should dogs wear boots while hiking

Should Dogs Wear Boots While Hiking?

Constantly our social media feeds are filled with picturesque photos of friends, families, and influencers taking on the trails with their dogs. One aspect viewers will quickly notice are the little booties that dogs have been wearing more and more these days. Dog booties can protect paw pads from blistering […]

what breed of dog is best for running

What Breed Of Dog Is Best For Running?

Runners always say that it’s best to run with a buddy. Forgoing solo runs is not only more fun, but also motivating to push yourself when you may not have felt so inclined to do so alone. There’s strength in numbers, and the numbers don’t necessarily have to be human. […]

How Do I Prepare My Dog for Hiking

How Do I Prepare My Dog for Hiking? (10 Tips)

If your four-legged best friend loves going for walks and you’re planning on upping your pooch’s activity level with hiking, then rest assured your dog will love the event. Most breeds of dogs love taking hikes in the great outdoors just about as much as they enjoy a beautiful, tasty […]