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What is the Best Travel Trailer Under 5000 lbs? (7 Lightweight Favorites)

What is the Best Travel Trailer Under 5000 lbs? (7 Lightweight Favorites)

If you’re in the market for the best travel trailer under the 5000 lbs mark but don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. There’s a huge amount of choice out there and a lot of things to take into consideration when buying a new travel trailer. It’s a big investment and one which you’ll want to get the most out of so the last thing you want to do is rush into a decision.

So many people these days are changing the way they travel by buying trailers and taking to the open road, and why not? It’s the best way to vacation, see the country and provide yourself with complete freedom to go where you want to go, sleep where you want to sleep and embrace nature up close in all its glory.

7 best travel trailers under 5000 lbs:

1. Keystone Passport SL 219BHWE

The Passport SL from Keystone is the perfect option for anyone looking for a travel trailer that combines space and functionality. This trailer features a Murphy bed that can be easily moved to make way for a comfortable sofa.

On top of this, the flip up bunk in the rear allows you to create storage space when needed for those bulky bits of equipment. If you still require some extra storage afterwards, the pass-through storage area will provide it.

In terms of comfort, the Passport is a superb choice with a snug dinette area complete with an excellent entertainment system. However, one of the best features of the Passport is it’s 15’ awning that not only provides shade on hot sunny days, but also transforms your outdoor space into a functional cooking or relaxing space.

All of the finishing in the Passport SL travel trailer series are quality and will make your vacation days easy and stress-free. The upgraded windows are of residential standard as are the bathroom and kitchen counter tops. It also contains a HyperDeck flooring system designed by Keystone themselves for water-resistance and durability.

2. Coachmen Clipper Ultra Lite 17FQS

The Clipper Ultra Lite is among the best travel trailers under 5000 lbs with an optional slide out sofa for versatile comfort when you require it. Coachmen offer an excellent upgrades package with all of the trailers in the Clipper range that includes a range of features to give you a feeling of home comfort such as USB ports and the prep for solar power.

The rear bathroom in the Clipper is a decent size with a great shower that measures 24” x 36” and a vanity mirror. There’s also an outdoor shower that runs hot and cold, perfect for a soak or a wash after the beach or a muddy hike, especially if you’re travelling with pets.

Choosing the Clipper Ultra Lite also means choosing an oversize power awning equipped with LED lights so you won’t be forced inside on summer evenings after your BBQ when the sun goes down. If you do decide to dine indoors, you’ll find plenty of space and a microwave in the kitchen for convenience at meal times.

3. Forest River RP-193

Normally you would associate lightweight travel trailers with restricted space but the Forest River RP-193 does not disappoint on that front. It has to be the very best bunkhouse trailer under 5000 lbs on the market that we came across during our research.

So, if you’re after a travel solution that’s lightweight and easily sleeps four people (potentially more thanks to the adaptable sofa bed in the living space), then look no further. All of the sleeping spaces in the R Pod are comfortable, adaptable and suitable for larger families.

The R Pod combines high quality finishes, comfort and functionality and the result is a design that will offer something for everyone in the family.

If you enjoy cooking on the road then the large kitchen space will give you everything you need from seamless counter tops to a large sink and top of the range two ring burner stove paired with a conduction oven. You’ll also find plenty of space for storing food in the fridge.

.The overall design of the interior and exterior is stylish and sleek. It’s well lit and easy to clean. Outside, you’ll find a spray port, suburban griddle and a preparation area for outdoor cooking.

4. Forest River IBEX 19QBS


The IBEX is another superb design from Forest River and is arguably the best 4 season travel trailer under 5000 lbs you’re likely to find making it the ideal choice for anyone looking to travel year round in changeable weather conditions and colder climes.

The Cold Weather Package for the IBEX includes a heated and enclosed underbelly, tank pad heaters, and an enclosed termination system making it perfect for winter travel. It will be warm and durable against the elements. It’s not just for cold weather though, there’s also an excellent 15K air conditioning unit for keeping cool in the summer.

You’ll find a few great little mod cons with the IBEX to provide you with extra comfort and entertainment such as the large refrigerator and superb JBL wireless, Bluetooth sound system.

5. Jay Flight SLX 7 195RB

If you’re after a travel trailer that’s ideal for quick weekend getaways then the Jay Flight SLX 7 195RB could be your perfect match. While it might not be the best option for travelling with a larger family or group, the JayFlight SLX 7 is compact and easy to tow. Don’t be fooled by it’s smaller size, it doesn’t compromise it’s stylish interior and excellent features.

As far as travel trailers go, this one is super lightweight weighing under 3500 lbs. Inside you’ll find a small yet fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, a cozy queen size bed, dinette, marine grade w/c and shower in the bathroom which includes a skylight. For a smaller trailer, there’s also a surprising array of storage facilities.

What makes this aluminum-sided trailer great is it’s quality and as a shorter, single axle trailer, it’s great for solo travelers or couples looking to get out and hit the road for long weekends and impromptu getaways.

6. Airstream Bambi 16RB

In the 16 foot Bambi, Airstream have designed an elegant looking and classic travel trailer that would suit anyone who wants to hit the road in style. It’s chrome exterior and timeless shape will make you the envy of every other trailer owner when you tow it up at the beach, forest or park.

The excellence doesn’t end with the exterior. Inside the Bambi, you’ll discover everything you need to enjoy a long and luxurious weekend away with all of your home comforts. The ultra-comfortable bed, European style wet bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and spacious dinette are all finished exquisitely to really make the Bambi your home from home. There’s also plenty of interior and exterior storage for a 16 foot trailer.

For those hotter days when you want to get outside, there’s a retractable awning for shade and an outdoor shower to cool down or rinse off after a day of activities. Inside there’s high quality air con and heating so you can control the temperature all year round.

7. KZ Sportsmen 130RB

KZ-RV have been known for producing high quality travel trailers and bunkhouses for over 50 years and the Sportsmen Classic model is no exception to that rule. It’s got a tonne of features and potential add-ons that make it a superb choice for all of the adventurers out there.

The interior space is superb and is equipped with everything you need to enjoy a comfortable break. The bench seat dinette easily doubles up as a bed for extra sleeping space and there’s an exterior kitchen space for outdoor cooking that’s complete with a range and travel fridge for keeping drinks cool.

What makes the Sportsmen 130RB great is the option for add-ons. The Outdoor package includes 15-inch mud tires with aluminum rims, extra ground clearance, an electronically-controlled heated holding tank, and double entry step so you can access the wilderness and really taste adventure without any worries.

Key Considerations Before Buying a Travel Trailer

Whether you’re a first time buyer or a well-seasoned camper, the amount of travel trailers out there can seem overwhelming at first. Once you’ve seen one or two, it can feel like you’ve seen them all, right? That’s why we’ve compiled our very own buying guide to help you navigate the market and find the perfect travel trailer under 5000 lbs to suit your needs.

Motivation for buying a 5000 lb or less travel trailer varies from person to person and situation to situation and we recommend that you really consider your reasons for wanting to buy one. This will allow you to really weigh up the pros and cons of owning a lightweight travel trailer and finding the magic one that will marry perfectly with your lifestyle.

These considerations before buying can seem endless, but the essential questions to ask yourself should include:

Who will be using the travel trailer?

If you’re buying for just yourself or buying as a couple then a travel trailer under 5000 lbs will be the perfect fit for you. If you have a larger family with lots of kids and/or dogs running about the place, you might want to opt for something larger to keep everybody comfortable and happy.

How long do you plan on staying in the trailer for?

The amount of time you decide to stay in your trailer can be a deal breaker when shopping around.

If you’re planning on using it for the odd weekend away here and there, you can probably get away without too many extras, but if you’re going to be staying in it for over a week or simply enjoy the finer things in life, you might want to opt for a travel trailer with a few more gadgets and modern conveniences to make your life a bit more comfortable.

How much space do you need?

So many things affect the amount of physical space you need in your trailer. This ties in with the size of your family but also the type of vacation you like to take.

Maybe you need space to accommodate sports equipment like bikes, kayaks, skis or surfboards or outdoor games/tables/chairs. A well designed floor plan that utilizes space can make all the difference in the world when it comes to choosing your travel trailer.

What are you towing with?

Ideally, before buying a 5000 lb travel trailer, you’ll already have a vehicle with the capacity to tow it such as a mid-sized SUV. Four wheel drive can be an added bonus if you decide to take your trailer off road and into the wild where the ground is more uneven and where access can be tricky.

What’s your budget?

As with any large investment, you should take into account your personal budget and work within its parameters and remember, the most expensive product won’t always be the best fit for you.

Once you’ve taken all of these things into account, you’ll most likely be ready to start looking at some trailers. We’ve compiled this list of the best travel trailers under 5000 lbs to guide you through the market and highlight what we consider to be the very best trailers out there today.

We’ve taken time and careful consideration in our list above to find top of the line trailers that will give you everything you need to hit the road and see the world in style and comfort.

Closing Thoughts

By now you’ll have a good idea of the kind of lightweight travel trailer that will best suit you and your needs. Each travel trailer under 5000 lbs comes with its own unique features and pro’s and con’s, so the one that you end up buying will need to go hand in hand with your lifestyle.

Of the seven lightweight travel trailers reviewed on this page, it’s really tricky to pick a favorite but (if money wasn’t a factor in the decision) it would have to be the Airstream Bambi 16RB for its beautiful design.

There aren’t many travel trailers out there with such a classic look on the exterior and fine-tuned details inside. It may be on the smaller side of travel trailers, but that’s also part of its appeal – it’s fun-sized and perfect for quick and luxurious getaways.


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