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Is Bulgaria Good For Skiing?

Is Bulgaria Good For Skiing?

If you are looking for a ski destination in Europe that’s truly unique and outside of the biggest and most popular areas of the Alps, take a look at Bulgaria!

So, is Bulgaria good for skiing? Bulgaria is a fantastic destination for skiing. It’s greatest attribute is it’s wonderfully sunny weather and dramatic mountain peaks. It’s also one of the most affordable places to ski compared to popular luxury destinations in the Alps. With its more southern location there are still several hours of sunlight in Bulgaria during the winter season and skiers are able to enjoy long hours of skiing compared to more northerly European countries like Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Bulgaria is one of Europe’s top skiing destinations. The fact that there are several hours of sunlight in this mountainous region makes Bulgaria a popular vacation spot for travelers who enjoy skiing. When you’re an avid skier you want only the best terrain and climate for the perfect ski vacation. Bulgaria offers the terrain, location and weather patterns perfect for any ski fanatic.

Why Bulgaria for your next ski trip?

Bulgaria is one of the more affordable skiing destinations in Europe. This country provides the right terrain, snowfall, and pricing that makes it a great place for downhill skiing. If you’re wondering why Bulgaria is good for downhill skiing, then read below to find out why this country is one of the top Europe destinations for downhill skiing.

The Mountains

The mountain terrain in Bulgaria makes it a fabulous place for downhill skiing. The beauty of Bulgarian resorts is that you can find a mountain that works for beginners, intermediate and expert downhill skiers at most all of the ski resort options.


Winter is one of the driest seasons in Bulgaria. This country usually gets its first snowfall in Mid-December and snow continues through March. The snowfall remains from December through March, with little to no rain involved. Combine this with the abundance of sunny days and you are sure to have beautiful conditions more likely than not.


While many people travel to the Alps for their ski resort vacations, Bulgaria is starting to gain more popularity. This country provides the terrain and long days that downhill skiers will enjoy most without the hefty price tag of the other ski resorts in Europe.


With many resorts starting to upgrade, you may find access to skiing in Bulgaria a bit outdated. Most of the resorts here aren’t comparable to the look of what you’d see in the Alps, but they’re much more affordable. You’ll find that the options of ski resorts available will give you plenty of access to skiing in Bulgaria.

Best Months To Visit

The best time of year to ski in Bulgaria is from mid-December to mid-April. As stated, this country doesn’t get a lot of rain. It’s mostly snow during their winter season making it the best time of year to ski in Bulgaria.  

The best months to visit Bulgaria for the top snow conditions is December to March. This is also the best time of year to get the lowest prices on ski resorts and accommodations during your skiing trip to Bulgaria.

Borovets ski village

Recommended Resorts – Borovets and Bansko


Borovets Ski Resort in Bulgaria has a good international reputation for its skiing school. This ski resort is a good starting place for beginners, but they have plenty of slopes for intermediate skiers to enjoy as well. Borovets Ski Resort has more trails for intermediate and beginner skiers but does feature a handful of expert trails.

I’d say that Borovets Ski Resort is good for skiing, but if you’re looking for expert trails, you’ll only find a handful of trails ranked for expert skiers at this Bulgaria ski resort.  


The skiing at Bansko Ski Resort and Borovets Ski Resort are completely different. Although Bansko has a higher altitude, most of the trails here are clumped together. Since the trails are close together at Bankso, you can easily switch trails during your skiing adventure.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the type of terrain they prefer. So, take some time to study the ski trail maps for both resorts and make your decision.

Borovets has three different ski zones; The Markudzhik ski center, The Yastrebets ski center, and The Sitnyakovo ski center. While these different ski zones give the skier a chance to enjoy different trails, unlike Bansko ski trails, the trails at Borovets are not easily connected so it’s slower to switch trails.


Bansko only offers night skiing for a specific period of time. So, check their website to verify the specifics. They do have a wide range of bars and restaurants to frequent during the nighttime hours.

Borovets offers night-time skiing, as well as a few bars and restaurants. If you’re looking to get out and enjoy the nightlife in Bulgaria during ski season, we’d recommend you check out Bansko as they have a larger selection of bars and restaurants.

Which resort is bigger?

Bansko has the largest amount of ski terrain. Borovets has 58km of ski terrain while Bansko has 75km of ski terrain.

Ease of Access

Both Bansko and Borovets are easily accessible from Sofia airport (SOF). While both ski resorts in Bulgaria are easily accessed, Bansko requires a 2 hours and 15 minute drive from the Sofia airport while Borovets is only 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Cable car at Bankso Ski Resort

Skiing in Bulgaria Vs the rest of Europe

Bulgaria offers a large terrain of rich snow for skiing conditions. Bulgaria provides travelers with three major ski resorts and a handful of smaller ski resorts throughout the country. With a solid four months of straight snow and reasonably priced ski resorts, Bulgaria is quickly gaining popularity among tourists who want to experience the fabulous skiing conditions in Europe without the hefty price tag.

Since Bulgaria has lower prices for ski resorts and fabulous terrain for skiers, it’s quickly growing in comparison to the more expensive ski resorts in other regions and countries. Many tourists have started to realize the snowy conditions, affordability, and ease of access in Bulgaria as a skiing destination is more favorable than other regions in Europe or elsewhere.

Is Bulgaria safe?

Bulgaria is relatively safe. As with most foreign countries, you’ll have to watch out for the average pick-pocketer or bag snatcher. When looking at the ranking of most dangerous to the safest countries in the world, Bulgaria ranks number 25 out of 162, which makes it a low-risk country to visit.

Final Thoughts…

Overall Bulgaria is good for skiing due to the affordability, the happening nightlife, and ease of access for tourists. While Bulgaria does have three major ski resorts, the two most popular ski resorts in Bulgaria are Bansko and Borovets due to the ease of access from the Sofia airport. Both locations offer you the perfect terrain for beginner to advanced skiers as well as ski school options to learn how to ski during your trip to Europe.


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