are hiking boots non slip

Are Hiking Boots Non-Slip?

When choosing a hiking boot, you want to find one that is as non-slip as possible. You could come across dangerous elements on a trail that could cause serious injury if you slip and fall, so it is so important to find a boot that offers you the stability you […]

which state has the best hiking trails

Which State Has the Best Hiking Trails?

From short day walks to long-distance mountainous trails, which state has the best hiking trails suitable for an amateur to serious hikers? What makes a great hike might depend on personal preference, but one specific state provides an excellent environment from easy to more technical hikes. Colorado has the best […]

Are Skechers Shoes Good for Hiking?

Skechers are a great shoe for several different occasions. With the memory foam and thick outer soles, it’s easy to see how they would make good walking shoes. For the price, it’s also easy to wonder if Skechers are good for hiking as well. Skechers shoes are good for hiking. […]

Are Barefoot Shoes Good for Hiking?

If you are a dedicated runner, you have probably heard about the significant benefits of running barefoot and minimalist shoes – but are barefoot shoes also good for hiking? Serious hikers are starting to wear more minimal footwear on the trail, such as Vivobarefoot and Xero barefoot hiking shoes. Barefoot […]

are sorel boots good for hiking

Are Sorel Boots Good For Hiking?

If you’re looking to get outside during the colder months of the year, you’ll need a solid pair of winter hiking boots. However, not all snow boots are good for hiking, so it’s important that you get the right model for your needs. One of the most common boots we […]

best watches for orienteering

The 9 Best Watches for Orienteering

The best watches for orienteering have a specific set of requirements. The most necessary element is effective GPS tracking for your orienteering needs. It should be durable, water-resistant, have a good battery life, and include features like an altimeter, a compass, and a heart rate tracker. Every outdoor enthusiast needs […]

pros and cons of gps watches

14 Pros and Cons of GPS Watches

If you are on the market for a new watch that does more than just tell you the time of day, it may be time you look into GPS watches. These watches were made for runners, fisherman, hikers, hunters, campers, and even those in the military; nonetheless, if you just […]

do gps watches give directions

Do GPS Watches Give Directions?

GPS watches are gradually transforming into must-have gadgets for outdoor enthusiasts of all types looking to track and improve their training. Most GPS watches come standard these days with features making it easy to measure distance and speed, but can these handy devices give the user directions? GPS watches do […]

best watches for land navigation

9 Best Watches for Land Navigation

Even when you have a gps enabled watch made for land navigation, being in the backcountry can be an intimidating experience. The fear of getting lost keeps a lot of people from the joys of being in wild and remote places. With this article, we hope to guide you in […]