gps watch vs bike computer differences

GPS Watch vs Bike Computer: What’s the Difference?

As a cycling enthusiast, having a good GPS watch or bike computer to record your ride statistics can improve your ride experience. GPS watches and bike computers are two of the most popular options people rely on to measure and improve their riding statistics. But how exactly does a GPS […]

bikepacking the butte batholith route in montana

Bikepacking The Butte Batholith Route – Southern Montana

Not every bikepacking endeavor need be a multi-week epic, nor does every weekend trip need to be a ho-hum ‘that was… fun’ that doesn’t get out into the boonies. There is compromise to be had! Look no further than the Butte Batholith route in southern Montana! An achievable long-weekend singletrack […]

best bikepacking routes in the US

15 Incredible Bikepacking Routes In The U.S.

America is blessed with an abundance of fire roads, old wagon paths, beaten-in trails and the dusty traces of 2-tracks across its sprawling western half. These are the perfect fodder for the off-road rider: an endless maze of nowhere to explore. Our bounty borders on comical in its abundance, so […]