can you take eggs backpacking

Can you Take Eggs Backpacking?

Eggs are a great source of protein and fat on any backpacking trip. With a high calorie-to-weight ratio, they make an excellent trail snack. Properly prepared and stored eggs can be a great addition to your backpack, but it can be a little tricky knowing how best to do this […]

how do you cook rice for backpacking

How do you Cook Rice for Backpacking?

Let’s face it: unless you’re already a culinary mastermind at home, the thought of cooking a gourmet meal for yourself when you’re in the backcountry for days or weeks on end can seem a bit daunting. Indeed, even the most kitchen-savvy among us often opt for freeze-dried meals and nutrition […]

are freeze dried meals healthy

Are Freeze Dried Meals Healthy? (Backpacking FAQ)

My first trail meals were in the Army years ago, where we begrudgingly squeezed our dinner out of foil packs. The options were limited, and trading always ensued for the more coveted flavors. Fortunately, prepared trail meals have come a long way, with some meals mimicking those of a gourmet […]

cheap backpacking food

Cheap Backpacking Food: 15 Ways To Save Money

Getting out into the wilderness for everything from a weekend trip to a full week of backpacking can be incredibly refreshing. But when it comes to planing and packing meals for a trip, completely dehydrated meals meant for the outdoors can get expensive quickly. Here is a short guide to […]

what can you put in a trail mix

What can you Put in a Trail Mix?

Trail mix is that wonderfully nutritious combination of foods designed to give you the energy needed to conquer the trail. However, you will quickly find that there are good things – and bad things – in store-bought products. We have found it is best to make your own trail mix […]

what cheese is good for backpacking

What Cheese is Good for Backpacking?

Cheese can be one of the most delightful snacks to enjoy while out on a backpacking trip. Cheese is a great source of calcium, protein, and fat. All great nutrients for having long term energy and helping your body work efficiently. But, not all cheese is good to take out […]

are mres good for backpacking

Are MREs Good For Backpacking?

When you’re out and about in the great outdoors, you’ll need to eat to stay fueled and energized on your adventure. For many of us, cooking outdoors is a bit of a hassle and can be a messy, time-intensive affair. Thankfully, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to […]

is beef jerky good for hiking

Is Beef Jerky Good for Hiking?

We’ve all had beef Jerky as a snack. But what about a snack on the trail? Now, you may be imagining that bag of processed-looking jerky you can find at the gas station. That kind of jerky probably wouldn’t do too much for you on the trail. But don’t lose […]

high calorie bars for backpacking

5 High Calorie Bars for Backpacking

You’re 20 miles deep on your next backpacking trip, hiking a ridge line well above tree-line and your stomach rumbles. You might not realize how hungry you really are. While the physical activity involved in hiking and backpacking is a causation for high calorie use, increased stress from the environment […]

raw vegan backpacking food ideas

11 Raw Vegan Backpacking Food Favorites

There have been a multitude of recent health food movements rise in popularity. Each has their own set of passionate followers and beliefs. Although veganism may seem to many like one of these passing health food movements, the lifestyle has been around for centuries. Abstaining from animal products is interwoven […]