how long is a school bus

How Long is a School Bus? (Conversion FAQs)

School buses come in a huge variety of lengths, which means you have tons of options when it comes to choosing a bus length for your skoolie conversion. My boyfriend and I looked into all lengths of buses when we were choosing a school bus to convert, and in this […]

where can i buy a cheap school bus

Where can I Buy a Cheap School Bus?

Converting an old school bus into your home on the go is a pretty big job. Fortunately, lots of people have done it already and there is a lot of advice and community support to help you along the way. You can easily reach out to the Skoolie community, get […]

school bus conversion companies

School Bus Conversion Companies: 10 Crowd Favorites

Tiny home living is more than just a fad: It’s a way for people to live simply, yet comfortably in a home of their own. However, while many tiny homes are mounted onto mobile platforms, they just don’t provide the amount of mobility that many of us desire as we […]

how do you shower when you live in a van

How To Shower When You Live In a Van

Almost without fail, the first question I get when I tell someone that I live in a bus is “Where do you shower?” The truth is that most vanlifers and bus dwellers just don’t shower all that frequently, and we aren’t bothered by it. However, there are several ways to […]

what is a skoolie

What Is A Skoolie?

The #vanlife and #buslife movements have exploded in recent years, with thousands of people giving up traditional homes and jobs to live and travel in their vehicles. These vehicles range from small cars and minivans to 40-foot former school buses. These buses make up their own subset of this lifestyle […]

inspiring school bus conversion documentaries

12 Inspiring School Bus Conversion Documentaries

Before I embarked on my own bus conversion adventure with my boyfriend Aaron, we watched hours and hours of YouTube videos about skoolies. In fact, we were watching a video about professional climber Alex Honnold which then autoplayed to a video tour of his converted Sprinter van, and that was […]

couple standing in front of school bus conversion

How To Get Insurance On a Skoolie | 3 Owners’ Stories

Insuring a skoolie is one of the trickiest parts of a bus conversion, simply because it is so different from state to state. In some states, major insurance companies like State Farm and Progressive will cover self-converted school buses with no hassle, while in other states it can be much […]