have stated that because of the unique structure and 15’ length of the camper, you rarely feel as though you are towing anything. Even on steep grades, various sized vehicles have no trouble towing this incredibly well designed camper.

What Gives Cricket Campers Their Unique Look?

Upon looking at the Taxa Cricket Camper, you will notice it does not look like other pop-up designs on the market. First, it is much taller than standard pop-ups and does not feature pop out sleeping areas. The vertical pop-up design is managed by a main front latch system on the outside of the vehicle. Once deployed, one push of the interior lever allows the camper to pop to the max 83”.

The system locks into place and allows for a rigid structure at the base with a canvas and mesh structure at the top. Two child sized bunks fold down for additional bed space and zippered windows provide adequate air flow throughout the camper. Additional large windows are located in the rigid structure for more light and necessary air flow.

Where Are Taxa Campers Made?

Campers are manufactured in facilities throughout the world, but Taxa Outdoors has chosen to build their campers from their headquarters in Houston, TX. This location allows them access to the rough, rigid outdoors for testing their products and their small 60 person team of builders and designers allow them to concentrate efforts on what matters rather than just mass production.

Each Taxa Cricket Camper is made of light, yet durable aluminum for both portability and ultimate strength. These campers are the pride and joy of Taxa Outdoors and they are always investing in finding out what their customers want and how they can serve them better.

Each addition to the Taxa Outdoors family is better than the previous model as they are continually evolving their efforts for a functional and practical camper that is designed for true adventure and not just for sleeping.

Pros To Owning a Cricket Camper

  • Lightweight, Portable Design
  • Can Be Towed Easily by Any Vehicle
  • Fits in Standard Parking Space
  • Versatile for a Wide Range of Camping Needs
  • Solar Powered with Efficient 100 Amp AGM Batteries
  • Comfortably Sleeps 4 People
  • Cook Inside the Camper
  • Completely Self-Contained Unit
  • Efficient Tolerance While Driving
  • Awning, Mosquito Net, and Shower Tent Standard
  • Electric Brake Controller
  • 40lbs Propane Tank Holder at Front
  • Roof Racks

Cons to Owning a Cricket Camper

  • Small Interior Table – However, the table can be easily converted to a larger one as many customers have done.
  • Not Designed for Extreme Cold Due to Canvas Top Structure – Aluminum structure offers insulation between two layers of aluminum, so the camper can be employed in lower temperatures if the canvas pop-up is not required as in the case of 2–person camping.
  • No Slide Outs – Not a big issue to most people as customers that love this model also love being outdoors, so interior space is not a significant factor.


Closing Thoughts

The Taxa Cricket Camper is a remarkable camper that is highly adaptable for a variety of camping needs. Whether you are looking to go completely off grid or use the device in a dedicated campground, the Taxa Cricket Camper will get the job done beautifully.

A family of 4 can effortlessly camp with sophisticated features such as an outdoor shower and easy access points at the main door and rear of the camper. I would have no problem taking the Cricket Camper anywhere for an amazing camping experience.


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