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cow can i heat my van in the winter

How can I Heat my Van in the Winter?

Keeping your van warm in the winter plays a critical role in your well being. However, decent insulation is far more important than deliberating over which type of heating system you want to use. Ignore it and you’ll be fighting a losing battle with the elements, pumping precious heat through […]

what is the most economical camper van

What is the Most Economical Camper Van?

One of the most daunting leaps for prospective van dwellers is deciding upon the best camper van to move into. Before I settled on my beloved camper van (known more warmly as Penny), I was overwhelmed with options. Although I wanted my new home to be safe and reliable, I […]

what is the best small campervan

What is the Best Small Campervan?

Small campervans have some serious advantages over larger vans and RVs, including the fact that they are much more maneuverable, get better gas mileage, and are stealthier. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best small campervans and hear from three owners about their experiences. Here’s […]

best ford transit van conversion companies

10 Best Ford Transit Van Conversion Companies

When it comes to #vanlife, it is important to know that not all vans are created equally. Some vans are simply roomier and shaped more appropriately for human habitation. They offer greater reliability, more comfortable seating and have been thoughtfully built to allow potential modifications. One vehicle that ticks all […]

how much does it cost to put a pop top on a van

How Much Does it Cost to Put a Pop Top on a Van?

Adding a pop top to your van allows you to comfortably stand up inside, which makes things like cooking and changing infinitely easier. Pop tops often also include a lofted bed, meaning you can sleep up top and save your van’s floor space for other amenities, or you can have […]

is tasmania good for campervans

Is Tasmania Good for Campervans?

About 12,000 years ago sea levels rose, cutting off Tasmania from mainland Australia. In doing so, it isolated some of the most spectacular parts of the country to that little island south of the Bass Strait. The “Apple Isle” has a population density of about 20 people per square mile, […]

how do you shower when you live in a van

How To Shower When You Live In a Van

Almost without fail, the first question I get when I tell someone that I live in a bus is “Where do you shower?” The truth is that most vanlifers and bus dwellers just don’t shower all that frequently, and we aren’t bothered by it. However, there are several ways to […]

what is vanlife

What Is #Vanlife?

#Vanlife has swept the globe over the last few years, taking over social media and prompting outdoor retailer titans to jump on board with their advertising and marketing campaigns. The hashtag has grown to include vehicles like buses and RVs as well as a range of vans, from classic VWs […]

how much does a sprinter van conversion cost

How Much Does a Sprinter Van Conversion Cost?

Sprinter vans are sleek, functional, and efficient, making them one of the best options out there for camper van conversions. They are the poster van for #vanlife, but these beauties come with hefty price tags. In this article, we’ll explore the costs of buying and converting a Sprinter, and lay […]