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Best Overland Trailers (10 Off-Road Favorites)

Best Overland Trailers (10 Off-Road Favorites)

Off-road trailers are super practical for camping trips, whether you are a weekend warrior and don’t want to invest in an RV, or you are an overlanding enthusiast who enjoys seeking out the road less traveled.

There is such a wide variety of overland trailers available today that you can find one that’s perfect for solo travel, family camping trips, or even long-term living on the road. We’ve dug up some of the very best options for you to check out more in depth. There’s literally something for every type of user below. Enjoy!

The 10 best overland trailers by category:

1. Manley ORV’s Explore Trailer (Best Under $10,000)

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The Explore trailer from Manley ORV is a no-frills camper featuring a built-in Tepui Kukenam roof top tent. It comes standard with 31-inch all-terrain tires, an aluminum trailer lid, an exclusive patented trailer rack that holds the tent, a military-tested torsion axle, and an easy-to-close rear tailgate.

A 2-inch ball coupler makes it simple to attach this trailer to your vehicle, and the rear recovery hook allows you to easily pull the trail out of a sticky situation. A Manley toolbox also comes standard on the Explore. 

Other optional features include tie-down kits, a spare wheel and tire, ratchet straps, a rear hitch trailer stabilizer and/or tire carrier, and a bigger rack. Gas struts make it easy to access whatever gear you have stored in the trailer itself. 

While this trailer does not have all the luxuries of some of the more expensive options, it is rugged enough to go anywhere, has a comfortable RTT for sleeping, and storage space for extra gear, all while not breaking the bank.


Price: From $9,395

2. Conqueror UEV-390 (Best ‘Extreme’ Off-Road Camper Trailer)


The UEV-390 from Conqueror 4×4 is one of the most badass off-road trailers on the market today. It comes packed with features and luxuries but is also built from super strong materials so it can handle even the most rugged trails and terrain.

This trailer features alloy wheels with Dunlop AT3 tires, a 2500kg axle, Gabriel shocks with leaf springs, electric 10-inch brakes, Max Coupler off-road couplings, and adjustable stabilizers. 

When the tent is deployed, this trailer can comfortably sleep four people. Other amenities include storage boxes on sliders, clothing drawers on sliders, rear outdoor wet-storage boxes, a Dometic stove, a modular kitchen, fridge on a slider, and a bathroom vanity cupboard. It comes with 150 liters of water storage, a pop-up shower cubicle, and pressurized water pump.

This trailer is unmatched in terms of modular storage, ruggedness, and the level of convenience of living. This trailer could feasibly be used for long-term living on an extended road trip or for long camping trips with a group.


Price: From $34,660

3. Airstream Basecamp X (Best Off-Road Camper Trailer with Bathroom)

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While the Basecamp X from Airstream may not be the most agile or rugged trailer on this list, it is the only one with an indoor shower AND a toilet. This luxury camper trailer includes a full wet bath, air conditioning, a heater and hot water, tank heaters to prevent tanks and lines from freezing, and attachable tents to provide an extra 120 square feet of space.

The trailer is lightweight and easy to tow, and the large wheels and sharp departure angle make it easy to drive off-road with the Basecamp X. 

The panoramic windows are protected by rock guards and heavy-duty stabilizer jacks will keep the trailer from rocking as you move around within. The Basecamp X also comes pre-wired for solar panels, so you can easily add them and monitor your solar energy levels from inside the trailer. 

Inside, the bench-style couch can be converted into a full bed, or partially converted to allow for more seating. A variety of interior trim packages are available so you can customize your Basecamp X to your personal style.


Price: From $39,600

4. Oregon Trail’R TerraDrop (Best Off-Road Teardrop Style)

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The TerraDrop from Oregon Trail’R is a modern twist on the classic teardrop trailer shape. It offers tons of internal living space and storage areas. The modular and customizable nature of these trailers means that you can get a bare-bones trailer or you can have all kinds of amenities built in.

Some of the options include upgraded cabinetry, custom key hooks, back-up lights, a battery sled, cup holders, curtains, custom doors, an upgraded sound system, a fan venting system, HDTV hookups, powder coating on the exterior, a tongue box, various racks and mounting systems, and so much more.


Price: From $16,000

5. Hiker Extreme Off-Road Deluxe (Best Customization)

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The Extreme Off-Road Deluxe from Hiker Trailers is versatile and utilitarian. It comes in three different sizes and has all kinds of available features so that you can customize it perfectly to your needs.

It comes with a 2×3-inch black steel off-road frame, 17-inch black steel wheels with 33-inch all-terrain tires, a 3500-pound axle, two rear dropdown legs, front jacks, a front exterior storage box, leaf springs and shocks, LED trailer lights, two rear shackle mounts, a 7 pin wiring connection, safety chains, and much more.

You can also add diamond plate panels to the exterior, choose the trim color, change the window and door configuration, choose your interior furniture, select a roof rack, awning, and road shower option, choose lighting packages, and so forth.

These no-frills trailers are some of the most unsuspecting campers available, although their affordable price and myriad customization options make them incredibly functional.


Price: From $7,995

6. TO Extreme Rugged N’ Ready (Best Military-Style Off-Road Trailer)

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The Rugged N’ Ready High Country Trailer from TO Extreme Off Road is modeled after military trailers. These stylized trailers are compact and bare-bones, although they offer 33 cubic feet of storage space and their small build makes them perfect for narrow trails or for use with smaller tow vehicles.

The trailer has a 2000-pound axle-less suspension, 20 inches of ground clearance, 33-inch BFG KO2 All-Terrain tires on aluminum alloy rims, and heavy-duty racks that can hold roof top tents or other gear.


Price: From $6,239

7. Patriot Campers X3 (Best Luxury Off-Road Camper Trailer)


The X3 from the Australian company Patriot Campers is incredibly capable off-road, but also has everything you need to comfortably live out of the trailer for an extended period of time. It boasts an interior living and sleeping area for up to five people, an indoor cooking space, a diesel water heater and tent heating system, an awning, a rack to mount accessories, and ladder to easily enter the tent, a 75L fridge, 130L of water storage, and so much more.

This trailer is designed to go absolutely anywhere, with a RIGILITE galvanized chassis, dual shock airbag suspension, electric drum brakes, and 33-inch mud-terrain tires. This trailer doesn’t come cheap but it has everything you need to live comfortably in the outback or anywhere else your heart desires.


Price: From $51,990

8. Taxa Tiger Moth (Most Comfortable Overland Camper Trailer)

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The Taxa Tiger Moth has an incredible design that allows your camper trailer to be open to the outdoors, while you lounge in a luxuriously comfortable space. A massive side hatch opens up to make loading and unloading a breeze, provide amazing views, and keep you cool with fresh air.

The Tiger Moth is designed to allow you to live off the grid for seven or more days, with a built-in electrical system, optional solar panels, water storage and plumbing system, and 12V outlets. This lightweight and rugged camper is one of the homiest and most comfortable trailers available today.


Price: From $12,900

9. Turtleback  Getaway Trail (Best Compact Overland Trailer)

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The Getaway Trail Trailer from Turtleback Trailers is an excellent compact option. It features a slide-out kitchen, an optional roof top tent, beefy off-road suspension and overall construction, a 21-gallon water storage tank, a single battery electrical system, and other optional features such as solar panels, Dometic sinks and refrigerators, and various other upgrades.

This trailer is light enough and small enough to be towed by a small vehicle and to navigate nearly any terrain.

The trailer features axle-less trailer suspension, recovery points on the front corners, lightweight aluminum construction, a gas strut assisted lift lid, and a heavy-duty roof rack.


Price: From $16,995

10. Smittybilt Scout (Best Off-Road Trailer Kit)

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Prefer to build your own trailer? Smittybilt has you covered with the Scout Trailer Kit. You can choose which elements you want to build into your trailer and save money by assembling it yourself.

This kit features a modular design so you can customize and accessorize it however you want. You can choose to buy the kit with wheels and tires or without, in case you want to really beef it up by upgrading those elements.


Price: From $6,839.99

Reasons you’ll love traveling with an overland trailer:

  • They are generally much cheaper than an RV. If you already have an off-road vehicle capable of towing a trailer, you don’t need to buy a whole new vehicle.
  • An overland trailer can go nearly anywhere that your car or truck can go.
  • A trailer gives you a more secure and homier feeling while camping in the wilderness than a tent on the ground.
  • You can choose a trailer with amenities built into it, like a bed, kitchenette, dinette, and even a bathroom.
  • Camper trailers are available in all sizes so they are practical for solo travelers or families and groups. They are also often modular so you can adjust it to fit each trip you take.
  • You can detach the trailer when you get to your desired campsite, which makes it easy to run into town in your vehicle, save the campsite while you are away, or hit the gnarliest trails without being weighed down by the trailer.


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