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how long is a school bus

How Long is a School Bus? (Conversion FAQs)

School buses come in a huge variety of lengths, which means you have tons of options when it comes to choosing a bus length for your skoolie conversion. My boyfriend and I looked into all lengths of buses when we were choosing a school bus to convert, and in this […]

best ford transit van conversion companies

10 Best Ford Transit Van Conversion Companies

When it comes to #vanlife, it is important to know that not all vans are created equally. Some vans are simply roomier and shaped more appropriately for human habitation. They offer greater reliability, more comfortable seating and have been thoughtfully built to allow potential modifications. One vehicle that ticks all […]

how much does it cost to put a pop top on a van

How Much Does it Cost to Put a Pop Top on a Van?

Adding a pop top to your van allows you to comfortably stand up inside, which makes things like cooking and changing infinitely easier. Pop tops often also include a lofted bed, meaning you can sleep up top and save your van’s floor space for other amenities, or you can have […]

toyota 4runner for overlanding

Toyota 4Runner for Overlanding: Pros/Cons and Owner QnA

Toyota has been producing SUVs for decades, and the 4Runner truly embodies the meaning of sport utility vehicle. Born from a modification to a 1980s Land Cruiser, the OG 4Runner was essentially a pickup truck with a rear cover and extra seats, but since then, it has evolved into one […]

where can i go overlanding

Where can I go Overlanding? 10 Epic North American Routes

Overlanding is not about any one destination or traveling to get somewhere specific. Rather, it is about the journey out into the unknown and freeing yourself by getting away from society. Overlanding has been around for nearly as long as cars and motorized vehicles have been in existence. However, it […]

where can i buy a cheap school bus

Where can I Buy a Cheap School Bus?

Converting an old school bus into your home on the go is a pretty big job. Fortunately, lots of people have done it already and there is a lot of advice and community support to help you along the way. You can easily reach out to the Skoolie community, get […]

cvt roof top tents review

CVT Roof Top Tents: Review and Owner QnA

Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) is a well-known brand in the overlanding and roof top tent (RTT) realm. They produce some of the best RTTs on the market, with products ranging in purpose from casual overnight camping to serious off-road expeditions. RTTs lend themselves to camping anywhere you can park your […]

ram promaster conversion kit

Ram Promaster Conversion Kits: Your Best 3 Options

There’s no doubt having a converted camper van gives you the freedom and mobility that you just can’t get with a standard RV. There’s something so liberating about fitting into small spaces and not needing a full hook-up to enjoy homey comforts on the road or in the backcountry. You […]

tepui roof top tents review

Tepui Roof Top Tents: Review and Owner QnA

Tepui (pronounced teh-POO-ee) has built a reputation for producing some of the best roof top tents (RTTs) on the market. Since 2010 they have produced a variety of RTTs, including hard shell and soft shell tents that can sleep anywhere up to four people. RTTs provide many benefits, including the […]