How Do You Wash Your Backcountry Dishes

How Do You Wash Your Backcountry Dishes?

When you roll into camp after hiking all day with a 50-pound pack on your back, you look forward eating a hot meal and going to straight to bed. You don’t look forward to having to clean the dishes after finishing your meal. Washing dishes in the backcountry may seem […]

What Do Stacked Rocks On A Trail mean

What Do Stacked Rocks On A Trail Mean?

Avid hikers, campers, cyclists and rock climbers all rely on trails and paths to keep them heading in the right direction. Those who are tech-savvy use GPS gadgets or their phone’s GPS to help them track their whereabouts. Having mentioned this, have you ever wonder how our ancestors managed not […]

What Are the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace?

Created by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, the Seven Principles are a guideline for minimizing our impact on nature when we’re hiking, camping, or just exploring. It goes beyond the simple mantra of “take only pictures, leave only footprints.” The act of leaving no trace extends to […]