best backpacking route in europe

Best Backpacking Route in Europe? (4 Week Itinerary)

No matter which backpacking route you end up taking through Europe, you are sure to find some hidden gems and undiscovered beauties. I have never met a single person who has come back disappointed from a European backpacking trip! That being said, it can be a little overwhelming deciding where […]

which hawaiian Island is best for hiking

Which Hawaiian Island is Best for Hiking?

Hawaii is an otherworldly paradise filled with a myriad of mountains, sweeping valleys and crystal blue waters. Thousands of years of volcanic activity have given rise to dramatic landscapes just waiting to be explored: and there are hundreds of hiking trails to allow you to do so. So, which Hawaiian […]

where can i go overlanding

Where can I go Overlanding? 10 Epic North American Routes

Overlanding is not about any one destination or traveling to get somewhere specific. Rather, it is about the journey out into the unknown and freeing yourself by getting away from society. Overlanding has been around for nearly as long as cars and motorized vehicles have been in existence. However, it […]

does tsa allow hiking poles

Does TSA Allow Hiking Poles?

Whether you’re a frequent flier or you’re new to air travel, packing some of the basic camping and backpacking necessities in your carry on and checked bags can be a problem. Certain items, such as fuel canisters are a no-go in both carry on and checked luggage, but for other […]

Is Hiking in Patagonia Safe?

Patagonia is an exquisite natural paradise. Characterized by the Andes mountain range – it offers impressive, jagged peaks, vibrant rain forests, cascading glacial fjords and thousands of miles of untouched coastline. Its landscape and biodiversity are totally unique, leaving no doubt that it is a haven for hikers and outdoor […]

how to train for high altitude hiking at sea level

How to Train for High Altitude Hiking at Sea Level

Despite our love of the mountains, many of us live in coastal cities. Whether it’s a job, family, or the lifestyle that keeps us entrenched in the hustle and bustle of city life, living in a major city can make it difficult to get out and explore wild places. Although […]

how much does it cost to go to the antarctic

How Much Does It Cost to Go to The Antarctic?

At the southernmost reaches of the Earth lies Antarctica – the seventh continent. Here, massive icebergs and sharp, jagged peaks loom high above, while innumerable penguins jump in and out of icy waters. As the most remote place on Earth, however, getting to Antarctica is no easy feat. In years […]

where can i rv in summer

When and Where can I RV in the Summer?

If you are looking for suggestions on when and where to hit the road this coming summer – the answer is simple: Anytime. Anywhere! The US and Canada are wide open to RV travel adventures of all kinds. From two-week trips where you hit a few parks, to three-month excursions […]

is sri lanka good for backpacking

Is Sri Lanka Good for Backpacking?

If you are looking for a truly unique and off the beaten path destination for your next backpacking trip – look no further than Sri Lanka. Whether you want to see elephants and leopards in their natural habitat, or cruise around the coast on a jet ski, Sri Lanka has […]

gifts for travelers

Gifts For Travelers: Our 33 Top Picks

Finding the perfect gift is no easy feat. While some people are happy with anything, others aren’t so easy to impress. Choosing just the right gift for the traveler in your life can be an even bigger challenge, as our wanderlust-filled friends, family members, and significant others can be super […]